Woman stages home to look like she lives with boyfriend for furniture delivery

A woman has devised a "self-care routine" to protect herself when she had a male stranger coming to her house.

Silken Chu, from Vancouver, Canada, recently bought a coffee table from Facebook Marketplace and she had asked the seller to move the heavy item to her apartment.

But to make sure that she's safe while having a stranger in her house, the model came up with an idea so that she doesn't appear to be living alone.

In the video, Silken gathers some men's items – a pair of male shoe, a hoodie, a skateboard and a pair of boxer gloves.

"I have a male stranger coming over with a coffee table from Facebook Marketplace so I need to look like I don't live alone," she said.

She also finds a voiceover clip from YouTube so that she could play it as "a man's voice coming from the other room".

The clip has attracted 2.4 million views and while some thought she's over-thinking, others found it a useful tip for single women living alone.

One said: "This is actually a very good idea. Thank you I'll be using this for when I'm moving out alone next month."

Another gave tip: "Keep a travel size of cologne around to make things smell like a dude is around often enough to leave his scent."

"It's a sad reality that this is what we do to be safe," a third noted. "But also, did you just create the perfect boyfriend in the world?"

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Some suggested her to get one of her friends to help out and others asked why Silken did not choose to meet up outside.

She posted another video to respond: "This coffee table is way too heavy for one person to move.

"It even has a small shelf that's attached to the table on one corner then it rolls out."

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