Woman Survives After Metal Ramp Smashes Through Her Windshield: ‘It Could Have Killed Me’

A Massachusetts woman miraculously avoided serious injury after a tractor-trailer sent a metal ramp flying through straight through her windshield.

Mary Quinlan was driving on I-95 near Boston on Tuesday when the incident occurred, ABC affiliate WCVB reported.

Quinlan, 56, said she was in the slow lane with a tractor-trailer driving in the middle lane about 40 yards ahead when she spotted the ramp sitting on the highway.

“The tractor went around, but the trailer clipped it, and it started to spin way up in the air,” she said. “I braked, and I was watching it. And when it went out of my view, I just instinctively ducked to the left, and bam, it came right through.”

Her son Adam shared photos of the aftermath on Facebook, showing that the ramp went straight through the middle of the windshield and lodged itself all the way into the backseat of Quinlan’s Honda.

“There was glass everywhere, literally everywhere, and glass in my mouth,” she said.

Quinlan was treated for minor injuries and released from a hospital, but told WCVB that she was shocked that the tractor-trailer driver did not stop to see if she’d been injured.

“When he saw it fly in the air, how did he not look? How did he not stop?” she said. “It could have killed me.”

Quinland said she called CVS to report the driver, but was sent to voicemail several times before hearing back from the company, which told her they would investigate and help pay for a rental car if one of their drivers was found to be involved.

“We’ve received no report of a CVS truck being involved in such an incident,” CVS said in a statement to WCVB. “Our transportation vendor is looking into it further, but at this time we cannot validate that a CVS truck was involved.”

CVS did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Massachusetts State Police are reportedly investigating how the ramp ended up on the highway.

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