Woman turns double-decker bus into epic home after earning thousands on OnlyFans

A woman is hoping to be mortgage-free by converting a double-decker bus into her dream home.

Hayley Rowson, 28, managed to fund her project after turning to kinky website OnlyFans.

Since she sold a lot of saucy pictures on the website, she managed to afford her home on wheels.

She says she earned £13,000 this year by uploading sexy photos and videos on the adults-only website.

Subscribers pay £7.50 per month for twice-daily revealing snaps of Hayley wearing lingerie and fancy dress costumes.

The delivery driver was so successful she has managed to reduce her hours and pay for the work needed to convert the bus.

She bought solar panels, insulation boards and a boiler for the bus which is parked on a pal's plot of land in North Wales.

Now she aims to complete the project by Christmas and travel in the New Year with her seven-month old dog Eric and three cats.

Hayley said: "I am really starting to see changes with the plumbing and the electrics getting done.

"I'm putting in an eco-friendly log burner and have the boiler and diesel heater if I want to stop and connect to mains somewhere.

"I'm looking at making my own blinds which should help keep the heat in, there are so many windows."

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She was inspired by examples on TikTok and bought it off a company that repurposes old London buses.

Hayley says converting the bus has worked out far cheaper than buying a house.

She added: "Apart from the solar panels which cost £2,000 with the batteries and labour, I haven't spent a lot.

"Wood is really expensive but my dad has helped my giving me stuff he had lying around.

"Obviously you get to the point you just need to get the job done, so try to plan ahead."

She managed to fund her project through driving delivery and subscriptions to her OnlyFans channel.

Hayley admitted: "It has been pretty equal. I wouldn't have been able to do it without OnlyFans. I'd say I've earned £13,000 this year.

"I've been lucky because everyone I've got as a subscriber is really lovely. I don't have to have weird or awkward conversations.

"It's all quite pain-free for me. It's mainly pictures and the odd video here and there, whatever I feel like doing.

"Quite a lot of them are fancy dress or in lingerie and there are a few nude images."

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Once the bus is finished, she plans to have her partner to stay a few nights a week.

She continued: "I'll live there mostly on my own. I think it is nice for couples to have that balance and each other's own personalities.

"If you spend all your time together it can be too much. I always go on about how people should follow their dreams.

"There is more than one way to earn a living, everyone shouldn't have to live the same way as everyone else.

"You shouldn't have to go out get married and get a mortgage. You can do what makes you happy."

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