Woman's anger after man says granddad has died – before asking if she is single

When Rachel Brogan, 23, received a message out of the blue from a stranger she was a little confused.

The man simply said: ‘Hey did you hear about my granddad x’.

Not recognising the name, Rachel simply replied ‘What?’

He claimed he had sent the message to the wrong person but told her he wasn’t ‘thinking straight’ as his granddad had passed away.

He claimed he meant to text a girl from school but clicked on Rachel’s profile by accident.

But not one to miss an opportunity, the man decides it’s the perfect moment to make a pass at Rachel.

He says: ‘You are lovely tho x’, before following the message with a smiley face and asking ‘You single?’.

She said she didn’t bother to reply to the messages.

Her tweet got over 30,000 likes and retweets and people weren’t impressed.

One said: ‘I suppose he needs a date to the funeral!’

Another added: ‘The guy’s got balls I’ll give him that.’

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