Women reveal the dating tips they swear by ahead of Valentine’s Day

‘He’s not scared to commit, he just wants to get laid’: Women share their VERY tough love dating advice ahead of Valentine’s Day

  • Female Reddit users advised each other on how to succeed in dating this year
  • Many suggested video calling before meeting in person when online dating
  • Several warned that you can never ‘change’ man who doesn’t want commitment
  • One said it’s fine to go on lots of dates, but don’t feel pressured to get physical  

Women have revealed the dating tips they live by, from asking for an STD history to never sending nude pictures.  

Reddit users from around the world took to the Ask Women forum to share their advice, based on years of disastrous love matches. 

The thread began after one user asked for ‘pro tips for dating in 2019’. 

 Women have revealed the dating tips they live by, from asking for an STD history to never sending nude pictures. Stock image

Their advice was shared on a Reddit forum after a user asked for ‘pro tips’ for the year ahead

Many advised speaking to any online dating match for a video call before going on a first date.

Another said: ‘Don’t ever let yourself be strong armed into sexting or sending those nudes. Follow your gut.

‘Men who want those definitely aren’t boyfriend material and they never will be.’ 

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Others took a broader approach to their advice and warned women against trying to change men. 

One wrote: ‘When a guy says anything along the lines of he’s not looking for or ready for a “relationship” or “commitment” BELIEVE HIM. And no, you aren’t going to change him.  

A flood of responses to the thread advised to ‘trust your gut instinct’ and avoid making excuses to ignore red flags when dating 

‘He isn’t “scared” or “busy” or “emotionally damaged”, he just wants to get laid without any strings attached. If he can’t even call you his girlfriend then why are you spending so much of your time & energy worrying about him?’

Another added: ‘Never forget that you always deserve someone who treats you with respect and respects your boundaries. This applies to the first date just as much as it does to a couple that’s been married for 30 years.’

Others shared what they’ve learnt from their own dating experiences and said meeting up with multiple prospective partner’s is good before getting into serious commitment. 

Others highlighted the importance of communication to ensure time isn’t wasted and that needs are met 

One person wrote: ‘Don’t be afraid to make the first move, or go on lots of dates to practice. But it doesn’t mean you have to do anything physical with the guy. Once you figure out what you want, stick to your guns.

‘There are so many fish in the sea, and people who know what they want are attractive. You don’t have to be conventionally beautiful to be sexy, or to voice your sexual desires or needs. 

‘Women want to be attracted to their partner just as much as vice versa, but most got the short end of the biological stick when it comes to ease of organizing. Most good male partners are understanding and accommodating of this. Don’t settle for less.’ 

A stream of contributors to the thread shared their own experiences of going on many dates to find the best relationship without settling 

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