Women reveal the trauma of how they almost died while giving birth 

‘The doctor didn’t want to do an emergency C-section’: Mothers who almost DIED during labour share their traumatic tales in honest confessions

  • Women from around the world shared the trauma they experienced giving birth
  • Many of the women who almost died shared a fear of becoming pregnant again
  • One woman who became disabled during labour was criticized by their husband

For many women, childbirth marks the moment they can finally welcome their long-awaited bundle of joy.

But an anonymous thread shared on Whisper reveals how labour can all too often be overshadowed by pain – and even risk of death – to mother and baby.

Writing on the secret-sharing app, some women who had a brush with death during birth confessed it has given them a fear of falling pregnant again.

One mother who became disabled after three traumatic births revealed her husband now calls her a ‘burden’.

Another person blamed their doctor’s decision not to perform an emergency C-section for how they almost died giving birth. 

Anonymous women from around the world shared their close encounters with death during child birth on Whisper. One woman survived three moments of near death but was left disabled after the birth of her daughter

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