Women share pictures of VERY odd sunburns after wearing ripped jeans

‘Ripped jeans are all fun and games until the sun comes out!’ Women share their hilarious sunburn photos that reveal why hot weather and distressed denim don’t mix

  • Women have gone online to share pictures of their very odd-looking sunburns
  • The tan lines came a result of the fashionistas wearing ripped jeans in the sun
  • They saw the funny side, posting snaps of their tan mishaps onto Twitter 

Sunburned fashion fans across the country have been sharing hilarious snaps of the hazards of wearing ripped jeans in hot weather. 

Proving that beauty really can come at a cost, the trend-conscious women took to Twitter in their droves to post pictures of their awkward sunburn marks – where the artful rips had exposed their bare skin to the rays.  

One bemused woman summed it up when she tweeted: ‘Lesson learned, ripped jeans and sunshine don’t mix!’

Scroll down for more sunburn photos – and they’ll have you re-thinking distressed denim this summer…  

In distress! A hilarious Twitter thread went viral when women shared the weird sunburn marks they got from wearing ripped jeans in the sunshine- including this rather sore-looking snap

‘Do not go  in the sun for 2 hours wearing ripped jeans… I learned my lesson today’, another woman tweeted with a snap of tiger-like stripes across her thighs

‘Top tip- don’t roll your ripped jeans up and then sit in the sun for two hours like my sister did’, another woman wrote alongside a picture of her sibling’s burned knees and ankles

Another woman branded herself the ‘dumbest person on planet earth’ after going out in the Florida sun in ripped jeans, alongside a snap of her sore legs

One tweeter was less than impressed when she was left with marks that resembled scratches across her thighs after venturing out into the sunshine, resting her painful thighs

Another bemused woman tweeted: ‘Lesson learned, ripped jeans and sunshine don’t mix!’, posting up a painful-looking picture of her burn on Twitter

‘Saw someone with what they said were the worst tan lines ever… believe me I got you beat!’ Another user exclaimed of the very heavy tan lines to her knees

‘Don’t sit in the sun with ripped jeans on!’ Another sunburned fashionista tweeted of her tan lines as she sported oddly sized marks on her thighs, proving you’re not even safe in the car

‘Oh my lord’: Another sun worshiper couldn’t believe her eyes when she was left with unsightly marks on her legs following a tanning session, taking to Snapchat

‘Ripped jeans are all fun and games until the sun comes out’: Another tweeter said of her sore legs, admitting she had learned her lesson

‘I’ve learned a lot this summer, but most importantly don’t wear ripped jeans in the sun’, another added, making light of her situation

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