‘World Of Dance’ Recap: Eva Igo Returns To The Stage After Placing Second Last Year

Welcome to ‘World of Dance!’ Tonight, Eva Igo returns to redeem herself & fight for the top spot after placing second last year, & more of the world’s best dancers take the stage! Follow on the HollywoodLife Live Blog!

World of Dance is back and this is one of the episodes we’ve been excited for since season 2 began — Eva Igo is back! After losing in the final round to Les Twins last season, she’s come to claim the crown! But, before we get to her, there are other dancers who are joining the fight to be season 2’s World Of Dance champion! First up tonight are Jonas, 15, and Ruby, 14 — two diligent ballroom dancers, who sought each other out to become the best dancers in the world. Ruby, a Miami native, and Jonas, who Ruby’s father and coach recruited from Lithuania when they were 8, danced a powerhouse ballroom to “Legend” by The Score. Jonas is literally a young Derek Hough! Funny enough, Derek reminded the two to continue to bring their A-game the following week, since last year’s ballroom couple fell flat in the Duels. Ruby revealed that couple, was actually her brother! Well, Ruby and Jonas will definitely have another chance to come back strong, since the judges gave them an 84.7!

The Bradas hip-hop dance group from New Zealand took the stage next! They had a robbers-like theme in their white caps and leather jackets, dancing while throwing around a duffle bag. To a remixed version of “I Mean It” by G-Eazy ft. Remo, six members of The Bradas gave a slick, clean performance that the judges loved. “The dancers are athletes. We train every day. There are some of the best athletes in the world on this stage,” J.Lo exclaimed. “LeBron James couldn’t do what you do!” The Bradas will be back in the Duels to continue to steal the competition, after they earned an 87.7!

Lucas, a tap dancer from Virginia, shared a heartbreaking story about how he felt that he was a disappointment to his father because he was a dancer. However, when his dad saw him dance for the first time, he had never been more proud! Before Lucas took the stage, his father shared some words of encouragement, and it was a super sweet moment! Dancing to Nick Jonas‘s “Levels,” Lucas had the crowd on their feet and literally looked like a tapping Jonas Brother. “Watching you, you are a showman. You have an innate sense that it’s about the crowd,” J.Lo complimented. The judges wanted more of Lucas, and gave him the chance to show them more with an 82.7 score!

Expressenz hit the stage next! The girl power dance group, that trains with 2lb weights on their ankles to strengthen their legs, danced to Carrie Underwood‘s “Something In The Water.” The chilling performance brought tears to our eyes as the girls were super emotional, yet effortless and elegant. Ne-Yo and Derek both asked the ladies to authenticate their emotion, but J.Lo disagreed and said the routine made her “heart sore.” The Expressenz will be performing together once more, receiving an 87 from the judges!

Poreotics return to the competition life, lead by their fearless leader Dumbo, to go for gold! Their insane robotic movements were unlike we’ve seen in the competition so far as they popped and danced to “Trndsttr (Lucian Remix).” Derek said he felt in the beginning he was out of his seat and excited, but then started to settle back in, and Ne-Yo agreed. However, J.Lo politely disagreed with her co-judges, and said she couldn’t take her eyes off them! The crew received an 88, so we’ll see them at the Duels!

Eva Igo is baaaaaaaack! Season 1’s runner-up has returned to the World of Dance stage to show the judges everything she’s got, and we are PUMPED about it. The 15-year-dance champ wowed us all like she did last year with contemporary choreography, intense flexibility and flips. Dancing to “I Ran (So Far Away)” by Hidden Citizens, Eva brought her insane emotion and “a new level of intensity” to this season. “I am afraid of what we’re going to see this season from you, you’re a beast!” J.Lo exclaimed. “You are just a joy to watch. It’s not just because of your flexibility, not because of how technically sound you are. It’s the passion and the energy,” Ne-Yo added. Eva Igo has a second chance to take the top prize, scoring a 96 from Ne-Yo, 95 from J.Lo and 94 from Derek — a 95 brings her to the next round!

Be sure to tune in next Tuesday at 10 PM ET, for what World of Dance is teasing as one of their most dramatic episodes yet!

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