‘World Of Dance’ Recap: A Season 1 Couple Returns For A Second Chance

More amazing ‘World Of Dance’ auditions are happening this week, the second to last round before DUELS! Read the HL recap!

First up tonight on World Of Dance was the Cubcakes Dance Crew who were chalk full of energy, cuteness and, as they said, faces. The hip-hop dancers gave a tight performances filled with flips and tricks and were totally on par with the crews of dancers who were so much older than them! One of the girls even did a split and cranked her neck into an even deeper split — the judges went wild. The ladies are heading to the duels and we’re right there with Derek Hough and ready to just call World of DanceWorld of Cuteness!

Luka and Jenalyn were on World of Dance season 1 and were cut when the judges felt there wasn’t enough “dance” in their stunt-filled routine. We’re excited to see these two back and dancing ballroom! The Toronto natives stayed with their contemporary vibes while bringing in some ballroom steps and their signature tricks and lifts. The judges were thrilled to see them back, but Derek wasn’t a huge fan of Luka’s body roll. LOL. Ne-Yo added that Luka looked like he was straining, but J.Lo disagreed! Luckily, this pair will be dueling after receiving an 87!

The Jam Project from Washington, DC took the stage with a one-of-a kind tap performance! The self-proclaimed ‘Magic Mikes’ of tap had a unique style that wasn’t your typical with the bowties or jackets, but a more boy band type feel that was energetic, fun and sexy! “You’re selling me right now!” Derek exclaimed, as he’s a tapper himself. He gave some suggestions to create something more complex, and J.Lo and Ne-Yo agreed and asked them to bring all of the legacy tap has into the routine next time around. The Jam Project will have the opportunity to do that, receiving an 83 from the judges!

Charles and Wyatt make up Marinspired, and the funny duo have a unique contemporary style. The male pair are incredibly talented and are trying to change society’s interpretation of two men together through their dance. With lifts and incredible passion, Wyatt and Charles did just what a man and woman would do together, and that was the point. It was just as beautiful and the judges were super into it, especially J.Lo who was left in tears. “The beauty of it is how clean it’s not,” Ne-Yo said, “The lack of order is what makes it beautiful.” With a 96 from J.Lo, the pair received a 91.3 and will be going to the duels! Wow!

Alisa and Joseph are a super cute couple from Estonia, who also dance together! The Urban dance partners chose World of Dance as their first competition to take on together, and chose the song “Stand By Me,” because they feel it represents their love. So cute! The pair played an adorable couple meeting and falling in love and it was adorable and gave you all the feels. Even with the simple, sharp moves, Alisa and Joseph were so clean and in sync. “It was delightful!” J.Lo described. While Ne-Yo loved it, he felt like he had seen it before, and requested they come back with something more creative. Derek also questioned if it was different some other things in the past, but J.Lo shut him down. Still, the couple received a strong, solid 90, and will be moving on!

Zack and Cameron, a pair of brothers called “The Gentleman” who are super suave and their biggest inspiration is Ne-Yo! The pair even showed off their skill to Ne-Yo’s hit and finished their performance with roses for J.Lo, like the true gents they are. J.Lo wanted them to take it to the stage level, and the other judges agreed they wanted more of a challenge. Sadly, the Gentleman received a 79.7, so we hope to see them come back next year!

As the final audition of the evening, the Quad Squad took stage! The group of women take pride in their quad strength, which has allowed them to do even cooler moves and tricks. Dancing to Demi Lovato, the crew had the judges on their feet with their deep squats, fierce moves, high jumps, and overall routine. We’re obsessed! Not to mention the ladies ended in a deep squat! The judges were super complimentary of the girls, and Ne-Yo even tried to get up to do one of the contortionist moves. The Quad Squad received an 89 total and will be going to duels! Exciting!

Come on back next week for one more round of World Of Dance auditions, on Tuesday at 10 PM ET, and then DUELS begin on Wednesday at 8 PM ET!

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