Yanny Laurel Robot Voice, Debate Over Robot Sound

IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN, YOU GUYS!!! Back in February 2016, the phenomenon that is simply known as ‘The Dress‘ happened and changed our lives forever. You’re either on Team White and Gold or Team Blue and Black, and although the latter was proven to be the actual color of the garment, those who see the former still hold strong in their belief. This time, however, it’s not our eyes that are being tested — it’s our ears.

A new audio clip features a robotic male voice speaking, but there’s a global debate over what exactly he’s saying. Some people think ‘Laurel‘ and others think ‘Yanny.’ Take a listen for yourself:

WE’RE LOSING OUR MINDS HERE, PEOPLE, BECAUSE WE LITERALLY CANNOT HEAR YANNY NO MATTER HOW HARD WE TRY. Plz send help and also tell us what you hear in the comments down below.

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