YEENJOY STUDIO Teams up With 'Jurassic World' for Indominus-Rex Incense Chamber

YEENJOY STUDIO has teamed up with Universal Pictures for an “Indominus-Rex” incense chamber. The Jurassic World hybrid T-Rex is a fictitious dinosaur created by InGen by combining the DNA of a Tyrannosaurus rex with other dinosaurs like the Carnotaurus, Majungasaurus, Rugops, and most importantly, the Velociraptor. There’s also genomes from the cuttlefish and viper snake.

The end result is a terrifying carnivore that is extremely powerful, highly intelligent, and moves with swiftness. YEENJOY STUDIO’s captures the Indominus-Rex in ceramic porcelain posed in mid-hunt. Those interested in the YEENJOY x Jurassic World incense chamber can expect it to drop today at AKENZ’s pop-up in Shanghai’s TX Huaihai.

In other design news, Nijigen no Mori Park officially unveils its life-sized Godzilla.

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YEENJOY x JURASSIC WORLD “生活没方式,不止是陶瓷” POP-UP EXHIBITION & SHOWROOM 2020/10/12 15:00 淮海中路523 TX淮海 2F @akenz_official #Especially Introduce# S/S 2021 COLLECTION DESIGN BY @YIIIN & @hamcus

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