You Can Get A $1 Drink Called "Adios" At Applebee’s This Month — Here’s What’s In It

How are you saying goodbye to summer? One last barbecue? Trying to find a warm day to go to the beach? Burning all of your clothes and sacrificing them to the gods of pumpkin spice? Or maybe, just maybe, you can say bye to summer with five different types of alcohol… and Sierra Mist. OK, stay with me — it’s Applebee’s September Neighborhood Drink of the Month, the $1 Adios. It’s here, it’s blue, and it’s not messing around.

If five kinds of alcohol sound a little intense…. well, that’s because it is. The $1 Adios — also known as a Blue Long Island Iced Tea — features all five of those spirits plus sweet and sour and Sierra Mist. If you’ve ever had a traditional Long Island Iced Tea, it’s almost the same but topped up with cola instead of Sierra Mist. But with its blue hue, the $1 Adios certainly is a good way to wave goodbye to summer — and will look pretty great in photos, if you so fancy.

And if the drink sounds a little familiar, that may be because it goes under another name — the Adios Mother******, but I suppose it’s easy to see why Applebee’s didn’t go with that. It is a family restaurant after all, so let’s just leave it at the $1 Adios.

These $1 drinks will be available at participating locations through the end of the month — and, obviously, you’ll need to be 21+ to partake. Make sure to drink responsibly, because these little suckers will pack a punch. Applebee’s Neighborhood Drink of the Month is always a bargain, but five kinds of alcohol is no joke.

If you’re an Applebee’s fan, you’ll know that they have given us a summer of fun with their drinks of their month — from the July Neighborhood Drink of the Month, the $1 Malibu Dollarmama to the August Neighborhood Drink of the Month, the $1 Mai Tai. But if you’re ready to say goodbye to summer and embrace fall, there are lots of ways to do so alongside the $1 Adios.

You can grasp the last few days of the old Taco Bell menu, before it changes and we lose some fan favorites like the Double Decker Tacos and the Double Tostada. You can ease the transition from summer to fall with the "Cinderella Latte" on the Starbucks secret menu, which eases you into the Pumpkin Spice Latte without throwing you in the deep end. (I would personally recommend pairing it with the Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffin, because of goodness.)

Whether you’re already planning your Halloween costume or you’re clutching onto the last few moments of summer, there’s no right or wrong way to transition out of summer and into fall. For some, fall is the best season of the year — and you might be excited to jump into crispy leaves and blustery days. On the other hand, some people miss summer and find that the transition to fall makes you anxious, channeling those back to school vibes.

But no matter how you feel, it’s safe to say that the $1 Adios sounds like a great way to cap of a September day. Just make sure to pace yourself — you want to say Adios to summer, but let’s do it responsibly.

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