You Can Get a Custom Game of Thrones Pet Portrait that Puts Your Dog on the Iron Throne

Game of Thrones’ Battle of Winterfell has come to a (distractingly dark) end, and now it is time to fight for who will sit on the Iron Throne and rule the Seven Kingdoms.

You can watch the rest of season 8 and wait to see who wins, or you can skip that step and just make your pet the ultimate ruler of Westeros.

Etsy crafter PetCharacters is offering custom pet portraits of your dog or cat (or dragon) sitting on the famous chair of swords. All animal lovers have to do is purchase one of the portraits (starting at $79.99) and provide a photo of their pet.

“From your pet’s photo, I digitally paint and composite your pet as one of these GOT characters: Jon Snow, Daenerys, or Tyrion Lannister,” reads the product’s description on Etsy.

Maybe your pet isn’t allowed on the furniture, but you can get them a spot on the Iron Throne with just a few clicks.

PetCharacters offers portrait options for multiple pets in one painting, and also has custom Star Wars, Star Trek, and Doctor Who pet portraits.

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