You Can Get Churro Swirls At Cinnabon With Ghirardelli Chocolate Dipping Sauce

Whatever your plans were tonight, please know that by the end of the next sentence you’re going to cancel them. Not to knock whatever you had going on, but I am 99.9 percent certain that it is not as life-changing as the fact that Cinnabon brought back Churro Swirls. The swirly, ridiculous deliciousness of your limited time fave isn’t just back to say hello — this time, per Cinnabon, it will have a permanent place on the chain’s menu. Glory be to the Cinna gods.

If you have beheld the glory of a Churro Swirl at Cinnabon before, you already know that the construction of it is quite similar to the iconic Cinnabon, in the way it pulls apart when you eat it. The Churro Swirl, though, is based on the iconic traditional dessert for which it gets its name. Per Cinnabon, it’s coated in Makara Cinnamon sugar; per my eyes, it is too beautiful to be believed. But believe we must — this option first hit the menu as a limited time offering in August 2018, and apparently the love for it was so intense that it will now join its predecessor, the mighty Cinnabon, as a mainstay.

Right now there’s extra incentive not just to go grab one for yourself, but also to bring along a friend; Cinnabon is selling the Churro Swirls for $2.49 apiece, but you can snag a second one for 99 cents. Because the delicious news just keeps on coming, Cinnabon will also go the distance for you by making you a Churro Frosting Sandwich. At the risk of all of us drooling on our keyboards, I will tell you that a Churro Frosting Sandwich is essentially two Churro Swirls smushed together with a thick layer Cinnabon’s signature cream cheese frosting.

I’m still not done, though, because yikes on bikes is Cinnabon determined to outdo everyone in the dessert-sphere today. If neither of those first two options struck your fancy, you can also enjoy your Churro Swirl in two Dipper sauces that retail for 50 cents each, in warm Ghirardelli Chocolate or Smooth Caramel. You can use the Dippers to dip, to drizzle, or just dump all over the Churro Swirl without abandon. Churro your own adventure, y’all.

This isn’t the only good news Cinnabon has bestowed upon the ‘bon-eating masses lately. In November, Cinnabon announced nationwide delivery, meaning you can get your massive beloved Cinnabons sent anywhere in the U.S. The site offers three different package options, depending on the occasion and how many dessert lovers you are trying to feed. It’s the ideal way to surprise someone you love (and since you love yourself, you have every reason to surprise yourself, too).

The Churro Swirls, though, you’ll have to go find in person — but this isn’t a problem for the truly dedicated Cinnabon lover. If it isn’t already seared into your heart, you can find the location of your nearest Cinnabon here. Just don’t forget to pack approximately 87 napkins — those Dippers are no joke.

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