You Probably Missed This ‘BiP’ Newcomer On Arie’s Season, But She’s One To Watch

On Bachelor In Paradise, new people are brought onto the beaches of Mexico just as quickly as the heartbroken are sent home. And with one of the newest additions, it seems like a new favorite could be emerging to find love. So what happened to BiP newcomer Olivia on The Bachelor?

You’ll (maybe) remember Olivia Goethals from Arie’s season of The Bachelor, but if you blinked, you might have missed her. She was eliminated during the season premiere, so people really didn’t have a proper chance to get to know her. She and Arie had a little bit of one on one time, but the first few nights are brutal — if you don’t make an immediate impression, you could be left behind, and it’s through no fault of your own. The sheer number of contestants works against you.

There’s definitely potential for Olivia to shake things up on an already dramatic BiP season, and it gives the cameras more to focus on than Colton and Tia, which is really a win for everybody. According to the Chicago Tribune, Olivia is from the Chicago area and, as of late last year, worked as a marketing associate. Her LinkedIn page still lists her as an associate with the marketing firm Agency 360, and also reveals that she has a degree in sports management.

Olivia’s Instagram suggests that she’s super fun and down for a good time, which makes her perfect to join the ranks with other Bachelor Nation alums in Mexico. She’s always posting pictures with friends and even joking about her short-lived stint on The Bachelor, and she seems pretty down to earth. Fans will get to know her true personality now that she’s reached Paradise, and she could be just the new addition the show needs.

The first few eliminations of any Bachelor season are tough, and there are always plenty of people sent home who probably would’ve made a splash if they were able to stick around longer — look at Grocery Joe! He was sent home on Becca’s very first night, and is now a huge staple among fans of the franchise. Olivia didn’t have the instant following that Joe did, but it’s proof that you don’t have to have been a huge player in your original season to be a hit in Paradise.

There’s no telling who Olivia might end up with, and this season has already been proof that you can’t predict who will be successful in Paradise. Charismatic, beloved contestants who were often the life of the party, like Wills and Bibiana, went home after neglecting to make a meaningful connection. Annaliese and Jordan at first looked like a couple that might go the distance, but now they’re both shmoozing with totally different people.

Paradise is unpredictable, but the always-changing cast makes it even dicier. The huge focuses this season have been the Tia/Chris/Colton love triangle, and the animosity between Jordan and David. If the show drags these storylines out much longer, fans will get bored, if they aren’t checked out of that drama already. Olivia is a fresh face in a sea of more established characters, and hopefully she sweeps someone off their feet. We’ll just have to wait and see who that will be.

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