You Won't Believe What Really Upset Princess Diana so Much Before Prince Charles Left on a Royal Tour

Princess Diana realized things weren’t going to be happy with Prince Charles pretty early on. Even before they were married, she had already started to piece together that things weren’t the way she expected them to be. The two were so different and it was noticeable even before they were formally married.

Prince Charles left on a royal tour

In an iconic moment, Diana was seen crying after PrinceCharles left for a five-week royal tour to Australia. It was the couple’s firsttime apart since the engagement, but there was another reason why Diana wasupset that day. She watched her soon-to-be husband walkfirmly away from her to start his trip and she was visibly upset andcrying.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana were so different

Prince Charles was looking like his usual stoic self and it was a defining moment symbolizing things to come. Diana was the emotional woman who wore her heart on her sleeve. She would go on to marry a man who was so unlike herself. Prince Charles was obviously raised as a member of the Royal Family and he had different ways of handling things than Diana did. They started to clash early on.

The reason Diana was so upset when Prince Charles left on a tour

Anthony Holden, the author of Charles: A Biography, recounts events between the Prince and Princess of Wales. It seems Diana had another reason to cry on the day Charles left. She had arrived to greet Charles and say goodbye before he left for his royal tour. Prince Charles then received a call from Camilla Parker Bowles, the woman he would have an affair with while married to Princess Diana. The moment really upset her and stuck with Diana going forward.

Princess Diana recounted the event in her biography

Obviously, this must have shaken Diana who was newly engaged and still in awe of her fiancé. Princess Diana revealed the details in her tell-all biography that was written by Andrew Morton called Diana: Her True Story – In Her Own Words. She was the secret source for the work and she revealed details about that day in particular as well as her feelings about her husband and their unhappy marriage.

She had her suspicions about her husband’s relationship with Camilla from the start. Camilla seemed to know things she shouldn’t have known. Diana overheard the two in conversations on more than one occasion as well which just added to her suspicions. Before Charles left for Australia on his tour, Diana was with him in his study at Buckingham Palace. Camilla called and Charles just had to talk with her.

Princess Diana recalled the event as something that “brokeher heart.” She had high hopes for her marriage with Charles and she trulywanted things to work out between them. “Diana wondered whether to sit there orleave and let them make their farewells in private,” Morton wrote. “She lefther fiancé alone but told friends afterwards that the episode broke her heart.”

Princess Diana was clearly schooled early on with the harsh reality of her relationship with Prince Charles. Things only seemed to get worse once they were finally married. They would go on to separate and subsequently divorce.

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