Your Daily Horoscope for Wednesday, April 3


March 21- April 19

Take life slow and easy today. You may notice your dreams are stirred up — vivid and yet complex, or even incomprehensible. And during waking hours, you're daydreaming. It may be almost impossible to keep your mind from wandering. Take a nap if you can, or lose yourself in a good book or movie. Listen to some music, or play a fantasy video game. You'll sharpen up again soon.

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April 20-May 20

Most people's emotions are stirred up today. For some, this is an uncomfortable experience, but for you, it could bring a powerful sense of connectedness with the people around you. You're more aware than ever of the links that bind you with your fellow humans, with other animals, and with the earth herself. This is a very grounding energy, and one that enables you to appreciate your life and your loved ones deeply.


May 21-June 21

Your sixth sense is strong today — your instinctive side, which sends cues that, on a normal day, you might disregard. After all, you're a highly logical person. You may feel as if you don't have time to deal in hunches or premonitions, unless they're well founded in provable events. But you'll find that these subtle messages from your unconscious mind hold great wisdom, if you just pay attention to them.


June 22-July 22

Welcome to a dreamy day. Get some extra sleep, if possible. Take a nap, or get to bed early. You have a bit less energy than usual, plus, resting your eyes gives your mind the freedom to roam. Your imagination is enhanced by the current influence. Your dreams may be vivid, or during waking hours, your mind might wander into fanciful daydreams. Some of these visions may be worth writing down!


July 23-August 22

Your emotions are all stirred up today. You might even feel melancholy or vulnerable, especially if you sense that someone you're close with isn't as available as you'd like. Feelings of loneliness or rejection can be painful, but they actually offer you a good learning opportunity. You're stronger than you think. Yours is the sign of the courageous lion, after all! Trust yourself to get through any rough patches beautifully intact.


August 23-September 22

It's difficult for you to trust your instincts if you can't see any logical basis for them. But today's energy urges you to do just that — to suspend your disbelief enough to tap into the wisdom of your own unconscious mind. Accept the cues and messages your higher self is trying to send your way. That's the best way to hone your intuition, after all. Taking it seriously improves its accuracy exponentially.


September 23-October 22

You may need extra sleep today, because your usual high energy is likely to be low. Take a nap, if you can, or get to bed early tonight. That has the added benefit of more time in dreamland — that wonderfully imaginative place that your mind visits so easily under the current influence. You're a creative person by nature, and now especially. Letting your thoughts wander, whether you're awake or asleep, enhances your work.


October 23 – November 22

Today, the pace of life moves along more slowly than usual. And that's just fine with you. Your own energy isn't particularly high, though you probably don't feel drained. In fact, you feel emotionally centered. Your personal core of strength — that feeling part of your soul — is empowered by the current influence. You're compassionate and big-hearted, and you're putting out wonderfully positive energy into the universe.


November 23-December 20

Your mind tells you one thing today, but your instincts could be telling an entirely different story. Which do you believe? After all, fears and suspicions are hard to distinguish from intuition, but the latter is far more truthful. And while logic is important in many situations, it may not apply in a cut-and-dried way. Surely you can see the potential for confusion! Just do your best to divine the truth.


December 21-January 19

Your imagination is turned on today. You might wake from a dream and have a hard time determining whether its events happened in real life. This sense of unreality extends throughout the day — and surprisingly, it isn't uncomfortable. It's actually enjoyable to realize that the separation between fact and fantasy isn't as great as you thought. With just a little creativity, you can embellish something dull into a vision of vivid invention.


January 20-February 18

The pace of life slows today. You might not feel like leaving home. The hubbub of noisy, boisterous groups makes you want to stay under the covers! Many people feel moody under the current influence. It's okay to retreat if that makes you feel more secure. Take it as easy as your schedule allows. If you have a lot of work ahead of you, schedule in breaks, or even mini-naps.


February 19-March 20

Today you'll rely on instinct even more than usual, because your intuitive side is so strong right now. Spending time with someone you love could take on almost spiritual significance, because you're able to see that you aren't just two separate people; you're two souls, conjoined. If someone near you needs help, you'll do anything you can for them, selflessly disregarding your own comfort to come to their aid.

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