Your Favorite 'Game of Thrones' Star Dished on the Final Season and Said It Will Absolutely Ruin You

This post contains spoilers from Game of Thrones.

It’s about time Game of Thrones returns for the series finale, but you are probably not going to be totally happy with the ending, according to Gwendoline Christie A.K.A. badass warrior Brienne of Tarth.

As speculation about the fate of the Starks, Lannisters, Targaryens, and Jon Snow heat up, Gwendoline decided to spill some details and tell us what we’ve all been fearing the most. At the premiere of her new movie, Welcome to Marwen, she told E!, “You’re going to need therapy.” Lovely.

She added, “I think just the show ending is going to send all of the world into professional help.” Oh, you mean how we needed some after the Red Wedding or after we found out why Hodor says “hodor” all the freaking time?? Like that, Gwen? Or even more so? If it’s the latter, IDK how we can ever recover from that.

Everyone in the cast has been pretty tight-lipped because contracts and not wanting to be sued or whatever, but HBO did release a teaser last week and it looks DARK. Basically, the Army of the Dead and their new ice dragon are making their way past the Wall to wreak havoc and breathe ice on literally anyone and everyone that gets in their way.

There’s going to be some massive battles this season, and god only knows how it’ll all end. TBH, if it wraps up in any other way than with Sansa Stark and Arya Stark on the throne together, then good good riddance to this show and on to the prequels!

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