Your Gemini Monthly Horoscope

Your Key Dates:

Generally speaking, you’re a pretty optimistic person. You prefer to think of challenges as “learning experiences” as opposed to roadblocks, and that upbeat disposition has proven to serve you well. But recently it’s been hard to stay positive. You’re feeling drained, exhausted, and totally overworked. And you effing hate it.

The Sun’s movement through Taurus has been activating the area of your chart known as the “unseen realm.” It’s the place we store our dreams, psychic powers, and secrets. This cosmic region is most easily accessed through our subconscious, so it makes sense that your body has been desperately craving slumber. When the Moon joins the Sun in this region on May 4, lather up your favorite sleep mask, slip into cozy pajamas, and get thee to bed. There is no light in the sky during this lunation, which means you can finally swap your relentless FOMO for well-deserved JOMO (Joy of Missing Out). It’s time to recharge!

Watch out for blasts from the past in the middle of the month, when Venus—the planet of love, beauty, and money—moves into Taurus on May 15. Venus is all about romance, but for the next several weeks, this planet will be focusing on nostalgia. It’s fine to read through old journals or reminisce about past boos, but don’t let this energy consume you, Gemini babe. Your trip down memory lane should not turn into an extended stay.

A full Moon in Scorpio occurs on May 18 and after all of these sentimental feels, this lunation will actually feel energizing. Under this sky, you’ll realize that the answers you’ve been seeking are actually a lot closer than you realized. In fact, they exist right in your own backyard. This lunation may ignite your entrepreneurial spirit, so don’t be surprised if you’re presented with some odd job opportunities. These fast-cash gigs may not change your tax bracket, but hey—a few extra bucks definitely can’t hurt!

This extra padding in your wallet will be well-timed. When your birthday season kicks off at the end of the month, you’re ready to celebrate. On May 21, the Sun moves your own sign and finally, you’re ready to have some serious fun. You’ll be feeling playful, creative, and confident, so embrace your signature curiosities. After all, Gemini darling, mischief is one of your core values.

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