Your horoscope with Lilith

Communication and love planets Mercury and Venus in the sign of personal pageantry add jazz and pizzazz to this winter week…

ARIES: With healing Chiron making its once in a lifetime visit to Aries, problems you could never get on top of can suddenly vanish in flash. Truth is, you've been working on them for years and now the results are coming through. Cause for celebration, especially with Mercury and Venus in the sign of raising a toast…

Sagittarius, the Archer.

Sagittarius, the Archer.

TAURUS: Venus, your galactic guide in glamorous Leo, gravitates towards things bright and beautiful, so this week is primo for spending time and dollars on your personal presentation. And with wild-style Uranus just arrived in your sign, that might be with considerably more daring flair than usual, so go on: surprise us.

GEMINI: An improvement-oriented, back to the drawing board approach suits this week best: reconnecting dots that will fire new neurons of understanding, and collaging information bytes together into a new design format. Though don't expect ideas to take flight immediately. Be patientyou can't build that high-rise on shifting sands.

CANCER: The Cancer clan are happiest in their home zone, so even if you're birthday-ing out and about on the town, this week's happiest and most productive times will be at Crab Casa with old friends who feel like family – or new tribe members. You'll spend more than you intended but really, who cares.

LEO: Events aren't working against you, but are you working against them? Mars and Venus both in fixed signs – one of them yours – could solidify a standoff with neither side willing to give way. Mercury/Venus in Leo ensures you make what you say sweet to the ear, so why not play the charm card?

VIRGO: With communicator Mercury in the sign of grand and expansive, don't be surprised by over-enthusiastic reactions, exaggerated versions of events or highly inflated quotes for services. This week the ancient Zen wisdom applies: "Through all the marvellous days of times to come, refuse the delusions of people." Get second opinions and estimates.

LIBRA: As networking Mercury joins your personal pleasure planet Venus in the colourful, affectionate, party-loving sign of the Lion your friend circle expands, creative collaborations brew and a professional windfall could come through. You won't even have to travel far, with so much happening in your own backyard and local community.

SCORPIO: The current bunch of fixed-sign energies plus retro Mars in your base of operations could heat up affairs in the home or office kitchen to bicker and squabble settings. If you're having domestic dramas or arguments at work, make verbal exchanges creative so you can still enjoy a fun week.

SAGITTARIUS: This advice applies to everyone during Mars retrograde, and if enough Sagittarians read it, word gets around… Before launching into that perfectly justified dummy spit, try using the acronym THINK: T is it true? H is it helpful? I inspiring? N necessary? K kind? By then you'll have cooled down enough to communicate calmly.

CAPRICORN: Been hard at work with Saturnian determination? Congratulations. Just know that Mars retrograde, continuing for the next few weeks, isn't a good time to start things. The cosmic discipline-meister's rewarding all your hard yards with some downtime in maintenance mode, so switch to cruise control and let the party planets set this week's pace.

AQUARIUS: During retrograde periods when life doesn't run according to plan, people get irritated and impatient. With retro Mars in your sign, Aquarians are extra susceptible but hey, isn't it a fabulous chance to upgrade your anger management skills? A firm tug on the emergency brake will help voice this week's displeasure discreetly.

PISCES: Planetary push in the sign of self promotion suggests time spent on talking up current projects could hit paydirt this week. Since you'll probably be doing a lot of this from home, freshen up the domestic setting with flowers, do some feng shui rearranging to get energies humming and you'll be even more effective.

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