Your September Horoscope Is Here

Even though you don't technically don't have to trade your beach towel for pumpkin spice everything until the fall equinox on September 22, the whole month can feel like a switch flipping from the lazy, sultry, festive days of summer to the more organized, academic, ambitious vibe of autumn. It can even feel a bit like whiplash, given how focused the last two weeks of July and first two weeks of August — aka Leo season — are on self-expression, romance, and prioritizing pleasure. But now that several planets have shifted into Virgo — and Libra — we've become more tuned into self-improvement and partnerships over making the most of the moment. And while that might not sound exciting, the ninth month of the year is actually filled with plenty of chances to connect, transform, and get in your feelings in a way that can feel thoughtful, artistic, and even magical, thanks to the planetary influences at play. 

Come September 22, the sun shifts into Libra, the cardinal air sign known for its Venus-ruled affinity for beauty, relationships (especially of the one-on-one variety), and diplomacy. While the sun's time in Virgo promotes organization and diligence around everyday to-dos and bolstered commitment to improving mental, physical, and emotional well-being, the tide turns when the sweet seventh sign of the zodiac's season kicks off, bringing us into a more socially- and romantically-focused headspace. At the same time, note that despite the fact that cardinal signs love to take the initiative, Libras aren't nearly as decisive or direct about what they want as Virgo or Leo, so wishy-washiness could reign supreme during the latter half of the month. Still, as the ruler of the seventh house of partnership, the sign of the Scales teaches us the merit of seeing both sides of every issue.  


If anyone is feeling the jolt of moving from a season of sun, fun, and sex to a far more industrious period dedicated to health, lists, and getting all your ducks in a row, it's you, Aries. That's because when it began last month, Virgo season — which lasts until the 22nd — catapulted you from your playful, spirited romance zone into your wellness zone. But from the 10th to October 7, you'll have sweet Venus in your intimacy zone, stepping up your desire to be vulnerable emotionally and mentally with someone special. You could be down for wearing your heart on your sleeve in a way that's generally not super-familiar to you, and it could set the stage for building a deep, meaningful, transformative bond.  

In fact, you'll be in your feelings more than you might actually realize heading into this practicality-packed month, thanks to a full moon happening in your spirituality zone on the 20th. Don't be surprised if the energy around this lunar event feels downright exhausting and emotional, albeit imaginative. Because it's happening as the confident sun cozies up to go-getter Mars, your ruler, in your partnership zone while making a friendly connection to powerful Pluto in your career zone, a lot could be coming up for you around where you currently are in your personal and professional relationships versus where you want to be. While it might not be time to take action just yet, there's a great deal you can learn from spending time tuning into your intuition now. 


The first half of Virgo season has likely brought you lots of good vibes around your love life and favorite forms of artistic self-expression, thanks to the confident sun moving through your romance zone since last month. And around September 6, the new moon in that same sector harmonizes with game-changer Uranus in your sign, serving up an electrifying dose of inspiration to head down a path that's unapologetically your own. You might also feel the event in terms of having a lightbulb moment related to a creative project or a close bond. And soon thereafter, from the 10th to October 7, you'll get more relationship-strengthening action in the form of sweet Venus, your ruler, moving into your partnership zone where it'll magnify your ability to connect with people you adore one-on-one. 

Then, Libra season, which begins on the 22nd, lights up your routine zone, turning your attention to all the minutiae of everyday life that you might have been putting off up until now. Obviously you'd much prefer to kick back and chill with your sweetheart or engage in all the flirty banter with a new match versus squeeze in that yoga class, refill prescriptions, or take your car in for a tune-up. But these four weeks present you with the chance to take care of yourself just as well as you take care of others, leading to a sweet sense of groundedness and peace of mind that you absolutely deserve. 


As the month begins, chances are you'll be spending more time with family or hanging close to the couch, thanks to Virgo season lighting up your home zone. Although you're usually such a busy bee, flitting from one event/destination/activity to the next, the first half of September really presents you with an opportunity to decompress, focusing on the relationships and rituals that bring you a sense of security. And around the 6th, when the new moon falls in the same spot, harmonizing with game-changer Uranus in your spirituality zone, you could have a positive breakthrough and gain clarity around exactly what you need to do to feel the most centered moving forward.  

This reflective moment won't last very long, though, because on the 14th, sexy Mars zips into your romance zone, where it'll crank up your energy — especially the kind that you'll want to pour into creative endeavors, flirting, and being spontaneous with the people you love (or think you could love). And the sun follows on the 22nd, shining its brilliant light on all things fun, playful, heartfelt, and steamy for four weeks. On the 25th, Mars connects with Saturn, which can help you pair passion with hard work or commitment, so it's possible you'll find yourself ready to sign on the dotted line of a dreamy contract or take your relationship with someone incredible to the next level. Just don't be surprised if artistic projects and romantic interests from the past begin to circle back around this time, as your ruler, messenger Mercury, will be retrograde in your romance and self-expression sector from the 27th until October 18. You'll quickly find that having an agenda is the best agenda.


For the first couple weeks of the month, your social life and curiosity will continue to blow up, thanks to the confident sun continuing to move through your communication zone. At times, you could be cranky about all this people time, because you'd much rather be snuggled up on your couch with your favorite comfort food and a glass of wine. But you'll also find that all this intellectual stimulation is fueling your creative side, and around September 6, when the new moon — a phase you can't help but feel more than most people, as la luna's your ruler — falls in the same sector. It'll harmonize with your networking zone, all that connecting can lead to an enthralling brainstorm and possibly even an amazing epiphany that you could actually end up taking to the bank. And let's be honest — there's nothing to hate about that.   

And when social Venus shifts into your romance zone on the 10th, where it hangs until October 7, you can expect an explosion of anything that brings you pleasure and fuels your artistic impulses. You'll feel lighter and more playful, wanting to see where the moment takes you and channeling all those emotions that can weigh you down into a fulfilling creative outlet. Even more good news: This is just a preview of what's to come next month when we kick off Scorpio season. By the time the full moon rolls around on the 20th, lighting up your adventure zone, you'll be ready to take a leap of faith in defense of all the joy you've managed to cultivate. It could be that you're truly ready to shift gears on who you've been aligning yourself with professionally or voice passionate sexual needs to your current partner. In short, your feelings will fuel your actions now, and that makes you a force. 


Although you don't adore admitting that your birthday season has come to a close, Virgo season has brought you a renewed focus on your financial well-being and prioritizing activities that align with your values, thanks to the confident sun's trip through your money zone. And around September 6, when the new moon falls in that same sector, you could have an exciting brainstorm about how you can get the most out of your hustle. You might be focused on maximizing efficiency and not be flirting so heavily with burnout all the time, sure, but you'll also be thinking about how you can channel whatever is in your heart into your work — and how that could really pay off. In fact, big picture change could be called for, thanks to the involvement of rebellious Uranus in your public image zone. 

And on the 14th, gung-ho Mars shifts into your communication zone, followed on the 22nd by your ruler, the sun, amplifying your focus on connections — professional, personal, and every other kind imaginable. Now's when you're bound to be setting up collabs with people you admire, learning and growing in your field thanks to mentors, and coming up with imaginative ideas through intellectually-charged conversations with others. Although you pretty much live for all of this interpersonal time, the pure busyness of the moment could be overwhelming at times even for you, so be sure to build in time-outs to throw your phone on do not disturb. This could be especially imperative around the 20th when the full moon lands in your intimacy zone, bringing up a lot of intense emotion about joint resources, sex, and emotional wounds. But you'll work through it with the same ol' upbeat, take-charge vibe you can't help but bring to the table. 


Now that we're in the thick of your birthday season, Virgo, you'll likely be feeling as though certain dreams are even more in reach than they were a couple weeks ago. The confident sun's presence in your sign can have you feeling like you're on stage, and depending on how you feel about that, it can be exciting or slightly intimidating. But either way, this is your annual opportunity to own your voice and put it to use, crafting the life you want to live with your words, actions, and mindset. And around September 6, when we hit the Virgo new moon, which harmonizes with rebellious Uranus in your adventure zone, you could be surprised by just how amped you are to switch things up in a bold, unapologetic way. Give yourself plenty of room to get clear on what you want to achieve and then, you'll obviously have the step-by-step game plan covered. 

And before your season is over, around the 20th, the full moon falls in your partnership zone, spurring you to think about how you want to join forces with a friend, colleague, or S.O. to hit your goals. The theme of reciprocity could be a major one of the moment too. Are they meeting you halfway? What could you stand to give more of? Are your visions aligned? Just as you start batting around the answers to these questions, on the 22nd, the confident sun moves into Libra and through your money zone, turning your attention toward monetizing your big picture vision — or perhaps streamlining your overflowing schedule in a way that allows you to grow your dream business. But heads-up: Messenger Mercury, your ruler, will be retrograde in that same zone from the 27th to October 18, so you might need to tend to old business before you can proceed with anything entirely shiny and new. 


Last month and the first half of this month has been a bit more low-key than you'd probably like, thanks to the confident sun in your spirituality zone. But with your ruler, romantic Venus, in your sign until the 10th, at least you've been able to dip your toe into your super-social season a bit. But around September 6, when the new moon falls in that same sector, you could really feel the push-pull of these contrasting energies, because while the moon will have you craving rest and an opportunity to recharge before heading into your season, Venus will harmonize in a beautiful way with lucky Jupiter in your romance and self-expression zone. It could be that you're very tuned into your intuition and your dreams at the exact same time that you're making sparks fly with your significant other or someone else special or diving into a creatively-fulfilling activity with loved ones. 

Then, you'll find that connecting with others can boost your finances and ability to grow your assets through work that really resonates with your heart, thanks to Venus moving through your money zone from the 10th to October 7. Even if you're not totally in the weeds on investments and cash flow, this can be a really lovely spot for values-oriented Venus, and you could find you feel more supported by your nearest and dearest and secure through this period. And on the 14th, gung-ho Mars moves into your sign, where it'll remain until October 30, offering you a burst of assertiveness. This could almost feel like the start of your season, as you'll be fired up to move the ball forward on your passion projects. You might do well to make your moves early on, as the end of the month deals a curveball in the form of messenger Mercury going retrograde in your sign from the 27th to October 18. But even wires getting crossed can't mess with the confidence this month could serve up in spades. 


After Leo season saw you putting your nose to the grindstone to get ahead in the public eye, you're now channeling a calculated amount of energy toward spending time with friends and colleagues and basically working the room for the first half of this month, as the confident sun continues to roll through your networking zone. Whether you're reaching out to former coworkers to trade notes about that LinkedIn job posting or attending a Zoom event sponsored by a company you might like to work for, your big picture agenda will still be on your mind. (Really, when is it not?) And around September 6, when the new moon falls in that same zone, harmonizing with rebellious Uranus in your partnership zone, you'll be feeling extra certain of the person — or type of person — you want by your side and along for the ride. And relationships will be even more of a focus once romantic Venus is in your sign from the 10th to October 7, magnifying your desires and ability to attract whatever it is you're seeking.

Libra season will usher in a more reflective, private vibe, though, which you could particularly feeling from the 14th to October 30 while gung-ho Mars, your co-ruler, moves through your spirituality zone. As much as you might want to put yourself out there and get after your most ambitious goals, there's a sleepy, sluggish cloudiness about this period that you can't really deny. It's pretty much a nudge to take a time-out from going so hard all the time and take care of your inner self in order to prep for your own season down the road. But whether you're dealing by taking more naps, meditating, or just caffeinating your way through, you could find the tone shifts around the 20th when the full moon falls in your romance zone. The resounding message is that it's time to be in the moment, reveal what's in your heart, and prioritize fun, flirtation, and creativity over anything else. 


While the sun moves through your career zone for the first half of the month, you'll be working hard to earn applause from people you respect and admire and to make major leaps in your professional advancement. Commanding the spotlight will feel totally natural, as could taking the reins on a major project or stepping into a leadership position. And around September 6 when the new moon falls in this sector, you could be coming up with thrilling ideas for earning even more recognition and career-related rewards. And because the moon harmonizes with game-changer Uranus in your routine zone, you could have an epiphany about setting yourself up for the best result by implementing smart new, everyday habits. You could end up walking away from this lunar event feeling especially clear on how you'll make your mark. 

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Then, from the 14th to October 30, gung-ho Mars moves through your networking zone, and it could feel like you're moving into a new, see-and-be-seen vibe that's more about meeting and greeting old and new platonic connections than putting your nose to the grindstone. If you're single, you might meet someone through friends with whom you have a steamy spark. And if you're attached, spending time with your partner among friends or colleagues allows you to see one another in a new light and add a new layer to your bond. You might need to take a time-out around the 20th to tend to your inner life, as the full moon will fall in your home zone, bringing up a lot of deep-rooted emotions. But by the time the sun shifts into your networking sector on the 22nd, you could feel like time spent nurturing platonic bonds truly fuels your vitality. 


You're engrossed in broadening your horizons as the month kicks off, Cap, thanks to the confident sun's trip through your adventure and higher learning sector. While you're not necessarily stubborn, you are a fan of sticking to what's tried and true to an extent, given that your ruler is conservative Saturn, which oversees tradition. But Virgo season has you wanting to shake off the mundane and experience anything that feels eye-opening. You might even be experiencing this in more of an academic way, reading books, taking classes, and listening to podcasts that are offering you a new perspective. This energy could be particularly stimulating and inspiring come the new moon on the 6th, which falls in the same sector, and harmonizes with game-changer Uranus in your self-expression zone. You'll want to share everything you've been soaking up.

You'll also want to parlay everything you've been learning into your professional path, and the good news is that you'll get that opportunity pretty quickly, thanks to go-getter Mars shifting into your career zone on the 14th, where it remains until October 30. Messenger Mercury's also been there since the end of August, so you'll have the ability to not only research and plan what you want to accomplish but get after it in a bold way. On the 25th, Mars connects with Saturn in your money zone, and you could be connecting the dots between your vision and a solid return on your time and energy investment. Just be aware that Mercury retrograde kicks in on the 27th in your career zone, so you might need to tie up loose ends before you can make significant headway. 


As much of a people person as you might be, getting into the depths of complicated emotions and being vulnerable, in a way that can be downright transformative, isn't exactly your jam, Aquarius. And for that reason, Virgo season can be a bit tricky for you, because the confident sun is moving through your intimacy zone, encouraging you to go below the surface with your nearest and dearest and face intense feelings that aren't exactly rational or scientific (aka waters you're much comfier swimming in). You might actually come to some uncomfortable realizations about joint resources and your comfort level in close relationships, but there's also a lot of personal growth that can happen during this time. Specifically, around the 6th, when the new moon is happening there, allowing yourself to acknowledge deep-rooted wounds and get even closer to people you love might actually have you feeling incredibly empowered. 

The feeling that you're even more so stepping into your sense of self continues once gung-ho Mars moves through your adventure zone from the 14th to October 30, spurring you to move beyond your usual routine and to try different experiences and philosophies for size. If you're able to do it safely, travel could provide a thrilling, game-changing experience. Then, around the 20th, the full moon hits — and while, it won't be in your sign like it was the last two months, it falls in your money zone, triggering more questions around comfort, relationships, and assets, not unlike what you'll have been dealing with all month so far. Thankfully, full moons are culmination points, so you could actually pinpoint answers now.


When the month begins, you'll be in the weeds of prioritizing one-on-one endeavors — business, personal, or platonic — with the confident sun moving through your partnership zone since Virgo season kicked off. You'll be feeling like you really can accomplish more when you're half of a power couple, and it'll be satisfying to feel in sync on a shared goal with someone you're close to. Around the 6th, the new moon falls in this same zone, laying the groundwork for a sweet new chapter. This could actually be an incredible time to resolve any ongoing conflicts and to have breakthroughs through bold, enterprising conversations, because rebellious Uranus harmonizes with the moon from your communication zone. And then you'll be even more apt to take chances in love, especially as romantic Venus will move through your adventure zone from the 10th to October 7.   

The second half of the month can take all of this to the next level, because Libra season throws a spotlight on your intimacy zone. Whether you're tackling tough emotional issues with someone you love or discussing going into business with a friend, gung-ho Mars, the confident sun, and messenger Mercury will all be on your side, supporting transformative inner work. Around the 20th, the full moon lights up your sign, and your sensitivity could be skyrocketing. But whatever challenging emotions come up could also serve as a fuel for fascinating changes — both internal and external. So do your best to hold that in mind as you swim in these feelings — and see where the tide ends up taking you. 

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