Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend

Happy New Moon in fun, flirty Gemini! Since the vast majority of us can only talk, slide into DMs, and sext, this New Moon in the sign who does all that the best is perfectly timed! It’ll be both sexy and emotional since that same day, Mercury enters sensitive Cancer. The Moon enters dramatic Leo on Wednesday, giving your confidence—the biggest turn on of them all—a big boost!


Hey, dirty talker! The New Moon in Gemini on Friday helps you find the sexiest words, details, and open-ended questions. Get your boos talking by asking them questions about their fantasies and desires. Your intelligence will become the biggest turn-on of them all. Mercury enters your Cancer-ruled sensitivity sector, so be gentle on your heart. Then wear something sexy under the Leo Moon on Wednesday so you can turn yourself on!


Indulge, indulge! Friday’s New Moon in Gemini helps you experience full-body pleasure. Experiment with taste, touch, scent, and even sound for different ways to access how you turn yourself on. Mercury enters your Cancer-ruled communication zone on Friday, making you even more curious and talkative. Then, the Moon enters your Leo-ruled home and family zone on Wednesday, which may make you get upset by the small stuff. Take deep breaths and think before you text!


What are your desires, Gemini? Friday’s New Moon in your sign wants you to the unapologetic and fearless about your birthday wishes, fantasies, and desires so the Universe can make it happen. Mercury enters your Cancer-ruled pleasure principle sector, helping you feel less heady and even more centered in your own body. A passionate Moon in Leo on Wednesday helps you speak your newfound desires to boos who want to give it to you!


Let that sh*t GO, Cancer! A New Moon in the Gemini-ruled completion zone helps you release what keeps you suspicious and defensive. Kindness and confidence is so much sexier anyway! Mercury enters your sign, making your intelligence a huge turn-on. Show ‘em how smart you are! Take time for pleasure and self-care on Wednesday under the Leo Moon. When you treat yourself, it shows and glows.


Are you sure they’re just a friend, Leo? The New Moon on Friday in Gemini blurs the line between lover, friend, and FWB. Why not experiment with the best of all the relationships for a different result? Mercury enters your Cancer-ruled dream sector, making you the fantasy queen. Share what you imagine, especially when the Moon enters your sign on Wednesday!


You can’t take away power from sex, Virgo! The Gemini New Moon on Friday wants you to examine the way you give, receive, and negotiate complicated power dynamics in your sex life. Mercury enters your friend zone, but don’t worry, it won’t kill the vibe—it’ll help you lighten up. Don’t take yourself too seriously! Wednesday’s Moon in Leo wants you to pay attention to your dreams.


Freedom and mystery are both so sexy, Libra. The New Moon in Gemini wants you to explore the uncertain space between you and your lovers. Mercury enters your Cancer-ruled work sector, helping you achieve your goals and explore the give-and-take of power in relationships, too. An exciting Moon in Leo on Wednesday wants you to talk about love with your friends!


Because you’re so smart, you’re sexy, Scorpio. The New Moon in Gemini rules your sexuality zone, which reminds you that the way you think, perceive, and speak about sex could determine the result. Mercury enters your Cancer-governed optimism zone, so if you could use some glass-half-full energy for love and sex, it’s yours. The Moon in Leo on Wednesday helps you get more productive, both professionally and sexually!


What love story do you want?! It sounds corny, but it’s true! The New Moon in Gemini is your annual wish list to the Universe for your best romantic outcomes. Write down what you desire and hope to receive! Mercury enters your Cancer-ruled sexuality zone, helping you speak your fantasies to invite the suitors “in” to the story. The Moon enters your Leo-ruled straight talk sector on Wednesday, leading to better understanding.


It’s all in the details, Cappy! The New Moon in Gemini wants you to focus in on the micro when it comes to your sexual desires. But pay attention to others’ wishes, too. Mercury enters your Cancer-ruled negotiation zone, giving you the communication skills for finding the win/win in sex. The Moon in Leo on Wednesday is very intimate, so follow your pleasure for pleasure’s sake!


There’s no better turn-on than your confidence, Aquarius. The New Moon on Friday wants you to claim your power without having to do anything. Just be your most authentic self, and enjoy the free chemistry. Mercury enters your Cancer-ruled detail zone, helping you notice the little things about you and your suitors for clarity. Can you make Wednesday a digital date night? The Moon in Leo asks for it!


Tend to the heart first, Pisces! The New Moon in Gemini wants you to feel secure before anything else. Think about what you want for your emotional safety so you can let yourself go sexually. Mercury lights up your Cancer-ruled self-esteem zone, giving you a boost of confidence. So get into your body. The Leo Moon on Wednesday strengthens your focus and communication towards getting what you want.

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