Your star sign's sex and love tarot forecast for February 2021

february love and sex horoscope forecast for all star signs

February is the month of love, thanks to Valentine’s Day (which is rapidly approaching, so get ready).

What lies ahead for your star sign in the world of sex, dating, and romance?

Or who lies ahead? Who’s on the cards for you this Valentine’s, and who’s crushing on you without you even knowing it? How do you activate this love?

Read on for your tarotscope forecast for the month ahead, specifically focused on sex and love.

What star sign are you?

  • Aries: March 21 to April 20
  • Taurus: April 21 to May 21
  • Gemini: May 22 to June 21
  • Cancer: June 22 to July 23
  • Leo: July 24 to August 23
  • Virgo: August 24 to September 23
  • Libra: September 24 to October 23
  • Scorpio: October 24 to November 22
  • Sagittarius: November 23 to December 21
  • Capricorn: December 22 to January 21
  • Aquarius: January 22 to February 19
  • Pisces: February 20 to March 20


Sex and love tarot cards for February: Seven of Cups, The Hermit

Meaning: A dream lover awaits you this Valentine’s, Aries, and they are most likely a Water sign (Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer) or a Virgo.

The Seven of Cups reveals that using the principles of the Law of Attraction to draw this person towards you is the best advice to activate a romance.

So, visualise your vision of love, daydream about your ideal relationship and how that would fit into your life, and gravitate to places, forums, people and scenes that mirror where a person like you have in mind might be. Act like this love is already in your life, and in doing so, you will emit the right energy.

The Hermit shows this person is private, quiet, serious, and has perhaps been admiring you from afar since last autumn.

They need to know you’re ready, open and interested in starting something, and then they will come out of the shade and into the light. This could happen within the next week.


Sex and love tarot cards for February: Temperance, Seven of Coins

Meaning: A super-hot Sagittarius lover is your Valentine’s treat. They are sexy, passionate, charming and funny.

Temperance shows that this person is a little different from your usual fare, a departure from the norm, so keep your eyes and radar open and alert to new news.

Don’t overlook or disregard people based on first impressions, pause, and take a little longer to get to know them.

The Seven of Coins shows that this may initiate as a friendship, and look like it’s going to be a slow burner, but it will suddenly and surprisingly take a turn towards love town.

You won’t look back, trust me!


Sex and love tarot cards for February: The Devil, Ace of Coins

Meaning: Someone you’ve held a low-key torch for, for a long time now, but know you shouldn’t really be dabbling with is going to reveal they feel the same way about you, and it will prove to be irresistible.

The Devil hints that they might be a Capricorn, but they will certainly carry an air of danger or illicitness about them, which you find super-sexy. You are always drawn to things you shouldn’t be, and this is no different.

The Ace of Coins shows this connection has been simmering and brewing for at least a year. Maybe you know them from work, and you’ve tried to quash it, but to no avail.

Expect those embers to roar into flames this Valentine’s Day. I don’t think you can resist this temptation.


Sex and love tarot cards for February: Death, The Tower

Meaning: You could write a book about your love life, Cancer, it’s the stuff of high drama. It’s no different this month, because Death and The Tower are incredibly high-octane and powerful cards, so buckle up for a wild ride.

Someone is going to turn your world upside-down. Possibly a Scorpio or Aries, and certainly someone who is dynamic, ruthless, charismatic and energetic. They are an unstoppable force of nature, and they capture your attention 100% from the get-go.

They enter your life with a crash, bang, wallop. They could be the catalyst of a big change or event themselves, or they could arrive on the scene to help or advise following such an event. Drama follows drama, but in the shape of a passionate Scorpio or Aries, you don’t mind pulling up a seat.


Sex and love tarot cards for February: Queen of Wands, Four of Wands

Meaning: Is there someone at work you like the look of? Maybe someone in a senior position or who exhibits a bit of wild side, a streak of innovative creativity, or a big sense of humour?

There’s something very warm and magnetising about this person, as shown by the Queen of Wands. They could be from overseas, and fairly new to the place you met them.

The Four of Wands shows this person could be a true life partner for you, and together you could create the kind of lifestyle and nest you have always craved.

They are as ambitious and as full of big ideas as you are, which makes a refreshing change. You’re ready to partner up with someone dynamic to make a wonderful life.


Sex and love tarot cards for February: The Hierophant, Five of Cups

Meaning: Someone you once had high hopes for is set to return to your life this Valentine’s, so keep the door ajar. It might be an ex, but it might be a friend or a crush you never got things off the ground with.

Things have changed now, and the window of opportunity for this to turn from admiration to love has come around at last.

The Hierophant shows this one has marriage potential. I don’t mean to gush, but it truly could be the relationship you’ve been looking for.

And the Five of Cups shows this link with your past, maybe to a sad event or regret you still think about. Whatever it is, why not take the initiative and reach out to whoever comes to mind right now? It could be the reunion of a lifetime.


Sex and love cards for February: Four of Swords, Judgment

Meaning: I can’t believe I am writing this, for you of all people, Libra (ruled by Venus, the goddess of love herself), but this February you might want to press ‘pause’ on your love life and just watch a few rewinds, reflect and process the story so far.

The Four of Swords is like a time out card, ushering you away from the action to a quiet spot, to sit and contemplate events and your feelings.

Judgment is a powerful card about closure, processing the past, releasing old emotions, ready to turn the page and begin a new chapter.

Draw a line in the sand right now, regarding everything that has gone before, and turn your gaze ahead. 2021 could be great for love, but you need to consciously mark a change and a sense of closure about the past first.


Sex and love tarot cards for February: King of Wands, The Fool

Meaning: The Fool is the tarot’s patron saint (being the first card) of new beginnings, so expect renewal and newness in your love life this Valentines.

You will embark on a fresh adventure, feeling optimistic and enthusiastic, but it’s fair to say that others might raise an eyebrow at your next love (let them, it’s none of their business, right?).

The King of Wands reveals this next suitor is a Fire sign (Aries, Leo or Sagittarius) and bristles with sex appeal, ambition, confidence and strength. They are more than a match for you (and you need that), and they sweep you off your feet. This is a big love.


Sex and love tarot cards for February: Ten of Coins, Queen of Cups

Meaning: A long-term situation is set to go to the next level if you’re attached, and if you’re single then a new, long-term potential partner is on the horizon very soon.

Both scenarios are predicted by the secure, happy-ever-after Ten of Coins, which is a welcome sight in any love reading, so be pleased.

The Queen of Cups shows this current or soon-to-begin connection is a loyal, loving and lasting one, built on firm foundations and mutual respect.

You get each other, and you are into each other. It’s passionate, lively, and exciting, as well as being supportive and comforting.

The new person, if you’re single, could be a compassionate and creative Water sign (Pisces, Scorpio or Cancer).

Lucky you, Sagittarius, you’re about to enter the happy-ever-after realm.


Sex and love tarot cards for February: The Star, The Empress

Meaning: When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, anyone your heart desires, can come to you.

I know that you deserve a dream lover, Capricorn, because you invest so much into your close relationships, and you make the best life partner going.

The Star and The Empress combine to tell you that 2021 is your year for love. Dream a dream, visualise your personal vision of love and know, in your heart of hearts, that this is what you deserve and will receive if you focus on it with intention and determination.

The Empress shows you are ready to nest, settle down, maybe start or expand your family, or create a new home… whatever happy home daydreams you have, start to visualise and express them this Valentine’s Day.

If you’re single, then look for Aquarians, Librans and Taureans.


Sex and love tarot cards for February: Three of Wands, Two of Cups

Meaning: In the past, serious relationships have sometimes made you feel a little trapped and constrained, because you crave space and freedom.

However, this Valentine’s you can find a wonderful, loose but loyal connection with a free-spirited Fire sign (Leo, Aries, Sagittarius) which proves to you that perhaps, before, it just wasn’t the right person for you.

The Three of Wands shows how you both enjoy socialising, doing your own thing, and being spontaneous and reactive to whatever is going on, but the Two of Cups shows that you both also have tremendous affection and attraction for each other and will always return to the fold, for love and care. This feels like the perfect balance. At last.


Sex and love tarot cards for February: Nine of Wands, Six of Swords

Meaning: There’s a nudge with these cards to let go of the past… whether that is an ex you’re still wondering about, or an issue with your current partner that you keep circling and rehashing.

The Six of Swords says to move on, feeling lighter and brighter, and look ahead in love, not back.

If you’re single, the Nine of Wands signals a passionate and life-changing Fire sign is on the cards (Leo, Aries, Sagittarius) who helps you overcome some of the issues on your plate right now, and boosts your confidence.

If you’re attached then please know that the things you think are wrong are easily fixed. Face them, talk about them, address them, and put them in your rear-view mirror. Better times ahead.

Kerry King, the tarot queen, uses tarot and star sign wisdom to create inspiring forecasts and insights, with over 25 years fortune telling experience, and many happy clients all over the world. You can book a personal, written reading, which comes as a beautifully illustrated brochure, through her website.

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