You’ve been cooking sausages all wrong!

You’ve been cooking sausages all wrong! Chef insists ROASTING is the key to releasing the best flavours – and you should roll them in MAYO first

  • EXCLUSIVE: Chef Jim Thomlinson has shared his top tips for the perfect banger
  • Chef, with 12 years of experience, says pricking sausages loses juice and flavour
  • Also advises using a sprig of rosemary of thyme in your tray while roasting
  • Brush with honey or mustard after roasting for an attractive sheen 

A full English breakfast wouldn’t be complete without the sausages, and pigs in blankets are a fundamental part of every Christmas dinner.

But a chef has claimed that Brits across the country are cooking their bangers all wrong – leading to some very disappointing meals.

Jim Thomlinson, of Cinque Ports restaurant in Margate, Kent, says that roasting your sausages is the key to releasing all the best flavours.

The chef, who has 12 years experience in the industry, also advises adding a sprig of rosemary of thyme to enhance the taste, and even recommends a rather quirky trick of rolling your bangers in mayonnaise before they go in the oven. 

Brits love their sausages but a chef has claimed we’ve been cooking them all wrong (file photo)

Speaking to coincide with Cinque Ports’ new festive menu, which includes Santa’s Whopper, – a burger containing a whole Christmas dinner, including pigs in blankets – Jim said: ‘Sausages are a year-round classic and there are some simple ways to make sure you are getting the very best on your plate.’ 

Here are Jim’s top tips for cooking the perfect sausage. . .

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1. Roast for the best flavour 

Roasting as opposed to sealing sausages on the grill or in a pan is the best way to release all the flavours a sausage has to offer. 

At the end, spoon the juice from the baking tray over the top of the sausage to enhance the flavour.

Jim Thomlinson (pictured), of Cinque Ports restaurant in Margate, Kent, says that roasting your bangers is the key to releasing all the best flavours

2. Season for sensation 

A sprig of thyme or rosemary in the roasting tray makes for a nice subtle enhancement to the flavour of a sausage making a dish extra special. The sky’s the limit here so experiment away.

3. Roll out the mayonnaise

One final slightly odd pro technique that I have played with is rolling sausages lightly in mayonnaise (Hellmann’s for best result) before roasting.

This locks in the flavour and finishes with a unique creamy texture and flavour. Strange but true and delicious! 

4. It’s all in the finish 

Post-roasting, you can brush with mustard, honey or syrup to really give your taste buds a treat. 

I personally prefer the natural sheen but have been known to brush on a chicken or turkey stock reduction for a full on meaty punch and a lovely glaze finish.

5. A prick isn’t always the trick 

Many people prick sausages if they are frying or grilling them but you don’t need to do this when roasting. 

This is a very common mistake and you’ll lose much of the juice and flavour if you prick them before cooking.

Lots of people prick their sausages before frying or grilling them, but Jim says this will mean you lose much of the juice and flavour while roasting (file photo)

6. Size matters 

Sausages come in all shapes and sizes so there isn’t a standard time or temperature in the oven. It’s relevant to the size of the sausage. 

The standard small chipolatas in bacon (most seen at Christmas) would be about ten minutes at 185 degrees.

7. Branch out 

Use your favourite types of sausage and don’t feel you have to stick to the traditional chipolata. 

Some of my favourite sausages are the Italian style fennel sausage, a rich and gamey venison red wine sausage, and the Cumberland. There’s a whole world out there to try!

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