Yum! Kourtney Kardashian Drinks This Pink Moon Milk Everyday

Kourtney Kardashian is a creature of habit. In a new post on her lifestyle website, Poosh, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star opened up about the “indulgent” beverage she drinks every evening before bed.

Known as a pink moon milk, the drink consists of one scoop of Pink Moon Milk Collagen Latte powder – a health product created via Poosh’s collab with Vital Proteins – mixed with either warm water, almond milk, or the non-dairy thirst-quencher of your choice, if you’re looking to create a custom flavor.

“This latte is like comfort food for me – it’s essentially a dairy-free version of the strawberry milk I used to have as a kid, Kardashian, 40, explained of her go-to bedtime libation. “It feels indulgent but it’s packed with functional ingredients for sweet, serene dreams.”

The mom of three added that she looks forward to her Pink Moon Milk Collagen latte “every night,” calling it a “sweet bedtime treat that I don’t have to feel guilty about.”

In fact, instead of feeling guilty about sipping on the trendy latte, the eldest Kardashian sister noted she actually feels “amazing” after she ingests the drink. As she puts it: “It’s really helped me with my stress every night so I can rest easy and wake up ready to take on the day.”

So what exactly makes this libation so special? As Kardashian explained, it’s all about that Vital Proteins powder. “Each serving has 10 grams of bone broth collagen to support glowing skin, stronger nails, healthier hair, and improved gut health,” she noted. However, the reality star was quick to point out that while this blend is gluten and dairy-free, it is not vegan.

Though the E! personality has stuck to a vegan diet in the past, she clarified, “I don’t practice a vegan lifestyle and there currently isn’t a known source of vegan collagen.”

In addition to a hefty helping of collagen, the $49 powder also contains melatonin “to support a deeper sleep,” magnesium, “which helps create a sense of calm and relaxation” an adaptogen called ashwagandha, which helps reduce stress and promote a feeling of calmness.

Since launching Poosh in April, Kardashian has shared several of her go-to healthy eating tips and recipes, including ones for a nutritious apple tea and a sweet potato dish she can’t get enough of.

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