Zoe Kravitz Slams Backlash for Her Revealing Met Gala 2021 Look: 'F— That'

"I'm a human being. I want to f—ing defend myself."

When Zoe Kravitz hit the red carpet at the 2021 Met Gala dressed in a see-through mesh Saint Laurent gown, she didn’t expect the backlash she wound up receiving.

The 33-year-old star of “The Batman” was inundated with criticism for her revealing dress — and while she hit back at it at the time, she ended up purging her Instagram page and taking a break from social media shortly after.

Speaking with Elle for a new cover story, Kravitz explained how all the talk from trolls really got into her head.

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“The fact that people don’t think what they say affects a celebrity because you’re not a person to them is crazy. I’m a human being. I want to f—ing defend myself,” she told the publication. And defend herself she did at the time, hitting back at one commenter slamming her “practically naked” look by saying, “Being uncomfortable with the human body is colonization / brainwashing. It’s just a body. We all got em.”

“The fact that I’m like, ‘Should I have not worn that?’ No, I do what I want to do, and I make what I want to make, and if I’m now starting to be afraid of what other people are going to say or think, I’m no longer doing my job as an artist,” she says now.

“I’m not experiencing the world and putting that into art. I’m walking on eggshells. F— that,” she concluded. “So, I needed to take a minute.”

In the same interview, Kravitz opened up about her divorce from Karl Glusman and touched on her current relationship with Channing Tatum. Check it out below.

The March 2022 issue of Elle hits newsstands on March 1.

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