10 Celebs That Only Dress In Designer Wear (10 That Just Don’t Care)

In Hollywood, looks are literally everything. You will be judged on how your skin looks, how you chose to wear your hair that day, and if your choice of wardrobe is from a high-end store like Bulgari or if it’s from a Target store. After every major award show or festival, panels are usually formed to scrutinize and try to understand what every A-lister chose to strut it; either judging it as chic or a total flop. Designers and those in the beauty industry understand this and mint this cash mine as they make celebs look their best. This is because if a celeb makes a look trend, then fans all over the world will try to emulate this look. Designers thank you, Meghan Markle.

Even though image serves as the ultimate boss in Hollywood, there are stars who are not overly concerned about how they look. They may clean up nice for a red carpet appearance but are not overly jazzed about being spotted in Miu Miu sunglasses while on a grocery run. Their nonchalance when it comes to fashion and wearing designer everything has many admiring their courage while others criticizing them. Here, are 12 celebrities who will only wear designer clothes and 12 others who really don’t care:

20 only wears designer – Marjorie Harvey

If you did not know this by now, Marjorie Harvey loves couture. She literally has a fashion blog titled ‘The Lady Loves Couture’. So yes, this lady is crazy about design. Whether she is twining with her daughter Lori, slaying on the set of her husband Steve Harvey’s show, or turning heads during Paris fashion week, we can be sure of one thing, Marjorie will steal the show. Her unique style and love for fashion have seen her team up with the likes of Kerry Washington and Gabrielle Union on her blog, as well as pushing her street style wear. She is also a regular at fashion shows, telling us that she takes fashion seriously. (Source: Essence)

19 just don’t care – Kelly Clarkson

Whenever a celebrity gives birth, the media normally expect them to immediately get to work in shedding off the post-baby gains. It is Hollywood’s way. Kim Kardashian and Ciara come to mind here. However, when Kelly Clarkson, who was the first American Idol, gave birth to her daughter, she took her time before losing the extra weight and was received the brunt end of criticism from the media. Clarkson, on her part, reiterated that she was happy at that point in her life and that she found it annoying that everyone was so focused on her looks. The weight did not affect her voice and that was good enough for her. (Source: FirstForWomen)

18 only wears designer – Bella Hadid

If you don’t know it by now, the Hadid sisters have two distinct things that make them stand out; pretty genes and a killer sense of style. The younger of the sisters, Bella has grown to become one of the most in-demand supermodels alongside BFF Kendall Jenner. She has the uncanny ability to combine outfits to bring out that sultry and audacious ensemble and she rocks it so good. Her off-duty street style sees her rock a Christian Dior Rasta man t-shirt and Nike sneakers or a Tommy Hilfiger hockey jersey; which has us thinking, is there anything Bella cannot do? (Source: StealHerStyle)

17 just don’t care – Jennifer Garner

The Elektra star and mother of three has been known to have a very laid back sense of style when she is not doing a photoshoot or rubbing shoulders with Hollywood’s elite stars during award shows. She is a regular on the stars without makeup list and is usually in a t-shirt, jeans and open shoes during her morning coffee runs. She saves all her classy sense of style for red carpet events, but even then, she does not outdo it. While on set, she focuses more on her work than looking good for the cameras and this may be why she has created a name for herself as one of Hollywood’s A-listers. (Source: Prevention)

16 only wears designer – Kendall Jenner

She is not only a member of the Kardashian-Jenner Klan but also a world-renowned supermodel. Each time fashion week rolls around in New York, Paris or Milan, she is one of the most in-demand models; strutting the catwalk for names like Chanel, Givenchy, and Marc Jacobs. Off the runway, Kendall maintains her high-end street style and is known for having bold fashion tastes like that sheer, crystal-covered dress that she wore at the Met Gala. Due to her status in the fashion world, she is always rocking the latest trends and brands from Kanye West’s Yeezy collection, Alexander Wang, and Vogue. (Source: HarpersBazaar)

15 just don’t care – Emma Stone

When a member of the paparazzi told her that she looked adorable during a red carpet event, Emma Stone was very quick to point out that, to her, looks were not everything. Granted, she has been known to make very fashion conscious choices when it came to making appearances on the red carpet, but can also become very casual when she is having lunch or walking along the streets of Los Angeles. As easy as it is to find one of her spruced up, so it is to find one of her with no make-up on, telling that she has found a way to balance herself. (Source: StyleCraze)

14 only wears designer – Victoria Beckham

Posh Becks is all that plus a bag of chips. She is a model, fashion designer, businesswoman and was part of the all-girl British pop group Spice Girls in the 90s. She has long moved on from her days of asking us what we ‘really really want’ and has cemented her name in the fashion world. Her fashion sense has had us hooked to her for over two decades. From her days in the metallic puffa jacket to her awesome matching look with husband David during Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding, we can all attest to have fallen in love with her style. As a model for her own designs, she is always out strutting the latest designs. (Source: GlamourMagazine)

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13 just don’t care – Anna Kendrick

Most famous for her role as Becca in Pitch Perfect, Anna Kendrick always looks like a darling on the red carpet with her perfectly chosen style. However, turns out she would rather be in sweatpants. She has been photographed a lot, going on a coffee run or eating lunch without any makeup on, and has actually been named one of the celebs who looks flawless without any makeup on. She says that she looks forward to her days off so that she could chill on the couch with sweatpants on, which are not only extremely comfortable but perfect for strutting around the house in. (Source: MakeupTutorials)

12 only wears designer – Blake Lively

Blake has this uncanny way of making everything she puts on look good. Whether she is killing it on the red carpet or just doing her thing on the street, you can be sure to spot her having the latest trend on her in the most stylish way possible. Considering that she does not work with a stylist, we have to admit that her mama taught her good fashion manners. Even before awards come by, she already has designers doing finishing touches to the designs she sent them. She loves being her own stylist, a choice she attributes to her control issues, but she looks like she does not really need one. So far, we are in love with her taste. (Source: WWD)

11 just don’t care – Lorde

The wavy-haired singer from New Zealand, famous for her song Royals, revealed that did not care about being pampered or made up. In fact, if it were up to her, she would have no time in her day for hair and make-up. She said that she always wears her hair in a bun and does not care for the process of putting on makeup, but when called upon, relies upon her glam squad to keep her looking her best. Her free-flowing tresses, minimal makeup, and dark lipstick have become a favorite look for many of her fans. (Source: Fashion-Magazine)

10 only wears designer – Rihanna

Rihanna has grown to become a household name due to her chart-topping hits and several high profile movie roles, most recently Oceans 8. She is also known for her unconventional character which has coined her the name ‘Bad girl RiRi’. It is this very bad girl style that she has taken when it comes to fashion; rightly being labeled as a risk taker. Trust her to wear a sheer dress with nothing underneath or her special edition Manolo boots and a t-shirt on. She crushes it on the red carpet, no doubt, but don’t let that take away from her very impressive street style. (Source: HarpersBazzar)

9 just don’t care – Miley Cyrus

We cannot talk about unconventional fashion without throwing Miley Cyrus’ hat into the ring. In the past few years, there is nothing that Miley has not worn. She had nothing but metallic straps covering her, proved to us that leotards are not just for figure skating, and showed girls at least a dozen ways to wear pasties. Her dramatic hair change from long flowing hair to pixie proved that she cared little about what people thought of her or her dressing. She has since mellowed down gotten bolder and more opinionated in her dressing. All this proves that she does not care much for being labeled the best dressed. (Source: GlamourMagazine)

8 only wears designer – Beyoncé

Is there anything that Beyoncé does that does not end up going viral? She is the queen, after all, and her beyhive watch closely to see what she will do just so they can emulate it. She has managed to keep much of her private life private, but when she doe let us in, we are amazed every time. Whether she is at the NBA all-star weekend with Hov and Blue, or at the Grammy’s or on stage, Beyoncé’s style is always on fleek. No wonder designers fall over themselves to dress her. Her performance attire is to die for, her gowns out of this world and her street style simply magnificent. (Source: Elle)

7 just don’t care – Lady Gaga

Has there been a time when Lady Gaga did not bend the rules of fashion? She was donning clothes made out of meat to red carpet events, glasses made out of cigarettes and dresses made from bubbles. She’s also spoken out about the way that women are judged by their appearances, and shares that she didn’t feel beautiful as a child. This likely has a lot to do with why she dresses in such outlandish outfits and doesn’t care what people have to say about it. She has worked really hard to make sure that she carved out a niche for herself, a niche of dressing absurdly and owning it. (Source: TheSun)

6 only wears designer – Gigi Hadid

The older sister to Bella Hadid and a celebrated supermodel as well, Gigi Hadid has such a good grasp on what street style to wear that the only thing that separates her from Gigi the supermodel, is whether or not there is a runway beneath her feet. She has the power to make a white shirt and jeans look stylish. She regularly shares her outfits of the day on her Instagram, showcasing her style combinations for different events, or even just for a chilled out day with sister Bella and BFF Kendall. She is always donning a celebrated brand, which tends to be a supermodel thing. (Source: HarpersBazzar)

5 just don’t care – Britney Spears

Britney Spears is the embodiment of the phrase that anyone can pull through anything if they have the heart to. The divorced mother of two was in the news for all the wrong reasons for quite a while. She, however, looks to have bounced back and is doing great. That being said, however, she does seem to have a very carefree approach to her dressing. Sometimes, she pulls off looks that have us wondering if she put any thought into what she was putting on. She would wear dresses that do little justice to her curves and party clothes that were not flirtatious at all. If you did not know her, you would think she lacks a sense of fashion. (Source: VanityFair)

4 only wears designer – Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian, other than creating a name for herself by brewing controversy wherever she finds herself, has also made a name for herself by being one of the best-dressed celebrities in Hollywood. Kim’s wardrobe feels somewhat like a roller coaster ride. Whenever she, or any member of Klan, steps out onto the Los Angeles streets, she is very careful about what she is pictured in. From vintage high-end designers to modeling husband Kanye’s latest hobo street style Yeezy line, she has a wardrobe to rival some of the world’s best. And Kimberly never disappoints. We also see her instilling the same in her daughter North West. (Source: GlamourMagazine)

3 just don’t care – Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence has over the years grown to become one of Hollywood’s sweethearts. She attained superstar status due to her success with The Hunger Games and X-Men franchises. The media, however, have another reason for their obsession with her, and it has to do with her beauty and fashion choices. As much as she has been an inspiration when it comes to fashion, she also makes it clear that she sees herself as a regular girl and many times goes out wearing regular and even wrinkled clothes even though she knows she might get photographed. In our books, that is someone who does not care much about how she looks. (Source: Mirror)

2 only wears designer – Kylie Jenner

When your name is Jenner, have a billion dollar cosmetic business, over 100 million Instagram followers and make about 1 million dollars per sponsored Instagram post, you know that fashion is everything. The youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner Klan, Kylie has created a name for herself in the fashion and cosmetics world and is milking the cash cow, becoming one of the highest paid social media influencers today. Because of her brand, she has to be very careful about what she steps out in and what she is photographed donning. Regular clothes from Target won’t work for her because it could damage her growing empire. (Source: UK.Business.Insider)

1 just don’t care – Kesha

The pop idol is not only known for releasing the ultimate party jams and being that rocker with a bad girl attitude, she is also famous for not caring what people have to say about her, more so when it comes to fashion. It is no secret that Kesha does not care about how she looks. She has been known to wear leather jackets and leotards on the red carpet and dye her hair in a palette of colors. She looks like she is perennially hungover and this makes her stand out as an entertainer. She has also been known to perform without shoes on; mastering this carefree attitude and channeling it into her dressing. (Source: Bustle)

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