10 Keanu Reeves Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words

Keanu Reeves is undeniably the most recluse yet lovable A-list actor in Hollywood. Known for his kindness, charm and polite demeanor, Reeves has won the publics’ heart since the beginning of his career. Starring in The Matrix films, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and the John Wick films, Keanu is praised for his iconic character roles.

Unlike other celebrities, Reeves has stayed away from social media and the spotlight for almost his whole career. On the rare occasions, he is out in public for press events or taking a stroll, he is the center of many hilarious memes. Keanu’s wisdom, nonchalant attitude and sheer existence capture the attention of his audience.

10 His Existence

For anyone who is a fan of Keanu Reeves or is aware of who he is in any capacity, know he is a sight to behold. Besides his roles in many classic films like Speed and Point Break, Reeves has won the hearts of many with his existence alone. Knowing he is alive in this world is enough to put a smile on your face and sigh in content.

The internet feels the same way and has made many memes about Reeve’s ability to simply exist. The 2018 film Destination Wedding starring Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves is the perfect set up for this concept. At a press interview, we have Winona Ryder staring dreamily at Reeves as many of us would if we met him in person.

9 A Confirmed Vampire

For some, the idea of aging is scary and dreadful. There are products to help with fine line, wrinkles, moisture and anything you can think of. Keanu Reeves, on the other hand, seems to be immune to the effects of aging. He seems to get even better with age. A while back,  there was a social media trend that compared your facial features to paintings to find a match.

This meme confirms Reeves must be a vampire or drinking a secret elixir to have never drastically changed over the years. He most likely won’t change in the future. Maybe, its because he stays away from social media and is drama free.

8 Cute Yet Terrifying

During the production of John Wick: Chapter 2, Reeves decided to be the kind-hearted man that he is and took his on-screen pitbull on a walk. In the film, Wick adopts a cute grey pitbull from being killed and becomes his companion for the film. Reeves may have forgotten that he was still in makeup when taking a leisure stroll through the streets of New York.

Reeves was photographed walking the pitbull looking as if he just killed 30 men with a pencil. Slicked back hair, suit and tie, and a bloody face and knuckles are typical New York.

7 Stating Facts

On May 17th, 2019 Buzzfeed released an interview of Keanu Reeves playing with adorable puppies. It wasn’t the puppies that only grabbed the internets attention, but Keanu’s honest answer. When asked what’s his secret to staying down-to-earth, many would say a very thoughtful and full of wisdom answer. Not Keanu Reeves.

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He simply answered, “Gravity”. To be honest, this answer is 100% valid and true. Without gravity, Reeves would be floating into endless space. His answer was truthful and witty, but it was a nice teachable moment.

6 The Rage Of Mom

Mothers hold a special place in our hearts. They simultaneously are your best friends and the one person you fear the most. A mom’s rage is scarier than death itself. What better way to express this feeling than with a Keanu Reeves meme.

Using still shots from the John Wick films and a set photo of Reeves, the internet made the perfect representation of a mother’s rage. Surely as kids, you have broken a picture frame or a plate or two. As kids, you also try to discreetly hide all the evidence before your mom catches you. When mom finds out, all hell breaks loose.

5 Reeves Look-Alike

The internet allows for google searches on any topic you can think of. Youtube has also become one of the top entertainment engines on the internet. Youtube is home to cooking instruction, beauty gurus, vloggers and Dr.Pimple Popper. The only way it works is if the Wifi is working at its full capacity to stream at least 720p. Using the knowledge that Adam Driver has a resemblance to Keanu Reeves, a meme was born.

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A drop in the Wifi causes Youtube videos to drop in quality. To represent this, the internet used Reeves as a high-quality video and Driver as a slightly lesser quality video.

4 Running From Paparazzi

The meme was created using a photo that was shared on Facebook with Keanu Reeves running with a video camera in his hand. A joke was made that Reeves stole the camera from the paparazzi and was running away from the scene of the crime. The joke hit the internet and became popular. It was comical to believe Reeves would run away from paparazzi. He has a history of getting caught by paparazzi eating or out and about.

It was later discovered that the story behind the photo was false. Reeves was filming fo the 2012 film Generation Um when the photo was taken.

3 Keanu Playing Keanu

It came quite a joyous surprise when Keanu Reeves showed up in the trailer for the film Always Be My Maybe starring stand-up comedian Ali Wong. The Netflix film has Reeves portraying well himself. In the film, Reeves is described as a Hollywood celebrity. For the film, he was a more heightened version of himself.

He was artsy, full of wisdom and never cowers in the face of danger. It sounds exactly like Reeves, but the film version is overly emotional, has no issue crying and a know it all.

2 Big Keanu and Little Keanu

At the 2019 Xbox E3 conference, Reeves made a guest appearance to announce his involvement in the game CyberPunk 2077. The event showcased the game details, trailer and the first look of Reeves in his role. It also created a very touching moment. A fan shouted “You’re Breathtaking!” to Reeves and Reeves responded “You’re Breathtaking!” with a big smile and enthusiastic finger point.

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The event also created a meme of a big Keanu and little Keanu. Going to the doctor is nerve-wracking, especially when you have to explain all your symptoms. Don’t worry, mom is there to take control while you sit swinging your legs and nodding along.

1 Mid-Transformation Keanu

It was announced in 2019 that Reeves would reprise his role as Ted from the film Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and its sequel. Onset photos showed Reeved sporting his shoulder-length black hair and a shaved beard. The internet saw an uncanny resemblance and made a meme.

Remember Spencer from iCarly and Professor Snape from the Harry Potter films? All three share the same hairstyle. The internet expressed that Reeve’s look slike Spencer mid-transformation into becoming Professor Snape. This meme gets a well-deserved thumbs up.

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