10 Reasons We Want Taylor Swift To Be Our BFF

Taylor Swift was just named Artist of the Decade due to her popularity as a singer and her high celebrity status. She has fans all over the world who would die to meet her, but you should be setting your sights on becoming her best friend. There are so many facets to her that would make her perfect for this role in your life even if she wasn’t a celebrity.

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We have compiled a list of reasons why Taylor Swift would make the best bestie. She lives a luxurious life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t shoot for the stars when it comes to picking a potential best friend. Keep reading to learn about the ten reasons why we want Taylor Swift to be our BFF!

10 She Gives Great Dating Advice

Taylor might not have her own love life in order. She has dated several celebrities over the years like Harry Styles, Joe Jonas, and Calvin Harris. She’s managed to take the things she learns from each of these romantic encounters and turn them into songs.

This means that as her friend she should be able to help you with your own guy troubles. It is probably easier for her to pinpoint what exactly needs to happen in a situation based on the failures of her own life experiences.

9 Swift Is Fairly Clumsy

Many people don’t know this, but Swift can be very clumsy at times and her family isn’t afraid to share. Chances are you are no graceful swan yourself, and together you can make memories creating disasters together.

You can both help each other up when you manage to trip over the lip in the sidewalk or be prepared with a napkin when a spill happens on your shirt. When you snag Taylor as your best friend this will all seem normal and make it feel like you are not so alone in the world.

8 She Has A Younger Brother

It is unclear if Taylor’s younger brother is still single or not, but you still might have a shot. If you are her best friend, that means you have access to this hunk as they seem to hang out all of the time.

He works as a freelance photographer, is known for his humor, and can even act too. He can take all of your fabulous Instagram pictures, and if you manage to catch his eye then you can take your friend status up a notch by becoming Taylor’s sister-in-law.

7 Taylor Is Friends With Blake Lively And Selena Gomez

Taylor is friends with some pretty popular celebrities like Blake Lively and Selena Gomez. When you become her best friend, this means that they will be your friends too. You will all hang out and do normal friend stuff together.

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It is just another perk that her friendship comes with as you learn exactly what makes these females all so awesome. You will officially be a part of this private group and make lasting memories with some of Hollywood’s best.

6 She Can Teach You How To Paint, Sing, Write, And Ride Horses

This celebrity is just an overall creative person as she can paint, sing, write, and ride horses. Taylor can teach you how to do all of these things as you spend time together and invest your time into new activities.

She might even be able to help you win a national poetry contest as she checks your work and helps you with different lines so you can invoke the most feeling from your words. It will impress you just how many different hobbies she has and no day will ever be boring when she is your BFF.

5 Taylor Throws Awesome Parties

Swift loves to throw parties and invite all of her closest friends to come and celebrate with her. If you are her best friend you will never spend another holiday alone as she creates a world-class party that everyone attends to come and celebrate.

They generally have a dress code theme that everyone participates in, and Taylor herself can even help you plan an outfit. You will be the life of the party as you snack on your best friend’s treats and hang out with her for a night of fun.

4 You Can Borrow Her Clothes

Taylor is always at the top of fashion and even sets her own trends when she walks out onto the street in a new outfit. Best friends tend to share clothing with one another, and if you are similar in size to Swift, then you might have access to her wardrobe.

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This means that you could be out on the street gaining compliments from strangers, instead of being mocked for your lack of style. You will look like you have it all together like Taylor, as she handpicks some things she would like for you to wear.

3 She Loves Cheesecake

Swift’s favorite dessert is cheesecake, and there is a good chance you love this dessert too. There are so many flavors to choose from, and you could share a slice, or a whole pie, with Taylor if she was your best friend.

This should be one of the biggest reasons why you want her in your life because friends love cheesecake together. It is a basic rule many friendships fail to follow, but having Taylor in your life as your BFF will change all of that.

2 Who Doesn’t Love Cats?

Taylor Swift is obsessed with her cats, and so are we. It is impossible not to love each and every one of their cute and cuddly faces. They are the perfect thing to come home to at the end of the day, and as Taylor’s best friend, you can meet them all.

She currently owns three cats, and you will be entitled to hold, pet, and love them all when you become this celebrity’s BFF. There is nothing else like them in the world, and together you can obsess over cat trinkets and clothing together like the cat lovers you are.

1 You Can Fly Around The World On Her Private Jet

It is no secret that Taylor isn’t low on cash, but she is so rich she owns a private jet. This means that as her best friend you can travel with Taylor wherever she goes, whether across the continent or internationally.

She might even throw you a birthday party on the jet itself as she flies you to the secret location of your dreams. It is definitely a major perk in this friendship as you set off for London, Paris, or maybe even San Francisco.

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