10 Things We Want To See Deadpool Do In The New Film (10 We Don’t)

Ryan Reynolds is reprising his role in the upcoming Deadpool 2 film that is set to hit theaters in late-May. The movie is highly anticipated, especially after the success of the first. The marketing, just like the last one, has been magnificent. Deadpool is not promoting chimichangas. Seriously, people, this is happening right now! Overall, the movie is taking a different sort of direction than what people assumed they’d do from the last. However, they are going straight from the comics to form this film.

When Deadpool and Cable first meet, they are not natural best friends. In fact, they hate each other. The main reason is due to what Cable is planning to do and what Deadpool cannot fathom. Cable is an anti-hero of sorts who has the ability to travel through time. His history is quite interesting and too vast to go through here. But trust us, it’ll be worth the read to look into him on Google. However, Deadpool in this film is not going to be as understanding as we are. He does not know Cable or his history.

Cable is going back in time to take out a child, likely due to the fact that this child becomes a problem in his present day. Though we have not seen the movie to know the plot completely yet. As a result, Deadpool cannot just allow Cable to remove the kid from the face of the Earth or take him somewhere. He’s a mutant, a kid mutant at that. Deadpool is nothing if not friendly to children. Okay, sometimes friendly to children. While Reynolds and company did fantastic with the first film, they cannot screw up the characters in the second outing.

That is why this movie MUST be good to all involved. There’s a lot we want to see out of the film as well, but yet some things we simply do not want them to do too. This is especially concerning Wade himself. In this piece, we’re going to go over ten of those things..on both ends. That said, please enjoy our list of the ten things we want to see Deadpool do in the second film and ten things we do not want to see.

20 We Want To See: Something Big Happen With Wade And Peter

Look we’re as surprised as anyone that there is a character named Peter in this film. It goes without saying that Deadpool is a crazy man who has no problem putting random people in harm’s way. But now we feel something for Peter. He has become a sympathetic character for us. He decided to join the X-Force because “it looked like fun.” However, we know that this is a bit odd to see. Why would Wade invite a stranger with no actual mutant abilities or any actual use on a trip where he’ll likely be gone 5 minutes in. Perhaps 1 minute in. Why would he do it?

Heck if we know. But we think we have a good idea on how he’ll be used. Peter could very well be Vanessa in disguise. How? You’ll find out below. It could be that Wade tells her that he does not want her coming along on his revenge trip, and thus decides to disguise herself as Peter. An interesting thought would be to have Peter try to kiss Deadpool only to turn into Vanessa. We’re not really sure if that is the plan, but it seems really Deadpool for it to go that direction. That said, if this is not what happens….we still want to see Deadpool and Peter do something big together.

19 We Don’t Want To See: Wade Spare People 

In the first film, Colossus has this long and somewhat entertaining speech near the end of the movie. Francis is down, Deadpool has won, and it looks to be that Wade is going to put a bullet in Ajax’s head. Francis/Ajax does not want to go to the great beyond but Wade knows that if he does not end him now…he could be back. Think about it, Deadpool will have many sequels. Do you want to see the same villain in them all? Did we not learn a lesson from X-Men 1 & 2 & 3? Or Fantastic Four? Seriously…we learned a lot of bad on the last one in that series, but still.

Yet we have the big metal man over here talking to Wade about being good and turning over a new leaf. He tells him that this could be the start of that. Of course, Deadpool puts a bullet in the head of Francis anyway….because he’s a gentleman like that. Due to this, one must assume that Wade will not spare that many. Yet that attack on Francis was a personal situation. He ruined his life and he wanted to take him out. In this movie, there is no real personal situation. Cable won’t be taken out, because he’ll likely be in Deadpool 3. So with that said, we cannot just spare Cable and then spare everyone else. This is Deadpool, not Ironman!!

18 We Want To See: More Deadpool And Dopinder Banter

If there was one thing we could count on in the first film, it was Deadpool doing random things that, at times, made no sense. For one, taking a taxi to the place where he planned to commit a crime or take out enemies. Sure, it’s a transportation use. However, how many taxi drivers would be as cool to Deadpool as Dopinder? No one we tell you, NO ONE! Dopinder is the man among men. He is the reason we breathe as human beings to this very day. Okay, while that is a bit overboard…we can all agree the guy is pretty awesome.

That said, his banter with Wade was absolutely hilarious in the first movie. We have confirmation he’ll be in the second and be used as much if not more so. He’s all over the trailer for Deadpool 2, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens in the second installment. In the first film, Wade gave him very useless dating advice that resulted in a kidnapping. We’re not going to add any context for that for a reason. We also saw Wade just be a terrible influence on the young man. With that being known…we want to see the two of them banter back and forth again. Who wouldn’t?

17 We Don’t Want To See: The Standard Superhero Genre Deadpool

What makes Deadpool stand out is his ability to continue doing well despite never being like the rest of the heroes in this era. We expect our heroes to be completely good at all times, and continue to be that way for the entire time period. While the comics will show people like Cyclops can become narcissistic, we don’t see this from either version of him in the movies. The reason is that they want him to be well-liked, and making him exactly like his character from the comics would not go well for him in doing this. In fact, it would actually make him a villain to people watching.

Deadpool can get away with being a crazy freak. That is what makes him so fun, in fact. By changing him to the standard hero, it would not go well for the fans of the character. They did a great job in the first film by letting Deadpool show some heart at times, but still, decide to end Francis at the end when most heroes would send him to prison or something along those lines. In this movie, he is seeking to save a child. There must be a reason he is doing this beyond the simple “this is a good thing” idea.

Perhaps Vanessa says she’ll do that thing he wants to do in the bedroom if he saves the kid. Or perhaps he’s getting paid to do it. Whatever the reason might be, it has to be more than just being the right thing. If that is it, Wade would start to become soft compared to what we know him to be normally.

16 We Want To See: How Deadpool Adjusts To Being A New X-Men Trainee

In an interesting note that we learned from recent trailers, Deadpool is going to join the X-Men. No, Professor X and the X-Men are not going to show up and offer him a guided trip to save the world. Rather, he’s going to need to join them to likely get part of the mutants from the school to come along on his trip to save the kid. In order to get the mutants to help, it is likely Colossus makes a deal with Wade that he’ll help if Deadpool joins the team. This is why we can see Wade wearing the X-Men jersey.

The interesting note to take home is that Colossus will be his boss and Negasonic Teenage Warhead will be his superior too. Obviously, Wade is likely to not join the team after all of this, but still. Seeing how Wade adjusts to being a trainee and not a leader will be fun. This is on top of having to deal with the overly good Colossus in his ear and a teenager telling him what to do too. This could truly be an absolutely hilarious part of the film and make for some fun moments as they get started at the very least.

15 We Don’t Want To See: Deadpool Actually Become An X-Men Member

Yes, Deadpool is going to join up with part of the X-Men for this movie. It won’t be the full team and it is likely that we’ll see him even tease that he’ll join up with the squad. However, he’s not going to do it. At least, we hope he won’t do so. Many would wonder about this and even assume Deadpool would join the team in a movie later on. However, this is not exactly an easy thing to ask him to do. Right now, the team is going through their First Class cycle. That means they’re in the 80’s and 90’s, and nowhere near present day. That will get in the way of Deadpool joining them in movie form.

There is no reason to add Deadpool to a team that we will never see him become an official member of. It’s 2018, not 1990. So we cannot add him to the movies, therefore, we cannot add him to the team. It’s good to tease for fans because they can see the real need for Colossus to add Wade to the unit. However, the best part about the whole thing is Deadpool’s constant block on the eventual move to join. That must remain.

14 We Want To See: Deadpool’s Continued Fourth Wall Breaks

One of the best things about Deadpool is that he knows he is in a comic book or superhero movie. He knows the world outside the camera where the other characters have no idea. Wade gets away with this because, well, he’s absolutely crazy. People know this, so any talking he does to people is sort of couched like that. Fans can understand Deadpool and can grasp what he is doing, which makes him stand out completely to them. He’s based on another DC character but is able to differ himself so much because he’s the only one who can see beyond what he is in.

Fourth Wall breaks are important for him to continue. The idea of calling Cable a name like Thanos or bringing up that something he says is so dark, like the DC Universe, is hilarious. He is bringing up the other character in Marvel that Brolin plays and the darkness of the DC movies and TV shows, which other characters could never get away with. In their world, it is only their world. There is nothing on the outside of the pages or outside the film. They are separate from all of that. But Deadpool isn’t, so seeing his continued push to break the fourth wall will be fun. We’re already seeing it in the trailers, so it’ll be interesting to see how far they’ll go in the entire movie.

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13 We Don’t Want To See: Deadpool Play It Safe

Judging off of what we have seen from the trailers so far, and off of the last movie…seeing Deadpool play is safe seems kind of crazy to assume. This man is the Captain of the crazy ship and is willing to do some absolutely insane things. Deadpool is the kind of guy who will take 100 bullets if he can get one in you. To be honest, this is completely nuts….but Deadpool has nothing to worry about here. He’s able to heal properly where others simply cannot do such a thing. That said, his style of fighting is not advisable on a major level for all to follow. However, the idea of what we’re referring to goes beyond this.

Our major problem is that Deadpool became such a hit for FOX that now executives from the network are offering a bigger budget, which means more say-so from the studio. While Reynolds has said that FOX has not interfered too much…we’re not so much worried about them doing so as Reynolds and team are worried that they’ll continue. Keep in mind, if the Disney deal goes through, it won’t be easy to continue Rated-R Deadpool movies. It was already going to be hard for FOX to keep allowing it, and you also did not know how much they could continue doing here.

12 We Want To See: Classic Deadpool Hijinks

When Wade Wilson was an overall human, he was a very impressive athlete and mercenary who was a big threat for this alone. The Weapon X situation only allowed him to enhance his abilities. The sense of humor is the only thing that he truly did not get from any sort of mutant process as it’s just who he is in general. With that said, if someone was full of humor when they were mere human…imagine what they can do when they cannot die. That said, Deadpool has nothing to hold back on. He can be sophomoric, and he can go for the low blow for a joke. He has no need to care because there is nothing and no one who can truly stop him.

That leads to his concept of just showing up and doing whatever he feels like doing. Who can tell him not to? Who can stop him from doing as he pleases? Wade pulled out a lot of fun ones in the comics, but the first Deadpool movie did not go over as many as they could have. That means we could easily see Wade bring out more crazy ways to defeat people that actually makes him laugh. While Wade enjoys beating people up or taking them from this world…he does get annoyed with doing it the same way. A shot or a stab is good and all, but sometimes you need more. So adding in more of those for Deadpool 2 is not only needed but it is essential for the character and truly expected.

11 We Don’t Want To See: A Funny Story Miss The Overall Seriousness

What the first Deadpool film did well was tell a serious story with a good amount of humor. We learn early that Wade has cancer, right after meeting his dream girl. We learn early that he has to deal with a very horrific mutant development process and even save that very dream girl. There’s a lot there that is a very very serious story that we cannot ignore. What they did well in the movie was by mixing up the humor Deadpool is known for with the seriousness of the surrounding story. Had they not done so, the movie would not have turned out as well as it did. However, due to the fact that they gave us the humor we wanted…it all worked well.

The second film must do the same. We’re seeing Cable come back from the future to help save his future from a threat he can take out earlier. Yet that threat is a kid, and then at the same time…Deadpool has to deal with the idea that Vanessa wants kids of her own now. There is a loaded amount of serious story, mixed in with humor. If they do well by this, they will tell this serious story in a humorous way just as they did prior. That is the best option, and likely the one they drive to. This is what we want, so hopefully, they can deliver.

10 We Want To See: The Serious Banter Of Colossus And Humorous Banter From Deadpool

One of the things that made Deadpool so fun to watch the first time was his interesting conversation with Colossus. While there are a few versions of him throughout the comics, they decided to go with an always metal-form version. This allowed for more jokes and crazy moments with Wade. The real interesting part was how Wade would always seem to enjoy assuming he could hit Colussus or take him down. However, it would be hard for Deadpool to truly stop Colossus or keep him out of his way. How can he? Deadpool may be unable to pass on due to immortality. Yet Colossus is someone Wade simply cannot take out. Though as mentioned, he does try.

He could shoot or stab the guy and it’s likely nothing will seem to work. There are only a few things that can hurt him, and Wade rarely carries bombs around. At least big ones. That means he has to deal with the serious side of the big metal guy a great deal. The best part is that Colussus likes to try and see the good in Wade, but he might be looking far too hard for it. It’ll be tough to see Colossus fall for the exact same stuff Wade tried in the last film. So it’ll be fun to see how their evolution as a jokester and straight man continues in Deadpool 2.

9 We Don’t Want To See: Surprise Powers From Deadpool

While we know Deadpool has the ability to never pass on to the great beyond, as well as super agility and even supped up strength and that is about it. Later in the comics, mostly after his run-in with Cable, he is able to develop the ability to teleport. However, this was not the kind of teleportation that Nightcrawler had. In fact, Wade could not teleport at all without help. He has personal teleporters that allowed him, by machine, to teleport around. This is incredibly useful to have when he needs to get from place to place. As well as escape fights when he has to escape. He is a mercenary by profession. Clearly, that is useful. How many times are assassins trying to get out of a place without being caught? We all know Deadpool would need a faster way to get his crazy self out of a bad situation.

However, the reason he stopped using them was due to the mere issue of the teleporters always messing up and causing trouble for him. So Wade stopped. In X-Men Origins: The Wolverine, he can do this with a super-power as well as have lasers coming out of his eyes like Cyclops. This was never a power Wade developed in the comics. In Deadpool 2, we do not expect Deadpool will be given random powers he did not start off with. However, we could see his run-in with Cable end up providing him teleporters. As long as it is not an added super-power, we might be okay here.

8 We Want To See: X-Force And Deadpool’s Terrible Leadership

How interesting was it to find out that we’re getting an early version X-Force in Deadpool 2? It was pretty cool for us to find out, and we’re sure others loved it too. While the group is made up of a lot of random X-Men…and Peter, it’s a group ultimately made on one ground. We’re going to use a lot of random people, and make it work. While people like Domino became popular both in X-Force and outside of it, she is likely the only serious long-term player. With the addition of Negasonic Teenage Warhead to the Deadpool movie franchise, it is likely she’ll be a useful member of the team too. She also looks a bit different, and will likely evolve as the franchise does.

X-Force usually involved Cable when he was on the same side Deadpool was on. However, in this movie Cable and Deadpool are at odds. That means we’re going to have to see them stand out while Cable and Deadpool square off. While Wade will likely speak of needing this team to help against Cable, he ultimately needs them so he can get a one on one meeting with the future man. The main job of the X-Force is helping Wade ensure he’ll get this. Seeing Wade try and lead this team with his absolute insanity will be incredibly funny. We’ve already seen a good bit of this in the trailers, but more hilarious forms of almost no leadership are clearly likely.

7 We Don’t Want To See: The Personification Of Death Come About Yet

For those who are unaware, Deadpool has a thing that can be considered a little weird. He is obsessed with Death. No, not that thing when you pass to the great beyond. He is obsessed with the character known as Death. She is the personification of the actual thing, for which Deadpool will never truly know. Keep in mind, Deadpool despite all of his mutant abilities, is unlike the others. Wolverine has the healing factor but Deadpool is different. He does not heal, he is simply immortal. The reason for this is due to Death herself. While Weapon X speeds up his healing factor that Wolverine never had the luxury of seeing, Wade also becomes immortal due to Thanos. Interesting note, Thanos is obsessed with Death herself as well, as he too won’t know what it is like to see the great beyond.

Thanos curses Wade with eternal life, ensuring he can remain in the same level of horror he’s in. This means he cannot suspend his mutant ability, and can never pass on and meet this temptress. It is uncertain for Wade early on if the personification is a real person to him or a vision that he is seeing without anything being present. With Vanessa still being a major force in the franchise, and with Thanos being owned by Disney right now, a storyline surrounding the character of Death cannot be properly executed. So bringing her into this movie, even for a small sample size, would be a bad idea right now.

6 We Want To See: The Many Voices Of Deadpool

We brought up earlier how when Deadpool breaks the Fourth Wall that it seems to be overlooked as Wade talking to himself. The reason for this is due to, in part, voices in his head. We did not see this in the first film, as it was an evolution of the character. The second one should give us the ability to finally see them come about. Often forgotten about Wade Wilson was that he went to get help to cure his cancer, but the program he went through did not actually do that. The cancer was never removed or stopped. He simply cannot pass on, so cancer cannot do anything. Yet he has a lot of cancer in his body, one area of this being his brain.

Brain cancer is known to cause hallucinations, random voices and sounds, headaches, and much more. Wade has to deal with all of this on an extreme level, as the cancer is remaining and he has been dealing with all the ramifications of the stuff never being removed. That leads to his multiple voices, which are usually from all areas of his personality. Some have deep voices, some have high ones. Some are various accents even. There’s a lot there, and it is one of the trademarks of the character. It makes a lot of sense to use the voices in this installment, and see how Wade handles them in a live-action version of the character.

5 We Don’t Want To See: Multiple Recycled Jokes From Deadpool Or Anyone Else

One thing that makes Deadpool stand out better than most is his ability to continue joking about anything and everything. One other classic part about Deadpool is that he is current-day, up to the minute, on his jokes. When he jokes about other superhero movies and characters, you get it and you know what he is referring to because it is quite current. However, one often problematic thing in movies is the use of similar famous lines and jokes that are often recycled because they may fit so well in a scene down the line. This is not always a bad thing for most characters, as it allows for some call-back intrigue. For some, like Groot, there’s a limited vocabulary too.

With Deadpool, he can no longer continue to harp up “superhero landing.” He cannot use jokes about Negasonic that he used to describe her in the first movie, nor can he joke with Colossus the same way he did before. He has to be different, not so much as a character, but in line-form. We have to see something new and up to date with all of them, especially Wade. His jokes are consistently timely. They are always of use to the time we see them, so ignoring that for the sake of recycling a joke or two we saw from the past films would not be worth it. Even though we’ve seen it to some success in previous movies.

4 We Want To See: The Banter Between Cable And Deadpool

An often beloved thing in the comics was the team-up moments involving Cable and Deadpool. It is not as if they were best friends for life and got along all the time, because they truly didn’t. What made them work was that they worked well together in combat but also delivered when it came to jokes. Cable was the straight man, so when he joked it was even funnier than Wade at times. Mostly due to the unexpected nature of what occurred. However, Wade led the craziness and Cable often kept him focused on the grander prize at the end of the day. This worked very well, and it is likely to whenever they team up in live-action form. As of now, they’re going to be enemies though.

We’ve already seen Cable and Deadpool lines in the trailers that seem to live up to the expectations of what fans wanted from them. However, we’re likely to also see more interesting lines from them. We’ll obviously want to see Wade bring up past movies with Josh Brolin like The Goonies, W., and Infinity War. We’re going to want to see him dig at him for personal reasons. We know that Brolin’s step-mother is even in the movie just to make it funnier too. Yet at the same time, we have to see the kind of dark Cable we’re used to seeing. This will balance out Wade’s funny, which is pretty essential. Overall, this is the most important thing Deadpool 2 MUST get right. As it could affect how the whole movie performs.

3 We Don’t Want To See: An Over the top Message

This is going to seem odd coming from people like us. However, overly political messages in movies are pretty rampant these days. While politics on the surface are important to discuss with friends and family, it is not best to put them in movies. It isn’t needed on Facebook either, but your uncle is going to bring up that thing you wanted him to never bring up. We need to talk Uncle Jerry! The thing is, in Deadpool 2, we ARE going to see some slight political material. In fact, the X-Men, in general, are going to send a political message. They are different, hated by many humans for who they are, and some are considered too powerful and need to be taken out or locked up.

In Deadpool 2, the boy that Cable is after is an immigrant to the United States. He’s apparently found by immigration police. In the trailer, we can see that he has blown up an Immigration and Customs Enforcement(ICE) car. It is likely that they are trying to get him out of the country, especially due to his mutant abilities. Or they are trying to pass him on to the anti-mutant authorities. There are a ton of political tones that we’re sure the movie could take. If they’re light, people won’t mind. But if they go too far, people may not care for the movie as much as they’d want to. But Deadpool is kind of a wildcard.

2 We Want To See: Deadpool Discover Vanessa’s Mutant Ability

In case you were not aware, Deadpool has a major love named Vanessa in the franchise. She is played wonderfully by Morena Baccarin. However, Vanessa is actually a mutant herself. She goes by the name of Copycat in Marvel Comics, and she is absolutely incredible. Copycat is considered to be one of the best mutants you have never heard of, and it is quite important that we learn about her in Deadpool 2. For those unaware of who exactly Copycat happens to be. She does as she seems. She copies. Basically, she is like Mystique with a bit of an upgrade.

She can metamorph into anyone she feels like and duplicates their powers as a result. In fact, she morphs into them down to the cellular level, which makes it impossible for scans to prove she is a fake in any possible way. That said, she can replicate the mutant’s powers that she chooses to copy. In fact, she has survived by turning into someone who has the healing factor, like Wolverine for example. She was eventually modified by Weapon X, the same thing that converted Wade Wilson into the mutant he is today. It’ll be interesting to see if they go this route. She very well could have been a mutant since day one, but never told Wade. It’s also unlikely they’re going to use the straight comic version. But we do know Vanessa shortens her hair, so she very well could be joining X-Force with Wade.

1 We Don’t Want To See: Another Useless Side Villain For Wade

While Deadpool did see a few interesting villains in the first film, his real enemy was clear from the start. He wanted to completely end Francis from the very start. We knew about 25 minutes in that this guy was bad news and that he would stop at nothing to put Wade through hell. So it made sense that Francis would be the first guy Deadpool would want to put to a complete end. While some got in the way, he accomplished what he set out to do. However, there were a number of side villains that we saw Deadpool wipe out without much of an issue. Some were a bit tougher, but at the end of the day…they were nothing for the Merc with a Mouth.

With Deadpool seeing Cable in the next installment, it makes sense that we’re going to see some side pieces in the way. Cable cannot just make an entrance the way he does or do as he wants to do and take out a kid WITHOUT setting some alarm to authorities. Sure, Deadpool is planning to stop Cable and he’s using a team to help him. However, the team should focus on the side pieces. Pieces are not villains, as they are just there due to the situation. Such as if we did see ICE or the military here. Cable needs to be the main guy who does not ask for or want help. Cable is like this often in the comics and it took him a lot to even join a team or partner with Wade. To partner up with people from the start would be stupid.

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