10 Times Jinger Duggar Was Wife Material (And 10 Times Sis Jill Duggar Was Not)

In the past four years, the Duggar kids have been walking down the aisle at lightning speed, and there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight for the Counting On stars. Starting in 2014, Jill Duggar married Derick Dillard and Jessa Duggar wed Ben Seewald, then, two years later, Jinger Duggar tied the knot with Jeremy Vuolo. Last year, Joy-Anna Duggar married Austin Forsyth, and Joseph Duggar wed Kendra Caldwell. And now, Josiah Duggar is engaged to Lauren Swanson and the two are planning a June wedding.

There are also two single Duggars who fans hope will start courting soon – 28-year-old twins, Jana and John David. Three more Duggar siblings are old enough to begin courting whenever they find the right lady– 19-year-old twins, Jeremiah and Jedidiah, and 18-year-old, Jason.

It is a lot to keep up with, and we haven’t even mentioned the three youngest boys and four youngest girls, but fans can’t seem to get enough of the ultra-conservative, baby-loving, Jim Bob, Michelle, and their 19 offspring.

But ever since 19 Kids & Counting came to an end (thanks to oldest son Josh’s scandal), and the spinoff Counting On began, two Duggar kids and their spouses have seemingly stood out above the rest– and for completely different reasons.

Counting On follows the lives of the married Duggar kids, with Derick and Jill Dillard getting most of the negative attention, and Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo getting all the love. But, once you get to know a little about each couple, it’s easy to see why the Vuolo’s are #relationshipgoals and the Dillards are the exact opposite.

20 Jill And Derrick: An Arranged Marriage?

Fans got the chance to see the courtship, engagement, and wedding of Jill and Derick on 19 Kids & Counting, and one Redditor recently pointed out that the two met because Jim Bob introduced them, and the two started courting literally hours after they met in person.

Derick was friends with Jim Bob first, and for Jill, that added a level of security, which led her to start Skyping and texting with Derick while he lived in Nepal. Of course, Jill’s parents monitored all of their communication, but she says that she fell in love with Derick before she met him face to face.

Jill even met some of his friends and his mother before she and her dad traveled to Nepal to meet Derick. Just three months after that first meeting, Derick popped the question in April 2014. The couple then married in June, and by the time their honeymoon was over, they were expecting their first child.

It really isn’t the fact that Derick and Jill moved so fast in their relationship that creeps fans out. Instead, it is the idea that they never spent any alone time together and never had any private conversations before deciding to make a life-long commitment. But to be fair, that’s how it works for every Duggar couple, thanks to the family’s courting rules.

19 Jinger and Jeremy Met Through Jessa & Ben Seewald

Best day of my life!

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Jinger and Jeremy met thanks to her sister and brother-in-law, Jessa and Ben Seewald, and it was all thanks to fate. Ben and Jessa were in San Antonio for a few hours on a Sunday night, and Ben called up a friend to see if there was anything going on for the couple to do while in town for the evening.

Ben’s buddy was working but told the couple about a pizza party at his friend’s house for his church crew. As it turns out, the “friend” with the house who was throwing the party was Jeremy, and he and Ben immediately hit it off. Meanwhile, Jessa was already thinking that Jeremy would be a good match for her sister, and it was all because of his fashion choice.

“I remember what you were wearing that night, because Jinger told me that she loved a certain kind of sweater, and you were wearing that sweater. And so, I thought, Jinger would really like this guy’s style,” remembers Jessa.

Jeremy and Ben stayed in touch via text, and the former pro soccer player eventually went to Arkansas to meet the Duggars. After a few months of getting to know the family, Jeremy realized he was interested in Jinger. And, she discovered her feelings for him when the two went on a mission trip to Central America.

By the summer of 2016, Jeremy had asked Jim Bob for the permission to court Jinger, and just a few months later in November, they got married.

18 Jill And Derrick Misadventure In Central America

We're looking forward to being back in the US next month! You can find our family update at www.dillardfamily.com/blog

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After getting married and having their first son, Israel, Derick and Jill – now the stars of Counting On – moved to El Salvador to perform missionary work, while asking fans for money. The couple spent the better part of Israel’s first couple years in Central America and only returned to Arkansas for a short time. But, after announcing she was pregnant with baby number two, the couple chose to return to the Zika virus hot zone, and fans were not happy.

The couple continued to ask fans for cash (despite their TV income) because they said they needed help with expenses.

“We hope you’ll consider partnering with us in this mission,” the Dillards wrote in their plea for fans to cover their costs. “In addition to the ministry outreach expenses, there are always monthly expenses for groceries, utilities, fuel, healthcare, etc.”

Jill and Derick promised fans that they live a frugal lifestyle, especially while in the mission field, and said that when people give money to Dillard Family Ministries – a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization – they are helping the Dillard’s cover their cost of living while helping them reach others. The couple said they needed about $24,000 to cover everything, but their repeated requests for donations never sat well with fans.

17 Jinger Is The Cool, Rebel Duggar

Sunday ☺️

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As soon as Jinger married Jeremy, one thing became crystal clear – she is the rebel in the Duggar family. After growing up with a strict dress code that required the women in her family to wear modest clothing that usually consisted of long skirts and dresses, Jinger started wearing pants, miniskirts, shorts, and heels.

In Duggar world, the dad is in charge of his daughter’s clothing choices until she gets married, then, the responsibility switches to her husband. And, apparently, Jeremy is more than okay with Jinger’s new style. He even said that he doesn’t believe that Jesus saves people to make them wear skirts.

So, his wife immediately started filling the couple’s Instagram with pictures of her new clothing choices, and before we knew it, she had become a style icon.

Seeing Jinger in pants made fans go crazy, and they couldn’t stop complimenting the rebel, Duggar.

Since making her bold fashion choice, Jinger’s sisters, Jessa and Jill, have followed suit and begun to wear pants themselves. All of this happened after the sisters wrote the book, Growing Up Duggar, where they explained that their modest fashion was their way of respecting their bodies and saving themselves for their husbands.

16 Derrick Dillard And His Awkward Date Night

My hubby is the best! He totally turned our house into a steakhouse, serving me a wonderful Valentines Day dinner last night! #besthubby @derickdillard I love you babe! ?????

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Jill and Derick recently went on a “progressive” date night, but the Instagram Live video that Jill posted resulted in fans calling them out for odd behavior.

An administrator for the anti-Duggar Facebook page, Life Is Not All Pickles and Hairspray wrote, “Jill did another live Instagram post a couple of hours ago. Derick is totally weird in it. He talks about them being on a ‘progressive’ date with the kids restrained in the back. He says the restraints are the progressive babysitters or something like that. What’s his deal with the word progressive? He seems to be mocking it in his own special way.”

Some fans accused Derick of using illegal substances, even though there was no evidence to back up those claims. Others thought it was weird for the couple to be eating a meal in the front seat, while their kids sat in the back with no food. However, there were fans who defended the couple, saying a “progressive meal” was going from place to place for each course.

Jill and Derick often get backlash with date night posts. One Valentine’s Day, after asking fans for money, the couple enjoyed steaks and what appeared to be a bottle of wine. But, it turned out to be sparkling cider.

15 No Fighting Between Jinger And Jeremy

These pics were taken on day three of our relationship! Life with this girl gets better and better every day.

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Jinger and Jeremy quickly became fan-favorites when they got married and are arguably the best couple in the family. But, just when fans thought the Counting On stars couldn’t be any more perfect, they found out that the couple never fights.

The two sat down for an interview, and after a fan gushed over Jinger and Jeremy’s sweet, loving relationship, the couple gave some pretty wise advice.

“Just counting the other person more important than yourself,” Jinger shared. “Instead of thinking, ‘Oh, what can I get out the relationship.’ In any relationship, whether it’s with family, [a] friend, anybody — instead of thinking of ourselves, like ‘What can I get,’ just, ‘How can I encourage this person,’ or ‘How can I give?'”

Jeremy agreed and then revealed that people often ask them what he and Jinger’s first fight was about, but he says in their two years together, they have never had a big argument.

The 24-year-old mom-to-be says they have had a few small disagreements, but when that happens, they talk through it and think of the other person and their view. She added that Jeremy had been a good example in that for her.

14 Dereck Dillard And His Teenage Bullying

Having some good father/ son time this afternoon ?

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Derick made headlines last summer when he started going after the transgender teen, Jazz Jennings, on Twitter, and his comments quickly sparked outrage on social media. Derick called Jennings’ show, I Am Jazz, an “oxymoron,” and claimed it was a reality show that follows non-reality. He also wrote that transgender is a myth and gender is not fluid but ordained by God.

When fans started to criticize his tweets, Derick responded by saying that he had nothing against “him” (Jennings transitioned from a boy to a girl), and that he just had issues with words and definitions.

A few months later, Derick went after Jennings again, writing that he pitied “him” because people take advantage of the teenager to promote their own agenda.

This second transphobic Twitter rant resulted in TLC firing him from Counting On. The network issued a statement that Derick’s views do not reflect those of TLC and they were proud to share Jennings’ story. They also wrote that they hadn’t worked with Dillard for months and had no future plans to do so.

In a misguided act of solidarity, Jill decided not to return to Counting On, which meant the couple no longer had an income, and it marked the first time in a decade that Jill wouldn’t be on TV.

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13 Jinger And Jeremy Waited

We’ve got a bit of exciting news to share with you! www.jingerandjeremy.com

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Fans of Counting On are familiar when it comes to a Duggar relationship timeline. A couple announces they are courting, then a few weeks (or sometimes a few months) goes by before they announce an engagement. A couple of months later comes a wedding, followed by an immediate pregnancy announcement.

The average time from a courting announcement to pregnancy announcement in Duggar world is 13 months.

But, in true rebel Duggar fashion, Jinger and Jeremy didn’t announce a pregnancy until 14 months after they tied the knot, making her the first of her generation to not get pregnant during the first year of marriage.

Because they waited so long, fans started to speculate that the couple was using birth control – a huge Duggar no-no. Not only is the family famous for being pro-life, but they are also anti-contraception because Jim Bob and Michelle blamed the pill for a miscarriage early in their marriage.

Of course, we won’t ever know for sure if Jinger and Jeremy did use some kind of birth control or if it just took a little longer for nature to take its course, but fans loved that the couple waited a little longer than the rest of the Duggars to start a family. And instead, they took the time to enjoy being newlyweds.

12 Jill and Derick’s reality TV days Are Over

Happy birthday sweetie @derickdillard I am so grateful to God for you! I pray that in this next year (last one in your 20’s!) you will draw closer to God every day! Thank you for leading our family and caring for each of us so well! You’re the best! I love you!!?

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The 19 Kids & Counting spinoff originally had the title of Jill & Jessa: Counting On, with the show’s focus being the two newly-married Duggar girls living their new lives as wives and mothers. But after TLC fired Derick because of his Twitter rant, rumors started to fly that Jill wouldn’t be coming back either.

And, when TLC released the promotional poster for season seven of Counting On, Jill and Derick were not in the picture that featured Jinger and Jeremy, Jessa and Ben Seewald, and Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth. This confirmed that Jill and Derick’s reality TV days were over.

But, Derick started to make claims that TLC did not fire him, but instead, he decided to leave. He also said on social media that the network never paid him when he was on Counting On and complained that the network didn’t pay for his son, Samuel’s, medical bills. He argued that TLC profited from his son’s birth, so they should have covered all the expenses.

Last July, Jill was in labor at home for 40 hours before the family rushed her to the hospital for an emergency C-section. The couple didn’t share a lot of photos on social media, which led fans to believe there may have been some complications.

11 Home Renovations For Jinger And Jeremy

Anytime we’re driving to North Texas, #magnolia is a mandatory pit-stop.

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Jinger and Jeremy bought a house in need of major renovations during their first year of marriage, and after a lot of work – and some help from a few of Jinger’s siblings – the couple ended up with a home so professionally done, it looks like a completely different place.

The young couple got their inspiration from another Texas couple, Fixer Upper stars, Chip and Joanna Gaines, and they made multiple trips to Magnolia Market in Waco to get design ideas. They also enjoyed some of the food and music during their trips.

When they stopped by the market in December, Jinger and Jeremy shared a full slideshow with fans on Instagram. It wasn’t clear if they ran into Chip and Joanna, but that didn’t keep fans from dreaming about the possible reality mashup.

Counting On did feature some of the renovations during an episode this past season, and when Jinger’s siblings visited to see the work the couple had done, they didn’t keep their opinions to themselves.

“When we arrived at Jinger and Jeremy’s new house, they had painters there repainting the whole house and it was really coming together,” sister Jessa says. “But as we started to walk through the rooms, we came to the kitchen and we thought, this room needs some help.”

10 Did Derrick Stray?

That time of year when you look for as many opportunities to kiss under the mistletoe ??? @jillmdillard #kissunderthemistletoe #christmasparty #themostwonderfultimeoftheyear

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Not only did Derick’s Twitter rants lead to him losing his job on Counting On, but his social media activity last year also resulted in some fans thinking he was unfaithful to his wife.

The 29-year-old started posting a string of tweets about adultery, and it appeared to many that this was his way of confessing his bad behavior. He also posted a video on Instagram of himself out dancing with friends, but Jill wasn’t there.

Fans started to get worried for Jill because her courtship was short, and she didn’t get the chance to get to know Derick very well before marrying him. Instead, they were still in the infatuation stage when they tied the knot and had no idea what things would be like behind closed doors. And, if something goes wrong in the marriage, they are stuck, because the family doesn’t believe in divorce.

For many, that is a recipe for relationship disaster.

Some thought that Derick’s adultery tweets weren’t about himself, but instead, they were referring to his brother-in-law, Josh, who was unfaithful to his wife, Anna, back in 2015. The theory was that Josh did something suspicious again and the family found out. However, there has never been any proof to back up that claim.

9 It’s A Girl For Jinger

We’ve got a baby announcement!!! See the link my bio ☺️

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There have been a lot of pregnancies in the Duggar family over the past few years, but all of the girls in the family have given birth to boys. Jill has two sons, Israel and Samuel, Jessa has two of her own, Spurgeon and Henry, and Joy-Anna just welcomed her son, Gideon, in February.

The only female grand-Duggars belong to oldest son, Josh, and his wife, Anna– McKynzie and Meredith.

But when Jinger and Jeremy did their gender reveal, they surprised everyone by announcing that they were having a girl. The parents-to-be revealed the gender at a party for family and friends at their home in Laredo, Texas.

“Jeremy and I first learned the gender of our little one when we had our 20-week ultrasound. We were both so excited and so overwhelmed with joy,” Jinger said.

They broke the news after setting up a relay race for their loved ones, which involved each member of two teams chowing down a container of ice cream before running an obstacle course. The captain of the winning team flipped a switch on a neon sign saying “baby,” and when it came on it turned pink as Jinger and Jeremy sprayed everyone with pink silly string.

8 Charity Shutdown

Having the longest arms on the team = being asked to take the "team selfie" #centralamericanmissions

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After Jill and Derick returned from Central America last summer, they announced that they were discontinuing their charity, Dillard Family Ministries, after years of scandals. In a blog post last August, the couple thanked fans for their prayers and financial support, and then said they would no longer accept donations to the organization.

When they started the charity in 2015, the couple asked for up to $100 per month from fans to fund their first international “mission effort.” However, they didn’t give potential donors many details about what the money would go towards. This caused fans to slam the nonprofit, saying they would never donate to a charity that doesn’t let them know exactly what the money would be used for.

The couple officially dissolved their organization in February of this year.

But, just after they shut down Duggar Family Ministries, Derick started a fundraiser on Pure Charity and asked for a one-time goal of $6,500. He wrote that he would be serving in the Cross Church School of Ministry over the next year and needed help with funding his Gospel advancement and humanitarian work in Northeast Arkansas, North America, and abroad.

Derick only raised $125 before shutting the fundraiser down.

7 Are Jinger And Jeremy Getting Their Own Show?


A post shared by J I N G E R V U O L O (@jingervuolo) on

Throughout her pregnancy, Jinger has been sharing fun baby bump updates and now fans are convinced that she and Jeremy should have their own spinoff. After one update that featured a black-and-white photo and the caption, “I love being married to my best friend,” fans started inundating them with requests to launch their own show on TLC.

“These two need their own show. They are so genuine and interesting,” one user commented before another added, “Love seeing both of you on the show, hope we see more when your little one arrives.”

Jinger and Jeremy say that they are excited and eagerly anticipating meeting their “little lady” this summer. They especially love the fact that their daughter will have excellent role models in both of her grandmothers, who can’t wait to spoil her.

The couple held a surprise baby shower for their daughter, who is due in July, and they said that it is incredible to celebrate with friends and loved ones, especially since most of them live so far away. Jinger said it was a treat to have everyone together, and they couldn’t believe she was already 25 weeks along.

6 Derrick Did It Again

Nobody does good or seeks after God. (Psalm 14:1-3) Through Jesus Christ anyone can have life. (Romans 6:23; John 14:6) Christians should be Holy. (1 Peter 1:15-16). #perspective

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Even though he lost his job after a transphobic Twitter rant last year, Derick can’t seem to keep his controversial opinions to himself. Just last month, he went after the designer, Nate Berkus, and his husband, Jeremiah Brent, after TLC promoted their show, Nate & Jeremiah: By Design.

“What a travesty of family,” Derick wrote on a promo for the home improvement show. “It’s sad how blatant the liberal agenda is, such that it both highlights and celebrates a lifestyle so degrading to children on public television as if it should be normal.”

Berkus and Brent star in a show that follows them as they help people renovate their homes, but it also features their home life with their 3-year-old daughter, Poppy, and newborn son, Oskar.

Fans immediately criticized Derick for his comments, and even some of his fellow Christians slammed the former reality star, saying they couldn’t sit back and watch his judgmental ways. They also made the point that Derick will never reach people by spreading hate.

The 29-year-old responded by tweeting that he wasn’t bashing people, but instead, he was calling out a network’s public agenda.

Berkus and Brent responded by saying that their show highlights the many different faces of love and their universal connection to it. Their hope is that they can start to break down barriers and normalize the way their family looks and loves.

5 Jeremy Is Writing A Book?

After a silly Instagram post from Jeremy last month, fans started suspecting that he was writing a book about his romance with Jinger. He posted a screenshot from a word document where the software highlighted “Jinger” as being spelled wrong and offered the hilarious corrections of “Jigger, Ginger, Inger, Binger, and Finger.”

Of course, Jeremy had a funny response. He wrote in the caption, “Quite frankly, I’ve had enough of Microsoft Office’s discrimination against my wife’s name. I’m taking this fight all the way to Merriam-Webster’s doorstep if I have to!”

Jinger’s sister Jessa chimed in by writing in the comments that Inger was actually one of her sister’s childhood nicknames. But while most focused on the funny suggestions, some noticed the sentence he was writing, and they found it to be quite interesting.

“Before Jinger and I were married, I dreaded those times when we had to say, ‘Goodbye,'” he wrote.

He didn’t give any context, and it was the only sentence on the page. We don’t know yet what he was writing, but some fans started to guess that he was writing a book and begged him to let them know if it was true.

Jeremy hasn’t yet confirmed or denied the book rumor.

4 Jeremy And Jinger Are Hands On

I love being married to my best friend! ?

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Throughout her pregnancy, Jinger has managed to keep the romance alive with Jeremy. Despite the morning sickness, backaches, and multiple pregnancy discomforts, the two still show affection towards one another. Some women claim they don’t want anyone to touch them at a certain point in their pregnancy, but in her seven-month baby bump update, she couldn’t keep her hands off Jeremy.

The black-and-white photo of the two featured Jinger with her hand on Jeremy’s chest and her bump touching his abdomen. She is looking up and gazing at her husband while he looks straight towards the camera.

The Vuolo’s have documented their last few months as a family of two with multiple sweet photos.

In her six-month update, she and Jeremy adoringly gazed into each other’s eyes as they stood with their arms wrapped around each other. Jinger rocked some serious pregnancy style with a flower-patterned black and white shirt – which highlighted her belly – black pants, and tan heels.

Jeremy wore a blue blazer, tie, and dress shirt with some gray pants and black shoes.

The couple also shared a bible verse. “Psalm 139:13-14 13 For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. 14 I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.”

3 Midwife Company

Got to help deliver this chunker the other day! ?Sam helped me #laborsit then napped like a champ when the time came! 😉 #midwife #teamwork www.dillardfamily.com

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The Duggar family name is synonymous with having a lot of kids, and if Jill has her way, the Dillard name may soon follow. Jill has been interested in midwifery for years. She has helped deliver some of her own siblings’ children and she even studied for two years to earn her CPM (Certified Professional Midwife) certificate.

Now, Jill has started a midwife company called Labor Sit, and that makes her the first Duggar woman to work outside the home. She recently posted a photo of herself holding a new baby and added the caption, “Got to help deliver this chunker the other day!” She also referenced her new company, added the hashtag #midwife, and shared the link to her family’s website.

Fans reacted to the news with mixed reviews. Some were happy that someone in the family finally had a job since both Jill and Derick no longer appeared on Counting On and didn’t have an income. But others were skeptical because Jill didn’t earn a Certified Nurse Midwife certificate that requires a Bachelor’s Degree, one year of nursing experience, and three years in a nurse-midwifery program. So, they don’t believe she is qualified for the job.

2 Forget The Rules

We had an amazing last minute surprise visit from John, @jillmdillard @derickdillard & little Sam the other day! Always good to see the fam! ?

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In the 18 months since Jinger married Jeremy, a lot has changed for the reality star. Even though it appears that she has every intention of following in her sisters’ footsteps and raising a large family, she is living a life that’s very different from the rest of her family. And, it is probably far from what her dad Jim Bob had envisioned.

In addition to ignoring the family’s strict dress code, she also forged her own identity by leaving her home state of Arkansas behind and relocating to Laredo, Texas. Plus, she waited over a year to get pregnant instead of conceiving on her honeymoon.

A former Duggar employee says that Jeremy has encouraged his wife to not fear her father and to live a life that aligns with her own values.

“Jinger, she’s off on her own trip, and I’m kind of glad because she’s been hemmed up so long for many years,” says the source. “She just needed to spread her wings and realize that God still loves her and there is a life after all that seclusion.”

It looks like Jeremy realized that Jinger could never be truly happy living under Jim Bob’s thumb. And he has told his wife that it’s ok to break out of her bubble and live life on her own terms.

1 Jill Finally Speaks Out

To disagree doesn’t = hate, or judgement Love doesn’t always = approval Just because I disagree with my child on something doesn’t mean I hate him, and just because I love and forgive him doesn’t mean I approve of everything he does. You can be friends with, love and care for people you don’t agree with 100%.

A post shared by Jill Dillard (@jillmdillard) on

After months of her husband sharing his controversial views on social media, Jill finally spoke up after Derick’s comments about Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent. She wrote on Instagram that to disagree doesn’t equal hate or judgment and to love doesn’t always equal approval.

She then used her children as an example of her point. Jill wrote that she can disagree with her child on something but that doesn’t mean she hates him. And, just because she loves and forgives her son doesn’t mean she approves of everything he does. Jill then concluded her post by writing that you can be friends with and love and care for people you don’t completely agree with.

Jill has a habit of writing about how amazing her husband is on Instagram, but instead of fawning over it, some fans would rather the former reality star keep her comments to herself. But, the ever-faithful and obedient wife continues to sing Derick’s praises about things as simple as buying her chocolate milk at the grocery store.

She also adds the hashtag #BestHubbyEver, but fans aren’t buying it. They don’t believe running a simple household errand should result in such a title.

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