15 Netflix Shows We Watch For The Female Cast Members

Netflix has become a popular streaming service in recent years, to the point where members of the younger generation are choosing to subscribe to the service rather than watching cable TV. The service was founded way back in 1997 in Scottsdale, California, and over the past 20 years, it has been able to go from strength to strength. The company is now able to offer original programming along with some of the best movies in the world over the past few decades, which is all available for a monthly fee on their online subscription service.

Some of the original programmes are the reason why many fans are still subscribed to the service and their online content continues to grow. Netflix has also been seen as a launch pad for many young actors careers since they have been cast in some of the most popular shows on the network and this has allowed their fanbase to grow.

Incredibly, TV shows like Stranger Things, 13 Reasons Why and even Riverdale have the world talking in recent years, even though these shows are only available on Netflix. The latter has become so popular that the rights have been bought by terrestrial TV and it is now broadcast in the United Kingdom on terrestrial TV.

The following list looks at just 15 Netflix shows that have some of the best female cast members. Some of these shows boast many stars who were once unknown and over the past few years. These actresses have become synonymous for their performances in their given roles.

15 Riverdale

Riverdale debuted on Netflix back in 2017 and has become of the most popular shows on their Network over the past year. The characters in the show are based on the Archie comic books and include a number of actors and actresses who have never been showcased before. The series follows KJ Apa as Archie Andrews, who is seemingly held back by the life in his small town of Riverdale that buries a darkness. The first season of the show surrounded a murder of Jason Blossom, something that the teenagers of Riverdale took upon themselves to solve before the second then opened with the mystery of The Black Hood and his true identity.

Riverdale recently aired its season two finale and has already been renewed for season three, which will include all of its main stars. According to PopBuzz, this will air in October. Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Madeline Petsch and Ashley Murray are the main female faces of the cast and have been part of the show since the beginning. These four women have become a huge reason why many of the male fans of the show still tune in and have definitely boosted their popularity as actresses throughout their time on the show as well.

14 Orange Is The New Black

Orange Is The New Black was the first real series that put Netflix on the map back in 2013 and its popularity has since been able to launch a number of other series. The show centers around Piper Chapman who is sentenced to 15 months in Litchfield Penitentiary where she meets back up with her ex-girlfriend Alex Vause and a number of other familiar faces.

The show is set in a women’s prison and stars a number of actresses who have since gone on to appear in other popular shows, including Samira Wiley and Madeline Brewer, who have since gone on to star in The Handmaid’s Tale. The attractive female cast and the struggles that the women face while they’re stuck behind bars are the reasons why the show became a phenomenon. The show has already run for five seasons and remains one of the most popular additions to the Netflix family that continues to bring in some well-known female cast members. Digital Spy reported that Orange Is The New Black was so popular that even before its fourth season aired, it has already been renewed through until season seven and season six of the show is expected to air this summer.

13 Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is one of the shows that Netflix has recreated based on the comic books and she is part of The Defenders. Despite there being a number of other comic book based series on Netflix at present, including Luke Cage and Daredevil, Jessica Jones continues to be the most popular superhero show that Netflix has created.

The show has recently just broadcasted its second season, which centers on Krysten Ritter, who portrays the superhero who works as a private eye by day but works to hunt down the company that changed her DNA at night. Ritter, Rachael Taylor, and Carrie-Anne Moss are the main female faces on the show and some of the most attractive female actresses on Netflix right now. The Guardian wrote an article on the fact that the show had already explored a number of dark storylines, including addiction and abuse, and somehow managed to still cover this in a tasteful manner. As with many of the popular shows on Netflix, Jessica Jones was renewed for a season three earlier this year, which means that Ritter, Taylor, and Moss will be back in the new year, since it’s reported that Taylor’s character is about to discover that she’s also a superhero.

12 Shadowhunters

Shadowhunters debuted back in 2016 and is a series that is based on the best selling book series by Cassandra Clare, which explores the world of demons and Shadowhunters. The series follows Clary Fray, who’s played by Katherine McNamara, who finds out on her 18th birthday that she is a Shadowhunter and is then welcomed into their world. The show welcomes viewers to an entirely new world that was created by Clare that involves a number of mystical creatures that haven’t been seen before.

Emeraude Toubia is seen as one of the most attractive members of the cast since she portrays Isabelle Lightwood, who was described as rebellious and very beautiful by Clare in her series. McNamara is seen as the only other female cast member as Isabelle represents the darkness of Shadowhunters, while Clary is seen as the light. Cosmopolitan stated that Shadowhunters was the new series that teens should binge-watch all summer since the likes of Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, and Teen Wolf have all recently come to an end. Shadowhunters is seemingly from the same mythology as many of these shows and could easily fill the void that has been left for fans since these shows officially ended.

11 Black Mirror

Black Mirror debuted back in 2011 and has since become another popular addition to Netflix since it looks at the risks of new technologies on modern society in a dystopian future. The show is unlike any that have been broadcast before and definitely opens up a number of arguments about the use of technology and where it will take the world in the coming years.

The cast includes Bryce Dallas Howard as Lacie, Mckenzie Davis as Yorkie,  Kelly McDonald, Hannah John-Kamen, Alice Eve and Madeline Brewer. This isn’t a show that relies heavily on how attractive their female cast is. The show is pushed forward on the concept of a future with various forms of technology and according to Rotten Tomatoes was even described by Stephen King as “terrifying, funny, intelligent” and “like The Twilight Zone.” The sci-fi based show has already been renewed for a season five and looks set to cast a number of popular females in the upcoming season of the show. The Sun revealed earlier this year that the season had begun filming but the cast was yet to be announced as well as the release date for later this year when it returns to Netflix.

10 Girlboss

Produced by Charlize Theron, there was a lot expected of Girlboss when it first debuted on Netflix back in 2017. The show is based on the autobiography by Sophia Amoruso who is the woman behind the launch of Nasty Gal, who was working as a campus safety host for San Francisco’s Academy of the Art at the same time. The concept of the series was a great idea at the time, but the series itself didn’t seem to do Sophia’s autobiography justice.

The show starred Britt Robertson who has become well-known as an actress in projects aimed at teens as well as Ellie Reed as her best friend Annie. Vanity Fair asked the question as to whether or not Girlboss was the first terrible TV series that Netflix had decided to produce last year since it was one that did get the ax after just one season that broadcast 13 episodes. Despite the fact that the show only ran for one season, it was one that included a number of familiar faces and attractive female cast members and is still able to stream on Netflix right now, even though there will never be more than one season available.

9 Orphan Black

Orphan Black became a popular TV series before it was picked up by Netflix in its fourth season since it was streamed on a number of local TV channels first. The show follows the story of Sarah Manning, who is able to assume someone else’s identity when she realizes how similar they look. The show raises a lot of questions concerning the issues that surround human cloning and the effects it could have on modern society.

The show stars Tatiana Maslany as Sarah Manning, Maria Doyle Kennedy as Siobhan Sadler and Évelyne Brochu as Dr. Delphine Cormier. Interestingly, Tatiana is able to portray the five main clone characters called Sarah, Alison, Helena, Cosima, and Rachel because the show is centered around her and the fact that she has been cloned into all of these different people. The supporting cast works around the star since she was the main focus of the series. Orphan Black streamed its fifth and final season back in 2017 and Vanity Fair then claimed that “viewers lost one of the most intelligent, empowering shows ever to air on television.” This shows just how much of an impact the show managed to have on many of its hardcore fans.

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8 Greenhouse Academy

Greenhouse Academy is a teen series that was launched back in 2017 and follows the lives of Alex and Hayley Woods, who are still feeling the effects of losing their astronaut mother in a rocket explosion eight months before the start of the series. The two enrol in a private boarding school that is for gifted future leaders and discover that whilst they’re busy being rivals they are much smarter when they work together because there’s a plot happening around them.

Ariel Mortman is the actress behind the role of Hayley, while Cinthya Carmona, Grace Van Dien, Aviv Buchler and Jessica Amlee make up the female cast who join Hayley once she’s inside the Greenhouse Academy. The show has been seen as a successful project for Netflix and only launched its second season back in February but it’s interesting to note that the show hasn’t yet been renewed for a third series. What’s On Netflix reported that the first season aired in September 2017 so the third season is expected to air at the same time later this year, but the show itself was yet to be renewed even though season two was released more than four months ago.

7 Iron Fist

Iron Fist is another superhero series that Netflix released that is based on the Marvel Comic books of the same name. It’s the fourth in a series of shows that include Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones and make up The Defenders. The show centers on Danny Rand who is a martial arts expert who is often able to call upon the power of Iron Fist. Much like Jessica Jones, Rand went missing when he was 15 years old but he later returns to New York City with superhero capabilities.

The show stars Jessica Henwick as Colleen Wing, who is also a martial arts expert, and Jessica Stroup as Joy Meachum. Jessica is someone who has already created a solid fanbase after she portrayed Erin Silver in 90210. She is seen as one of Danny’s friends in the Netflix series. Rosario Dawson is the other recognizable face in the series since she plays a former nurse who is welcomed into the dojo. Digital Spy stated that the first season of the show was something that was panned heavily by critics, but a second season was still ordered in the summer of 2017 and could be set to air on Netflix in the coming months.

6 Scream

Just when fans thought they had seen the last of the slasher film series Scream that was first released in the 1990s, Netflix commissioned a TV series of the same name that has been airing on their Network since 2015. Much like the original movies by Wes Craven, the series follows a string of crimes in a small town but the main one is of a teenage girl called Emma Duval which affects on the town because of the dark past connected to her.

Willa Fitzgerald plays the role of Emma Duval who is the popular high school student in the first season. Bex Taylor-Klaus portrays Audrey Jensen, who is Emma’s best friend, while Carlson Young, Keke Palmer, Giorgia Wingham and Kiana Brown make up the main female characters in the show. Whats On Netflix reported earlier this year that after a two-year break, Scream would be returning to Netflix later this year but the show has pressed the reset button after a dip in ratings at the end of season two. The relaunch of the show is said to include the fact that every main character has been recast, as Scream looks to find a new identity amongst some of Netflix’s most successful show.

5 Free Rein

Free Rein is a British TV series that first premiered on Netflix back in the summer of 2017. The show focuses on American high school student Zoe, who is played by Jaylen Barron, and her sister Rosie, who are forced to move to a rural island in the UK for the summer with their mother, which is where Zoe befriends a wild horse called Raven. It’s her friendship with the horse that helps her to overcome many of the struggles in her life and find the strength to deal with the issues she is facing and it’s later discovered that she is the only person who is able to tame the wayward horse.

The show has only broadcast one series, but it has already been renewed for a second that will consist of 10 episodes. Manpreet Bambra, Kerry Ingram, Céline Buckens and Navia Robinson make up the young cast who surround Zoe throughout her time in the fictional English countryside that is never actually given a name. Earlier this year BBC revealed that Anna McCleery and Vicki Lutas had won an Emmy for their work as writers on the show. The two women have worked as writers for a number of British based projects before, but this has been their most successful.

4 The Sinner

Jessica Biel burst onto the scene in The Sinner back in November and many fans have been binge-watching the first season of the show hoping that season two is on the horizon. Biel plays a mother called Cora who takes the life of a stranger but has no idea what it is that is possessing her to commit crimes.  The show has been nominated for a number of Golden Globes and was even a hit with the critics, which could be why Netflix has pushed for a season two.

Series one of the show was so tightly wrapped up that it’s unclear as to whether or not Jessica Biel’s character will make a return in the second season, even though Digital Spy revealed that season two could air on Netflix as early as the fall of 2018 in the United States. Abby Miller and Biel are the main female cast members throughout the first season of the show, while Nadia Alexander, Rebecca Wisocky, Patti D’Arbanville and Kathryn Erbe are recurring characters throughout the show as Harry Ambrose looks to dig into the background of Cora after the crime to see if he can find reasoning in her past.

3 Cable Girls

Cable Girls is a Spanish period drama that centers around the lives of four women who modern telecommunications company in Madrid back in 1928. One of the main pulls of the show is the fact that it isn’t scared to look at some of the hardships that these women faced at this time in history as well as the struggles that the fictional characters overcame.

The show first aired in April 2017 and was so successful that a second season was ordered and later aired in December. The show has already been renewed for a season three and is expected to be released later this year. The four main Spanish actresses are Blanca Suárez, Yon González, Ana Fernández and Maggie Civantos and these women carry the series. Metro published an article earlier this year where it claimed that everyone should be watching the Spanish show because it “is brave and beautiful, delightful and dark and certainly not one to be missed. The cast members are all flawless and each brings something incredibly powerful to their respective roles and all of the stories are hugely compelling and alarmingly relevant. This is an era where women were daughters, wives and mothers, and nothing else.”


The Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling were once again brought to life last year when Netflix decided to base a show around the exploits of real-life women’s wrestling company GLOW in the 1980s. Much of the show is dramatized, since there is a focus on Ruth Wilder, who is a struggling actress at that time who attends an audition that she doesn’t realize is for the launch of a Women’s Wrestling Promotion. There are a number of other women in the cast who have never wrestled before and are taught throughout the series by a number of famous wrestlers who make cameo appearances before their big debut on national TV.

GLOW debuted on Netflix back in 2017 and has already been renewed for a second season, which is set to air later this month. Alison Brie, Betty Gilpin, Sydelle Noel, and Britney Young are some of the main four female characters on the show who have taken girl power to the next level. The Guardian called the show “a riotous portrayal of the piledriving world of women’s wrestling” as the writers attempted to bring the real story of women’s wrestling in the 1980s into the current generation, something that has been relatively successful.

1 Daredevil

Daredevil is another superhero based series that was released by Netflix as part of The Defenders collection. The show was one of the first that the Network decided to create and made its debut back in 2015 and continues to share its continuity with the likes of Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Jessica Jones.

The show follows the comic book story of Daredevil Matt Murdock, who is played by Charlie Cox. Murdock is a lawyer by day who use his heightened senses from being blinded as a young boy to fight crime at night. The story follows the same concept as the movie that starred Ben Affleck back in 2003. Deborah Ann Woll is the main female cast member who will be well-known to audiences as Jessica from True Blood. Ayelet Zurer and Rosario Dawson also make up the main cast, as the latter is part of the crossover from Iron Fist that allows her to star in both shows. Digital Spy confirmed last month that since Jessica Jones second season was released on Netflix back in March, it’s likely that the third season of Daredevil will be delayed until the fall of this year and it could see Bullseye brought in as the main villain.

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