15 Revealing Secrets About Kim Kardashian Her Ex-Assistant Revealed After She Was Let Go

Kim Kardashian messed with the wrong woman when she fired her longtime personal assistant, Stephanie Shepherd, since now all of Kim’s secrets are being revealed. Kim saw Stephanie as a friend and even admitted that she was part of the family. After four years though, Stephanie got the sack and she is angry and willing to share all the deets about Kim that she doesn’t want anyone to know. The Kardashians, especially Kim, want the world to know how sweet they are or how they’re not divas and are really clean. Meanwhile behind closed doors and away from the cameras, Kim is a real diva. Stephanie admits she is a slob, is filled with jealousy, and throws massive tantrums when her demands aren’t met. Stephanie also reveals how vain Kim is with her twenty million selfies a day and how many times she will get dressed during the day.

Stephanie took to her Instagram to express her feelings about being fired and said, “Letting go of a bad friend and self-care involves forgiving yourself for your impossible standards and knowing you are worth it.” The subtext behind this message indicates that Stephanie couldn’t meet Kim’s standards and demands, and that Kim made her feel worthless and below her. Stephanie’s Instagram following did go over a million since selfies of her and the family hit social media and Kim got jealous! Kim should know to never make a worker angry as all her secrets will be revealed and lucky for us they have been!

15 Kim Is So Vain With Her Selfies And Loves To Look In The Mirror

We all know how this Kardashian loves her selfies as her Instagram is selfie overload and it’s so bad that the amount can be over a thousand a day, but we didn’t know her complete obsession with her looks. Wherever Kim went, Stephanie followed, therefore, her lucky assistant went on holidays with her and her family all the time. As reported on Radar, Kim also has an obsession with mirrors and loves to look at herself.

“She is so vain that she has staff remove plants or objects if they’re in the way of a mirror.” Stephanie admits while on holiday at Punta Mita in Mexico, Kim took 6,000 selfies on her four-day trip.

Stephanie was even in some of them!  Kim did admit that she suffered from low self-esteem back in the day and how selfie helped her get confidence but now she’s just become vain and to in love with her looks!

14 Kim Is Such A Slob And Kris Will Come Over Just To Clean The Mess

Since Stephanie is friends with the whole family she knows all their dirty secrets and she has admitted that all of them are slobs and Kim is the worst. As reported on The Daily Star, “She would leave clothes all over her condo and it would be Kris that would come over and clean up after her.” Kim would never lay a finger on anything dirty.

“There would be old food in the refrigerator, the trash would be overflowing in the kitchen, and the bathrooms, no one would go in there.”

She does have many maids; therefore, you would think the house would be clean at all times, but even when the place was cleaned, Kim would just trash it again a minute after entering a room. According to the source which was reported on The Hollywood Gossip, “Kim’s bedroom and bathroom are beyond filthy at all times no matter how often it was cleaned.”

13 Kim Isn’t Actually A Good Mother Like She Makes Out To Be

The reality star has doted to the media on how great a mother she is and how her kids are a huge part of her life but when the camera stops rolling it’s far from the truth. Kim has three nannies for her children and sets schedules for when she can see them and it’s never for very long. Kim only wants to spend time with her children for selfie purposes for her Snapchat and Instagram. As reported on Mirror,

“It’s a well-oiled machine with three nannies moving around the house, bringing the kids in for a quick Snapchat with mum, then whipping them away again if they start to cry or make a fuss.”

Kanye and Kim do take their kids on holidays, but this is for publicity reasons as when the cameras are rolling, Kim needs to show to the world how much time she spends with her kids and that she is the one doing all the parenting. Stephanie knows all this information as she goes on every holiday with them and is with Kim basically 24/7.

12 She’s Demanding And Staff Has To Do Everything

Stephanie came clean to the Daily Mail and shared that working for a reality star is not glamorous at all, especially for Kim as she takes “demanding” to the next level. Stephanie confessed that the days were gruelling and she never had a break. She was overworked and had to go on extreme request like hunting for a game for Kanye. “I was running all over the city looking for the Cards Against Humanity card game because Kanye was currently obsessed with it.” The assistant admitted that she would be the one blamed if anything went wrong during travelling, like flights being delayed! As reported on Us Weekly,

“With all of that glamour comes schlepping the bags and the suitcases and taking the fall when the car doesn’t show up or the flight is delayed or something goes wrong.”

Stephanie had to be available even when she wasn’t working as Kim would message her constantly for help. If any of the demands weren’t met Kim would throw a tantrum and Stephanie admits that if staff didn’t do as they were told to do, she freaks out and goes on a rampage.

11 Kim’s Marriage Was In Trouble And They Went To Therapy

Kardashian and Kanye want the world to know that they’re happy and so in love but in reality, it’s not true. Of course, this fact would be revealed by someone who works for Kim and was close friends with her. As reported on The Mirror, there were problems and they even took time apart. Kim made attempts to save her marriage with a spiritual counsellor and it did work, but she had to convince Kanye to go. “After spending hundreds of hours on their relationship including twice-weekly sessions, they turned a corner.” As reported on Radar Online, it was so bad that he wasn’t living at home.

“Kanye was not even coming home, instead staying overnight in a hotel near the studio.”

The couple had a six-month “marriage probation” while sorting out their issues. Kim is the cause as she was always bitching and belittling him, and West hated not feeling like a man.

10 No One Wants To Be Friends With Kim Because She Has To Be Better Than Everyone Else

Kim used to have a long list of friends on her contact list including, Beyoncé, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba, Jay-Z, and the Hilton sisters, but nowadays Kim has ditched them and is even mean to them.

Beyoncé and Kim are having a feud and often bad-mouth each other which hasn’t become known because it’s done privately in their homes.

Stephanie revealed that Kim feels she’s better than Beyoncé and often brags that her daughter North West is much prettier than the singer’s daughter. The singer even made a reference to Kim in her song, Top Off — “I’m the only lady here, I break the Internet, top two and I ain’t number two.” The feud started after Kim got jealous that Beyoncé was more famous than her, therefore, the friends started arguing. Kim is no longer friends with any of the people on her list as she pushed them away because of her green eye and envy. Now Kim only has her husband and sisters for friends as she just ditched her assistant!

9 Kim Has Had Plastic Surgery And A Lot Of It

This Kardashian sister has drastically changed over the years and it’s all because of plastic surgery. Kim likes to keep it hush but now it’s come to light. Kim has had a lot of plastic surgery and in many areas of her body. Among of them is diamond skin tightening, which boosts collagen. Kim got this done for all her selfies as her bone features are more evident now and her skin looks tighter. Stephanie admits Kim’s lips are so voluptuous because she had dermal filler in her lips and that she has had numerous work done on her face to make it more defined and prominent. Even though Kim admits she didn’t have plastic surgery, the pictures, especially her selfies, show that she actually has. Also worth mentioning is that Kim has had work done on her most prominent famous feature because she wants to be in the spotlight despite denying rumours with x-rays, but a surgeon has come clean and revealed that work she had done wouldn’t be revealed on the x-ray as it will reveal body fat and not an implant. You don’t have us fooled, Kim!

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8 Stephanie’s Career Was Ruined Because Of Jealously

According to reports, the real reason Stephanie was fired is because Kim is extremely jealous of everyone, especially when they’re being talked about it or looked at more than she is. Kim claims she fired Stephanie because she was unprofessional and wasn’t doing her job properly. Meanwhile, the actual truth is, Kim fired her because she was spending more time with Kourtney and her Instagram following started blowing up! During a deep conversation with Kourtney as reported on People, Kim was very upset about her sister’s and assistant’s blooming relationship and made this comment:

“Do you find it weird that you’re like ‘wifey’ with my assistant?”

A source revealed to People how Kim was jealous about Stephanie. “Steph went from being an assistant to being a celebrity and now she has a huge social media following. She loves the attention, but it took away from her job.” The source admits Kim always thought Stephanie would be in the background and now that she’s becoming famous for knowing the Kardashians, Kim has kicked her out.

7 Her Mean Streak Behind Closed Doors

Kim likes the world to think that she is a sweetheart, but it’s all a face it, she’s rude, especially to people who she thinks are below her. As reported on Radar Online, “She orders people around like they’re her subjects and she’s the queen.” If staff members don’t do as demanded, Kim will shout at them and say mean things to them. Kim also insults and bad-mouths other celebrities like Beyoncé and the Taylor Swift fight. Other celebrities and family members can’t stand being around her. “It’s impossible to have any interaction with her at the moment without some kind of passive aggressive insult being thrown at you.” As reported on People, Kim wrote a message to Kris,

“No more pilgrim Adams’s family outfits, you have exhausted this look. Move on, we need chic, tight dresses, not this Amish stuff anymore.”

It was posted on Jenner’s Instagram as she was amazed by what her daughter had said. Kim is also a snob and loves to brag about how rich she is. She loves to highlight her bling and expensive items on her social media and even confesses how much money she spends on her Twitter account. No wonder she was robbed!

6 Kim Is Annoyed By Her Sisters And Is Jealous Of Kylie

Every sibling has issues, but Kim takes it to far by confessing everything she hates about her sisters and how they annoy her. As reported on Hollywood Life, Kim has a lot to say about them. She calls Kourtney stubborn and hates that trait; she thinks Khloe is too emotional and can’t stand it that she’s always crying. “Khloe’s getting too sensitive.” Kim hates Kylie’s wilful attitude and confessed in an interview it annoys her that Kylie has an “I don’t care, I know what I’m doing thing.” Kim has even called Khloe and Kourtney rude names and slapped Khloe for “ruining” her Bentley moment. Kim is filled with jealous rage as Kylie has had plastic surgery to look like her sister and the fact that she had a baby and took the limelight off of Kim’s baby via a surrogate.

Kim also hates that the Internet is more obsessed with Kylie and that now she is the most talked about in the Kardashian family.

Kim can’t stop talking about it and it consumes her life that she’s number two now.

5 Her Assistant Has To Do Everything, Even When Kim Has Cleaning Staff To Do It

Stephanie has revealed to Us Weekly that even though Kim does have a staff member for everything, she still has to do household chores despite it not being in her job description.

“I was doing her whole schedule, doing her laundry, booking travel, and putting the stroller together.”

Stephanie even had to take on the role of wedding planner and couldn’t enjoy the wedding as a guest since whatever problem arose, she had to sort it out. Kim is so lazy that her assistant admitted to OK how many staff members she has. “Kim now also has a personal assistant, a house assistant, and two nannies.” Kim even has her assistants fetching her clothes during her many outfit selections throughout the day and they have to clean the mess. As reported on The Daily Star, “There will be numerous outfit changes before Kim leaves the house, at least five or six if Kanye is there. Kim will tell one of her assistants to fetch more clothes from the massive closet.”

4 Kim’s Crying Is All An Act While Cameras Are Rolling

The reality star cries so much that gifs and even memes of her crying have become a trend. Nearly every episode Kim is sobbing over something and sometimes, it’s over petty stuff, such as photos that were released of her which were too revealing, even though Kim takes questionable pictures of herself and posts it on her Instagram all the time. Kim was having an outburst about it because it showed her body shape and she does suffer from low self-esteem. Kim has also balled her eyes out over images which reveal her cellulite and even has outbursts over jewellery being lost! Kim is completely different once the cameras stop rolling — she hardly cries and instead, becomes a diva and has thick skin. Fans have even questioned her crying as it is overboard and now we know the truth. Kim loves to go all out by acting like a drama queen in front of the camera for sympathy and once at home, the real Kim comes out!

3 Still Acts Like A Party Animal Secretly After Portraying A Good-Girl Image

Things heated up and got wild during a night out at Kourtney’s birthday party last year in Mexico and Kim accidentally filmed it all on her Twitter! I bet she was angry as Kim loves to share how she gave up her bad girl image once she got married and had kids. It ended up continuing for days as she, Kourtney, and their friends were drinking and getting wild. The whole world witnessed it all because of drunk Kim. She normally keeps her partying a secret because when she was younger, she did party a lot and doesn’t want it in the media now because she’s settled down.

Kim does have quiet evenings but can still party, and when she does, she goes all out and goes on a bender!

She’s recently partied and sometimes joins Kendall for a night out and tries to hide it. Kim also never turns down a birthday celebration and escapes to Las Vegas often for a girls trip. We all know how crazy things can get in Vegas. It doesn’t look like Kim has given up her partying ways like she claims she has.

2 Kim Has A Strict Diet And Exercise Routine Because Of Her Body Image

The reality star hates her body so much that she exercises to the extreme and follows a strict diet which she doesn’t break at all. Kim went overboard after seeing pictures of herself while holidaying in Mexico. She can only eat real food and it has to be freshly cooked every day. No processed food is allowed, such as biscuits, bread, and even salad dressing!

There’s no junk food and the only treat Kim is allowed is banana bread. Kim eats oatmeal for breakfast. Her lunch includes chicken, sweet potato, and vegetables, and dinner usually consists of fish and vegetables.

Kim eats this meal plan every day! The star wakes up every morning at 6 am for her gruelling six-day-a-week routine with her personal trainer. Kim does weight training and low-intensity and high-intensity training, which consists of squatting and presses workout. After an intense workout, Kim loves to take snaps of herself in her bikini to reveal how the workouts have been working.

1 Kanye And Kim Suffer From Depression And Anxiety 

Even though Kim and Kendall’s suffering from anxiety was revealed on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, there are still some secrets about how bad it actually is. Stephanie told Us Weekly,

“She had no makeup on and was in her sweats.” Kim would spend days in bed and had no energy to do anything.

This is unusual for Kim as she is always looking flawless even when she’s at home which is evident with the millions of selfies. Stephanie also admitted that Kanye also experiences mental health issues and that he even had a nervous breakdown and had to cancel his tour dates. She admits the couple put on an act for the public but when they’re behind closed doors, they’re not very happy and are withdrawn most times. Kim also suffers from self-esteem issues and likes to be above everyone to feel good about herself which is why she has no friends.

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