15 Times Penny And Amy Had All Eyes On Them In BBT

Big Bang Theory has been a smash hit on CBS for the last number of years now. It is likely that the main reason for this is due to Sheldon and the gang. However, many would also claim that the addition of Penny to the group surely did some good. Having beauty around to be among the brains is pretty useful to the overall brand. Kaley Cuoco plays the infamous blonde and is considered to be one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood. Unlike some in her position, she has never wanted to leave the show behind for other projects.

Instead, she has chosen to do other things while still sticking with the group that helped make her famous, to begin with. It seems the entire group feels this way and have ultimately decided to stick with each other as long as CBS will have them. While Penny was a useful addition to the original cast, other females needed to come on board eventually. One of the most popular has likely been Mayim Bialik, who was a major star from the older television series Blossom.

She plays Amy Farrah Fowler and happens to be in a crazy sort of relationship with Sheldon. Yet she stands out as a solo character of her own, without much need for Sheldon to be useful. For those unaware, Mayim is perfect for this show in a number of ways. Likely the biggest reason is her real nerd status as an actual scientist. She has a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from UCLA. Of course, Amy plays a neurobiologist on the show as a result of real life. But Mayim’s actual background has made her useful.

Both Penny and Amy have managed to stand out in a great way on Big Bang Theory. The thought is that the two of them are now as important as the men. They can hold down scenes on their own, and become major fixtures to the show in any scene. They both steal scenes on the regular as a result. In this list, we’re going to break down those moments when Penny and Amy took over, with all eyes centered on them.

15 Penny Forgets How To Use Glue

On one episode of the series, Penny seems to have some issues with glue. The ladies and Raj are sitting at or near a table when the random occurrence of Penny and her issues with glue come to light. Raj looks over at Penny struggling with the glue as it is somehow all over her hand and asks “How’s it going over there, Penny?” She says “Not so good, I’m having trouble with this glue.” At this time, you can see Penny’s hands are covered with the stuff.

While Penny often plays the dumb blonde on the show, this takes things to a new level. Amy looks at Penny, puzzled at the idiocy she was seeing and asks “How do you not know how to use glue, did you ditch pre-school?” Penny responds with the hilarious line: “Yeah, but only because I was dating a second grader.”

14 Penny Asks About Sheldon’s Love Life

Penny asks a direct question to Sheldon in a conversation with him in “do you think one day you and Amy will be physical?” Shelton says that it was a possibility, which was huge. Keep in mind, Sheldon has never really done much with women and does not understand many people at all, much less women. Penny is sort of the Sheldon whisperer in that she can get him to open up about things. Yet at times, even she cannot seem to get him to respond to stuff. She has accepted that, as well as his answers for most things. By the time Sheldon responded to this, he had been pretty much against things with Amy going to this area.

Penny mouths “OH MY GOD!” as she hits Leonard. Taking things to the next level to see if the Sheldon she once knew is changed. She says “Sheldon, I know this was not easy for you and I’m glad we could have this conversation.” Sheldon, of course, nods in her direction as if he was happy to discuss it. Penny loses it yet again and hits Leonard as a result. Penny stole this scene well simply due to the fact that Kaley overacted the scene as the character of Penny needed to do so. She had to be shocked by the turn of events, and Kaley performed that emotion well.

13 Amy Gets insecure

During one scene, Amy and Penny decide on a bit of a makeover which results in Amy having a good makeup day. She decides to call Sheldon in a video chat. Sadly, Sheldon’s partner on a project he is doing answers for him. It is a beautiful woman played by Margo Harshman. Due to this, she assumes that the girl is leaning in on her man, Sheldon. She decides to spy a bit.

She and Penny go up to the places Sheldon works and she sees Leonard talking to Sheldon’s partner more than Sheldon is. The three are eating lunch together when Amy and Penny come up to the place’s cafeteria to see all this going down. Amy leans over to Penny to inform her that suddenly the roles are reversed, and that Penny is the one with the problem, ultimately, passing on her jealousy.

12 Penny And Amy Discuss Penny’s Mistake

After being with someone that she should not have, Penny tells Amy and Bernadette that she did it. They ask her why and she says it was due to his sad eyes that looked into hers. Amy claims that it was good that Penny did not have a dog if it was that easy to get Penny. This was insinuating that even a dog could get lucky with Penny if he looked at her a certain way. Of course, later in this scene, Penny says things are good with them.

She said things were great, and that they were “homeostasis.” Amy leans over to Bernadette and says “it’s so cute when she tries. Basically to say that we all know Penny has no idea what she just said, nor what she even meant by it. But that it was very sweet to see her attempt to use such language around two intelligent girls like herself and Bernadette. Penny often attempts and fails miserably to be at this level, yet Amy often finds Penny’s antics amusing and cute. This was one of those times.

11 Amy And Sheldon’s rumour

Amy and Sheldon decide that it would be best to send out a rumor about them. The decision they make was that they had relations together, which pretty much puts Amy in the spotlight of the episode. The two use Penny to pretty much spread this around, as they both know she has trouble keeping secrets. In fact, Amy goes up to Penny directly to tell her. The rumor begins to do good things for Sheldon, as he feels somewhat accomplished after everyone hears about his conquest.

Due to the success of the first lie, Amy then tells Penny she is carrying Sheldon’s child. Leonard overhears this in the hallway as Penny is standing there, mouth agape over hearing this rumor herself. Obviously, with the entire episode stolen by Penny’s scenes with Amy in this moment, the remainder of it was filled with Amy and Sheldon moments that made everyone laugh until their abdominal muscles began to spasm. The overall episode is hilarious and filled with great moments from them both. Funny enough, the lie would die off in memory as they would do the actual deed later on.

10 Amy And Bernadette Verbally Spar As Penny Plays Ref

In one hilarious episode of Big Bang Theory, the ladies decide to go and get a wax. Amy gets her first and while Penny and Bernadette do well with their waxing, Amy does not and is walking quite awkwardly as a result. The ladies get into the apartment and discuss Howard and Sheldon and their issue over a parking spot. Amy says that Howard should be given his moment in the sun, which Bernadette takes offensively. Amy explains by saying “Howard did go to space and won’t again, but Sheldon will always be a genius.” Bernadette, offended by this, says that none of Sheldon’s ideas have been fully proven.

Penny, in the middle of all of this just looks and says “Damn”, while they argue. Of course, Penny is playing all of us at that moment. Amy does not hold back though, as she says to Bernadette that at least when they are together, her partner isn’t always thinking about his mother. This is a dig at Howard’s lifelong obsession with his mother, as Amy describes. It’s a moment we get to see Penny out of the verbal fight and Amy stand up in one regarding Sheldon.

9 Amy vs Sheldon

In one episode, Amy gets very sick. Despite his issues with germs and sickness, Sheldon actually does a very sweet thing and decides to help take care of her. In doing such, he rubs vapor rub on Amy’s to her great delight. He even has to give her a bath, which she is clearly enjoying the idea of. Amy continues this pattern even after not being sick anymore, just to see how long Sheldon would be willing to take care of her.

The two go on for a while until he finally figures out what it was that Amy was doing to him. Really, what she wanted was attention. She wanted to be doted on, and loved and wanted by the man she desires. Not only did she get that, but when he found out that she had tricked him, they played a little game of dominance with each other, which has become a fan favourite amongst viewers.

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8 Penny And Amy Have Their Own Language

In a moment of the show likely most remembered by fans, Amy and Penny stand out massively. Amy is lying to Sheldon about her apartment being messed up as a means to be with him more. Meanwhile, Penny is hiding a lot of Leonard’s stuff to get it out of the way. As a result, the assumption is that one is lying. Is it Amy about her apartment or what Penny said about Leonard’s stuff? The guys do not realize it, but they assume they’re both lying. Sheldon and Leonard confront the girls about this and are puzzled by their answers.

In order to communicate without the girls knowing what they are saying, they speak Klingon. While Amy knows they are speaking this, the girls surprise Sheldon and Leonard. Amy asks Penny, “Do you remember when I taught you ubbi dubbi?” Penny says that she does and the two of them begin to speak in this language as the guys are puzzled as to what they are saying. Eventually, this ends with everyone coming clean. But this moment, overall, was hilarious for both women.

7 Penny Refuses To Not Be Amy’s Maid Of Honor

Amy is getting married, and thus she decides that she has to pick a maid of honor. She decides to go with Bernadette due to the fact that she apparently feels she would be best at it. Or she feels that Penny does not want to be the maid of honor. The issue is that Penny believes she does not care about it. When Leonard asks her about her best friend not asking her to be the maid of honor, Penny says that she’s fine and that Amy isn’t her best friend. She begins to say that just because they talk every day, Amy is there for her all the time, and stuff like that she could not be…oh wait, she IS Penny’s best friend!

Penny refuses to accept that her best friend is not allowing her to be the maid of honor at her wedding. So she marches up to Amy’s apartment and comes in saying that “If you think I’m gonna let anyone else be your maid of honor except me, you’re an ***** because you’re my best friend.” Howard begins to claim that it is Bernadette’s job until Amy pushes him out of the way to go hug Penny yelling out “Bestie!” as she does it. It was a sweet yet comedic moment that the live audience enjoyed immensely.

6 “I Kissed A Girl, And I Liked It”

Amy, Bernadette, and Penny go out on a girls night which Sheldon tags along to. Penny felt sorry for him and brought him along, to the liking of Amy…up to a point. The girls decide to have some fun, but Sheldon decides against it like usual. As a result, craziness comes about. Well, at least Amy claims there is going to be craziness. Penny and Bernadette ask if Sheldon has ever kissed a girl, but Sheldon claims he has not. That’s if you ignore his grandmother, mother, and sister. Though he did once do mouth to mouth to a nun after she passed out from heat exhaustion.

They say to Sheldon that he is a scientist and should have been curious enough to experiment. Amy volunteers for experimentation and then would kiss her “bestie” Penny relatively quick. Due to Sheldon’s amazing dance ability, the girls want to take him dancing. They all pile into a taxi to take them to a place that they can waltz. On the way to this area, Amy can be seen singing Katy Perry hit “I kissed a girl.” Sheldon looks over at Amy and hilariously said: “What happened to you?”

5 The Ladies Fight About Thor’s Hammer

In one of the funniest moments in the show’s history; the girls spend time reading a comic book to understand why the guys like them so much. They read one regarding Thor, and seem to have a disagreement over Thor’s hammer and who can pick it up. According to the rule of the universe, only one worthy can possess the power to pick up the hammer, Mjölnir. However, they fight over who is worthy by coming up with ideology on if a person is worthy by name or by power. Such as the idea of Hulk picking up Thor. In that the transitive property would mean he picked up the hammer with Thor.

However, Thor picked it up and Penny claims that it would not make sense. As it would be like her picking up a guy after he’s already picked up another girl. Did Penny pick up the girl? No. Which sort of hilarious stunned them. They all decide that they should read the box of comics the guys have in their apartment to find out more. As the guys get back they can overhear the ladies talking about who is worthy. Likely the funniest line was when Bernadette brings up Red Hulk being worthy and Penny says he could not be. But Bernadette responds with “you don’t know his life!” It is likely one of the funniest moments for all three ladies and the entire show was stolen on this comedy.

4 The Relationship Agreement

Amy and Sheldon have been together for quite some time. However, the original account of this was very different. They would never be able to call the other person their boyfriend or girlfriend due to Sheldon never seeming to want to add the label. Eventually, Sheldon agrees and crafts up what is known as “the relationship agreement.” It is notarized and everything, so it is real official. In the document, there is a lot of random things that could be considered hilarious. From things like hand holding all the way to support during flu shots. Amy believes the entire thing is quite romantic and the two agree to terms.

Throughout the show, however, parts of the agreement come to light. While there are additions or amendments added in off and on, we often see a continuous remark about it. This has been quite enjoyable for people to see, as Amy often brings up something odd or crazy that Sheldon added to the agreement that she has to abide by, yet also uses the agreement against him here and there. All eyes are on Amy when she brings either up, and it has become one of the most comedic and long-running gags in the show.

3 Knock, Knock, Penny! Knock, Knock, Penny! Knock, Knock, Penny!

Likely the longest running gag on Big Bang Theory is Sheldon Cooper’s obsessive-compulsive issues regarding pretty much everything. Likely the most hilarious of them all is his obsession to knock on Penny’s door three times. Penny has gotten used to it after a while, and at times there is a variation thrown into it. She might interrupt the knocking by saying “who do we love?” She’s also been known to knock between Sheldon’s knocks to throw him off. It is often quite comedic, even when we cannot see Penny.

Though there have been moments when Penny can be seen knocking on Sheldon’s door doing the exact same thing. The long-running gag is clearly one that brings Sheldon’s OCD to light. However, it also brings out how Penny is relatively accepting of how her friend is. Yet at the same time, she is still willing to throw him off during this obsessive cadence. While it is comedic, Penny shines pretty much every time the knocking occurs. By now, fans have pretty much come to realize it’s going to happen. So adding variations were needed to make it work as long as it has.

2 Amy Walks In On Penny

Amy is the maid of honor for Bernadette’s wedding. As a result of this, she and Penny go with Bernadette to try on dresses for the nuptials. Due to the fact that Amy is obsessed with the beauty that is Penny, but not in a creepy way, she brings up Penny’s looks a lot. When Bernadette tries on a wedding dress, Amy said that she looked beautiful. Not Penny beautiful, but beautiful nonetheless. Penny tries on one dress she likes but needs another. Then Amy tries on a purple one and knows she looks good in it.

The entire thing is hilarious and gets better as Amy has recorded the entire thing. She is becoming impatient for Penny to get done changing, as she is taking forever. She ends up walking in while Penny is in her underwear and is quickly told to get out by the blonde bombshell. This scene put eyes on Penny for a clear, and undeniable reason. However, the entire scene allowed all three girls to shine. Especially Amy and Penny, who made this scene absolutely hilarious and quite memorable.

1 Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty

Penny and Sheldon have a special relationship, but not a romantic one. Their relationship is that of friends, as they truly love and care about the other person. It is a really nice and interesting concept to see on television. As eventually, someone like Penny ends up with someone like Sheldon in some sort of random relationship. It may last a while or a short period, but it happens. But not in Big Bang Theory. It is just two friends being friends. Possibly one of the sweetest yet also most hilarious moments in the show’s history comes when Sheldon is sick.

Penny decides, sort of, to take care of him. Due to the fact that Sheldon is used to his mother singing him a certain song, he asks Penny to. She does not want to sing it but finally gives in. She sings: “Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur. Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr.”

As funny as this seems to be, the best part happens later on when Sheldon happily sings it to Penny. Of course, Penny is not sick and Sheldon does not want to sing it. She is injured, but he sings it eventually. Both make it hilarious as they sing it together.

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