16 Unrelated Celebs That Could Pass As Siblings

It’s kind of scary to see how much these celebrities resemble one another — to the point where one would think they could potentially be related to one another and they just don’t know it. From facial features to bone structures, it’s not uncommon to see two celebrities look almost identical to one another, but apparently have no sort of relation to one another whatsoever.

It’s presumably even scarier to also see that they share the same kind of characteristics, such as Jennifer Lawrence and Bella Hadid, for example, who not only look very much alike but also share the same mannerisms in how they behave — surely they’d have to be related, right?

While some of these celebrities have acknowledged the fact that they have doppelgängers of themselves out in Hollywood, others have yet to discover how much they resemble other people in their field, which always begs the question of whether they could potentially get together and produce a project regarding how much they resemble one another.

With actresses, in particular, it would be pretty cool to see the likes of Zoe Saldana and Jada Pinkett-Smith find themselves starring in the same movie, and the plot could be driven around the fact that they could easily pass off as twins, even though one happens to be much older than the other. Of course, that’s still very much a possibility should the right casting director come along and put such a project into motion.

See below for 15 celebrities who share a shocking resemblance to one another — it will have you so confused, you’d think these stars are related.

16 Zoe Saldana and Jada Pinkett-Smith

Not only are both of these women leading actresses in some of Hollywood’s biggest films, they also happen to share a shocking resemblance to one another. Perhaps they tend to find themselves getting so many jobs in the industry because they have a striking appearance, but fans have yet to see Jada Pinkett-Smith and Zoe Saldana feature in the same motion picture together.

Jada Pinkett, who is reasonably older than Zoe has very similar features to the Avatar actress, and their skin tones are very much alike. If one didn’t know who these Hollywood stars were, one could easily confuse them to be related to one another — and even with Jada’s age different to Saldana, she could easily pass off as her sister.

Of course, it shouldn’t be forgotten that Pinkett-Smith is no stranger when it comes to doing some work, but regardless of how she manages to look as great as she does, it has only enhanced her features and youthful look, giving all the more a similar appearance to Zoe Saldana.

It will only be a matter of time before Zoe and Jada Pinkett-Smith will star in the same movie together.

15 Kim Kardashian and Nicole Scherzinger

Kim Kardashian shares more of a resemblance to Nicole Scherzinger than she does with her own biological sisters; Kourtney and Khloe. The reality star has always been confused with Scherzinger in the past, particularly when Kim first started to make a name for herself in 2007 — of course, now it’s more distinguishable on who is who since one happens to go under the knife every other week while the other stayed natural.

What’s noticeably different between Kim Kardashian and Nicole Scherzinger would be that the former Pussycat Dolls singer is much slimmer than her lookalike TV personality. But if one was to simply judge by the look of their faces, their features seem to give off the impression that these two could also pass off as sisters.

If Nicole was to have been Kim’s sister, Kardashian would have had quite the competition when it comes to who looks better and gets more attention because Nicole definitely stays in the best shape possible, and given that she’s a natural beauty, she doesn’t necessarily have to try very hard to look effortlessly beautiful.

Kim Kardashian, on the other hand, has admitted to plastic surgery in the past — so perhaps she only looks like Nicole because of her constant work under the knife.

14 Mila Kunis and Sarah Hyland

Believe it or not but Mila Kunis and Sarah Hyland are actually said to be industry pals, which makes the fact that they share such a striking resemblance that much cooler.

It must be pretty weird having a friend that looks very much like yourself, and one can only imagine the confusion these two get when they are mistaken for one another by their fans — considering that they know each other well, it would seem doubtful that they take offense to it.

And to be honest, it’s not exactly a bad thing to be mistaken for either Mila Kunis or Sarah Hyland. After all, both women have appealing features, have a staggering career going for themselves, and are both self-made millionaires — surely anybody would take that as a compliment.

Similar to Zoe Saldana and Jada Pinkett, it’s only a matter of time before casting directors find a script that suits the need for both actresses to play alongside one another in what could potentially be one of the funniest comedy movies of the year. Mila wouldn’t strike fans as the person who would turn such an opportunity down.

13 Bella Hadid and Jennifer Lawrence

It’s pretty crazy how Jennifer Lawrence and Bella Hadid don’t just look like one another, they also happen to share very similar traits when it comes to their behavior and attitude. Yes, their appearance alone easily shows that they have significant features that could mistake these two as being sisters, but they also aren’t too fond of smiling that much.

Bella seems to be a professional when it comes to taking photos and never smiling, and Jennifer Lawrence isn’t that far off either. She’s not big on smiling for the cameras — one can only imagine what a conversation between Jennifer and Bella must be like. They would probably be the best of friends because of their similarities to one another.

The only major difference that Bella and Jennifer have between one another is that one has darker toned hair while the other is known to be a blonde — well, unless you think about her role in the 2018 hit film Red Sparrow where she looks even more like Hadid, rocking her dark-style bangs.

It’s said that neither Bella nor Jennifer have ever met, so it would be about time that somebody gets these two in the same room together — their chemistry would be through the roof.

12 Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry

When Zooey Deschanel’s career really started taking off in the early ‘10s, people were very much convinced that she was Katy Perry who had retired from her music career to focus on acting full-time instead.

The shock of it all probably came when fans not only realized that “Katy Perry” could also act, she was booking roles from left to right and consequently prepped the release of yet another album. Eventually, it became clear that Katy isn’t an actress after all.

Zooey’s resemblance to Perry is pretty frightening; some fans would say that they could definitely pass off as twins, and if that was too much of a stretch, one could still go with siblings or cousins.

Both Hollywood stars have distinct features that are very bold but also stand out and resemble one another. Katy and Zooey also have very soft, round faces, so the uncanny similarities from their facial features alone can be quite scary, especially since they both share more resemblance than they do with their own siblings.

If Katy ever needed a stand-in out in public, she could use Zooey as her decoy, unless they all know it’s Deschanel and end up asking her for photographs instead. Either way, it would be a win for Katy Perry and vice versa to be compared to one another.

11 Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber

It was just five years ago when Miley Cyrus shocked the world with her wild antics and crazy behavior, which all seemed to be part of her publicity stunt to sell a bunch of records for her album Bangerz, and all the shenanigans she did definitely pull off.

Cyrus did a complete makeover, having cut her hair completely short and even changing up her own style. It’s funny because when Miley had first debuted her new look, people were constantly mistaking her for good pal Justin Bieber — it was funnier to then see the twosome out and about together looking just like twins next to each other.

Cyrus joked about the resemblance herself on social media, playing along with the remarks that she could potentially be Justin’s distant sister. Of course, once Cyrus had finished her tour and admitted that her 2013 antics weren’t part of her true self, she went back to a modest and simple look and even started growing her hair out again.

The similarities she shared with Justin Bieber have started to fade now that her hair is much longer again, but as soon the locks are off, get ready for the Biebs’ long-lost sister to make her return to Hollywood.

10 Julia Roberts and Steven Tyler

Though they are not known to be friends in the industry, nor are they related in any shape or form, Julia Roberts and Steven Tyler look so much alike, it’s quite scary to know that they aren’t relatives after all. Just by looking at their facial structure, one would think that Steven could pass for Julia’s biological dad — even the way that they smile and the features they share between one another.

Other traits would be that they are both talented in their own right, tend to keep a relatively low profile when it comes to their personal life, but most importantly, they are aging pretty well considering the fact that neither is a big fan of plastic surgery.

For Steven Tyler, the fact that he still looks so good for his age considering all the partying and drinking he would have endured in his life, it’s impressive that the resemblance to Julia Roberts, who doesn’t do either of the two, has continued to be so strong over the years.

This would be a great case for Maury Povich to determine whether or not Steven is, in fact, Julia’s biological father because it just doesn’t make sense otherwise.

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9 Victoria Justice and Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev and Victoria Justice are both successful actresses in their own right but no, the two women are not sisters despite what fans have thought in the past.

Justice, who has been acting since she was a child, had fans believe that Nina could have been her half-sister at the very least when Dobrev jumped onto the scene with her hit show The Vampire Diaries.

Though Nina had been acting prior to that, it was on this show where it really felt like fans were sometimes watching Victoria play Dobrev’s character, to the point where one would get confused with how these two women could look so much alike.

The only thing that helped fans differentiate who was who was by their accent and the tone of their voice — that ended up being a giveaway to the fact that they are not the same person, but fans seem to agree that they could still be considered half-sisters at the very least.

It’s also interesting that these two have also never been approached to star alongside one another in a motion picture together; there would seem to be endless storylines to could be drawn from their uncanny resemblance.

8 Ed Sheeran and Rupert Grint

Ed Sheeran seems to agree with fans that Rupert Grint very much happens to look like him — why else would he have hired the actor star in one of his own music videos? It’s funny because when Rupert did agree to star in Sheeran’s Lego House visual, many who had first come across Ed’s music at the time were stunned to find out that Rupert had now started a singing career.

When the video came out, endless Harry Potter fans were confused as to why the song was credited to Ed Sheeran when Rupert happened to be in the visual, and to make matters worse when they saw who the singer was, they couldn’t tell the difference between both entertainers.

It’s believed that Ed is good friends with Rupert, so the idea of having him star in his video seemed rather natural, and there’s no doubt that Sheeran knew what he was doing in having Grint be a part of what would turn into quite the fiasco for fans to comprehend.

The only difference between the twosome now is that Ed is much more recognizable these days since his career has skyrocketed over the years. And as age goes, looks tend to fade over time, but there’s still that identical resemblance between the two that’s still very noticeable.

7 Kesha and Blake Lively

This would seem to be somewhat of a stretch but if you were to squint your eyes and imagine Blake Lively is just as wild as Kesha, you will be able to see the resemblance between the two.

People have always said that Lively and Kesha share similar looks to one another, which many have argued over the years but in looking closely at their facial features, there definitely does seem to be an uncanny similarity between the two, regardless of how noticeable it may be.

It’s believed that neither Blake or Kesha know each other personally, so they definitely aren’t friends, nor are they related to one another. But what should probably be done is to have both of these stars check their ancestry roots because it goes without saying that Kesha and Blake definitely share facial traits that could have them pass off as cousins at the very least.

But while they may look similar to one another, one thing that doesn’t match up in similarity would be their personality since Blake is very quiet and private while Kesha likes to party, is considered somewhat of a “wild animal” and defines a good time by getting pretty wasted. Wow.

6 Wendy Williams and Beyonce

The irony of it all. One is a woman who has established a career that continues to reach new heights with every new album she puts out while the other made a career through talking bad about celebrities including her lookalike twin.

Despite the fact that Wendy Williams has talked bad about Beyonce more than a few times, which would almost seem like she’s jealous of the singer, there’s no doubt that the talk-show host has distinctive features that have her resembling Beyonce quite a lot.

Fans wouldn’t go as far as to say that they could pass off as twins, but it’s undeniable that Wendy Williams has a Beyonce thing going on for herself — she could pass off as being Beyonce’s mother more than Tina Knowles can, but that could also be because of Williams’ choice of wigs.

The wigs tend to make quite the difference in how a person looks on camera, and whenever Wendy pulls out her best Beyonce wig, she tends to have the whole ensemble done just about right for people to be confused into thinking that she was, in fact, the Queen B.

Of course, it would only take Wendy to open her mouth and start singing for us to know that she isn’t Beyonce after all.

5 Lindsay Lohan and Emma Stone

Lindsay Lohan with short hair could easily pass off as Emma Stone’s twin. It’s kind of funny how Emma and Lindsay share very similar looks and yet only one of them has a successful career in Hollywood while the other is still trying to figure out what to do with her life.

While it’s sad to say this, it would almost seem like casting directors replaced Lindsay Lohan with Emma Stone — she carries just as much talent as Lindsay did, and it just so happens that they both happen to lookalike.

And the difference with Emma is that she actually follows instructions, appears on set on time and doesn’t cause arguments with directors, all of the things which allegedly saw Lohan’s career plummet quicker than she could have imagined.

It’s easy to say that the $15 million a movie that Stone is netting could have been money that Lindsay would have made had she just kept herself on the right path throughout her years in Hollywood because her good years seem behind her now that she’s no longer getting booked.

And why should she? Emma Stone her lookalike has taken over, and she’s proven herself to be a reliable actress to work with.

4 Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox

Before Megan Fox became a well-known actress, having starred in a few movies here and there, people would often mistake her for Angelina Jolie. It was just about the time when she started looking major roles in films such as Transformers and Jennifer’s Body were fans were really under the impression that the two must be related to one another.

And to make it even more interesting, if one looks at the body of work from both actresses, they both tend to take on similar roles to one another. Megan and Angelina often play characters that are pretty dominant and sure of themselves; they can fight, they are strong, independent, and quite frankly don’t need a man to help them out in difficult situations.

Add that with the fact that they have very similar looks, facial features, and characteristics, which are very noticeable in the movies they have starred in and you have two actresses that could easily tell the world they are sisters and leave the world fooled. It wouldn’t be all that difficult into getting people to believe that story, that’s for sure.

Apparently, though, the two have never met, nor have they been approached to work on a film together — yet.

3 Kylie Jenner and Lucy Hale

Let’s assume that Kylie Jenner still had her natural lips. If you look at her photos prior to all the changes she went through, she actually resembled Lucy Hale quite a lot.

In fact, before all that, fans would often compare the two and assume that Kendall wasn’t Kylie’s sibling — obviously, that was all said in a joking manner, but their resemblance to one another is quite frightening because they could easily be mistaken to be sisters, that’s for sure.

Now that Kylie Jenner is helming one of the biggest lip kit brands in the world, it would be cool to see her team up with someone like Lucy for a lipstick collaboration — given that they share identical features, it would probably market itself really well.

One can only imagine what the line of lip kit would be called. Something along the lines of twinning would be cool, and since the Jenners love a good photo shoot, fans wouldn’t doubt that Lucy Hale and Kylie embarking on a shoot together would be absolute perfection.

Of course, neither of the two have even acknowledged the fact that they lookalike so a possible lip kit collaboration is still very much just a thought in the mind of delusional fans.

2 Ariana Grande and Bhad Bhabie

While some may consider this being somewhat of a reach, if Bhad Bhabie was to fix her attitude and change her hair color to brown, she could potentially have the Ariana Grande look down to a striking point.

Sure, fans would disagree, but only because of the reputation Bhad Bhabie holds in the industry, being known as a loud-mouthed bratty girl who made millions by badmouthing her mother on national television and infamously saying, “Cash me outside, how bah dah.”

Well, one thing she has in common, aside from the looks with Ariana, is that she knows how to make money on her own, and one shouldn’t rule that out. Bhad Bhabie has an up-and-coming music career and is already selling out venues all across North America with the songs she’s already put out.

One may be a rapper with an attitude that could need some fixing but give Bhad Bhabie a makeover that would see her hair changed to brown, a little Fenty Beauty here and there, and perhaps a touch of Kylie Jenner’s lip kit — oh, and of course, change the attitude, and you could potentially have another Ariana Grande in the music industry. It’s doubtful this would happen though.

1 louis tomlinson and matt terry

During the X Factor last year, viewers and fans of One Direction were shocked to see that one of the contestants, named Matt Perry looked so alike Louis Tomlinson that the two could definitely pass as brothers.

Louis even knew it himself, tweeting about it, causing fans to lose their minds. But seriously, look at them, it is honestly out of this world how alike they are. Seriously look at them. They have the same kind of face, very angular, and the same narrow eyes, and even the same kind of facial hair! They can barely grow a beard, but are supporting some light scruff over their lips, on their chin, and on the sides.

Most importantly, their hairstyle mimics one another. Light brown hair styled upwards, and then calm in the back? It is a hairstyle that Louis has been supporting for a very long time, and it looks like Matt took a page out of his book.

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