20 Rules The Royal Kids Have To Follow (And 5 They Keep On Breaking)

Members of the royal family are taught from a young age that they should hold themselves a certain way, and always act polite and courteous. It’s a lot of pressure for toddlers and children, but it’s just the way the family operates. Every time they’re seen in public, they’re representing the royal family, so no tantrums or unfavorable behavior is permitted.

They’re expected to present themselves in a good light, which means no bickering, no slouching, and generally, just no tom-foolery. Every royal child is taught multiple languages in preparation for their future royal duties, and they receive the best care possible, from personal chefs to top-notch schooling. They have a busy, important life ahead of them, so the younger they start, the better.

Just like any other child though, they have their moments where they break from their role as future dukes, dutchesses, princes, and princesses, and let their true selves show. It’s honestly amazing just how good the children are at being polite and respectful most of the time. When they do act silly or slip up, the media eats it up. No harm, no foul, right?

Let’s take a look at 20 strict rules the royal kids must follow, as well as 5 rules they keep on breaking.

25 No Slouching

The royal children are taught proper posture from a young age. You can tell, even when they’re little, the royal kids have things drilled into their heads until it’s just second nature. Very rarely will you catch a royal child slouching.

The little girls are also taught how to curtsy like a little lady and how to sit appropriately. The young boys are taught to sit with their feet planted firmly on the floor, shoulder-width apart. It’s healthy to practice proper posture, and the royals are much less likely than the majority of the general population to experience back problems, thought it’s safe to say that the royals practise good posture it for appearances as well.

24 No Monopoly

This doesn’t just apply to children. No one in the Royal Family is permitted to partake in a game of monopoly. It’s not written in some royal rulebook, but it’s been banned due to high emotions. How relatable is that?

Yes, even the prim and proper royals lose their cool when playing this classic board game, so they no longer break it out during family time. We’re not sure when they last played the game, but we know it will never happen again. Prince Andrew was once gifted a customized monopoly set, and after graciously accepting the gift, he admitted, “it gets too vicious.”

23 Must Accept All Gifts

Again, this applies to every member of the royal family, not just the children. But they’re started off on this tradition young. It doesn’t matter what the gift is, they’re expected to graciously accept it with a smile and a “thank you.”

When a gift is accepted, it technically becomes property of the crown. The Queen then decides what to do with the gift. We’re sure she mostly allows the family members who received the gift to keep it, but it all depends on what it is. The royals have been gifted some strange items and animals — including wild animals that were given to the zoo.

22 No Eating After The Queen Is Done

Once the Queen has finished eating, everyone else present is expected to put their forks down, whether they were done eating or not. It’s a sign of respect for the Queen and her schedule.

At large events, the Queen will put her purse on the table, which subtly tells everyone around her that dinner must be finished within 5 minutes. The kids are taught this from a young age as well, though we’re sure the Queen won’t keep a hungry baby from eating. Generally speaking though, the royal kids are taught that it’s impolite and unacceptable to continue eating when the Queen indicates that she’s through with her meal.

21 No Carbs In The Castle

The royal children are permitted to eat carbs when they’re not dining with the Queen, but when it comes to family meals at the palace, there are no potatoes, rice, pasta, or things of that nature. There’s reportedly no garlic allowed in the palace as well, simply because the Queen doesn’t like the flavor.

Potatoes, rice, and pasta are reserved for big events or festive dinners. The Queen regards it as unhealthy to eat on a regular basis, and she’s not wrong. When dining with her, the children can expect to eat the freshest of ingredients, typically baked chicken or fish with a side of steamed vegetables.

20 No Handling Money

The royals aren’t permitted to handle their own money, not even for a simple transaction. Naturally, this rule is broken quite a bit, as things become more modern for the royal family.

They usually don’t carry any money with them, ever. They have staff members that run errands, hold their money, and complete transactions for them. This is most likely a safety precaution, not only because of the chance of losing money or being robbed (which, let’s be honest, who in their right mind would try to attack a royal), but because the royals are notorious for taking many precautions when it comes to their health. If they can avoid touching hands or other objects that are deemed unsanitary, they will.

19 No Casual Outfits

The royal kids are expected to always dress to impress. Well, of course they most likely don’t dress themselves, but they’re certainly expected to keep their clothes on, and do their best to not stain their outfits, especially while out in public.

No one in the royal family is supposed to leave the house in casual wear. No one is really supposed to wear jeans, though it has happened on a few occasions, typically on true vacations or events where it’s acceptable. The little boys are to wear tailored shorts, and the little girls, typically dresses. The boys in the family are known for wearing little buckled leather shoes, something that’s generally associated with being girly to people in the US. They’re adorable!

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18 No Nicknames

No nicknames for anyone in the family, at least not while out in public. The children of course can call their parents “mom” and “dad.” But they’re not supposed to use or be referred to by any cute pet names or nicknames or any sort.

There are a few exceptions to this rule. Take Prince Harry for instance. His real name is Henry, but he’s been referred to by Harry for so long that it’s become acceptable. Possibly because it’s such a close name, and because it’s still a perfectly proper, appropriate name.

You won’t hear anyone in the royal family calling Princess Charlotte “Char” or “Lotty” in public, that’s for sure.

17 Must Learn Multiple Languages

All of the royal children are taught multiple languages, starting them off when they’re very young. In fact, Princess Charlotte is already considered bilingual, at the tender age of three. My goodness, she’s advanced!

All of the members of the royal family are taught several languages, since they often greet many people from all over the world. They are all expected to learn French, at the very least. Princess Charlotte and her brother are tackling Spanish as well, and we’re sure it won’t be long until she’s as skilled as her father in multiple languages. Maybe she’ll even learn some Mandarin, like him!

16 Must See The Queen For Christmas

The kids are not allowed to travel to visit other family members for Christmas, though Kate Middleton has broken this rule. The Queen was not pleased.

Other than bad-girl Kate, all royal children are expected to travel to the Queen’s estate, Sandringham House, located in Norfolk, about 100 miles north of London. They reportedly spend all of the time together, eating, relaxing, opening presents, and chatting. Honestly, other than the presents, it sounds like a bore for the children. We’re sure they’re expected to be on their best behavior the entire time, especially since they’re in the presence of the Queen.

15 No Traveling Together

No two heirs are permitted to travel together. This was put into place to protect the heir to the throne. It’s dark, but this rule ensures that, should a plane go down, the family wouldn’t lose more than one family member at one time.

This is yet another rule that Prince William and his son have broken. When Prince George was only 9 months old, he flew on a plane with his family. The Queen has loosened her reigns a bit on this rule, as planes become more and more safe. Still, it’s said that once Prince George is twelve years old, he will no longer be permitted to travel with his father.

14 No Shellfish

No shellfish for the royals! As I’ve mentioned above, the royal family takes special precautions when it comes to their health. They avoid shellfish not only because they can’t afford to get sick due to their busy schedules, but because it’s an allergen. Again, it sounds dark, but the family takes death into consideration all the time.

They would rather not risk losing a family member, or having someone fall ill simply over a seafood dish. Many of the family members have never tasted shrimp, or any other shellfish in their lives! Others have snuck a few bites in here and there, but generally everyone tries to avoid it.

13 Must Perfect The Windsor Wave

The kids are taught from the moment they can move their tiny little fingers, that they must learn how to wave like a royal. No fumbling, erratic waves from Princess Charlotte! She’s had the wave down since she was a tiny tot.

The royal family is known for bribing the little ones with candy and television time, in order to get them to behave in public. No shame! If it works, it works. And apparently it does, because for the most part, the little ones seem to be on their best behavior while out and about. We’re not sure how exactly they teach the little ones to wave and hold themselves, but they’re doing a great job.

12 No Electronic Toys

The royal kids aren’t completely shut off from the world. They’re allowed a little bit of television time here and there, and we’re sure they have a couple of toys that sing. But Prince William and Kate Middleton have made it clear that they don’t allow the kids to have tablets, iPads, or anything of that nature.

Things like that are reserved and regarded as “toys for adults,” and we’re not sure at what age the kids will be permitted to use these devices. Either way, they’ll never be allowed to have social media accounts. It’s just as well, really!

11 They Must Watch What They Say

Of course the royal children are taught to be polite, courteous, and to use proper diction. But they’re also taught that some seemingly normal words are not appropriate to use.

Words such as “toilet,” “perfume,” and “pardon,” are not permitted. The toilet is referred to as the “loo,” and “perfume” is instead referred to as “scent.” The kids are also not to call teatime as “teatime.” Instead, they must refer to it as “dinner” or “supper.” How fancy!

They’re also not allowed to use the word “posh”. For some reason the royals don’t want to be considered posh, and they feel the word is synonymous with “snooty.” They want to appear well-put together and refined, but not pretentious.

10 Must Perform Royal Duties

While the children are still young, they don’t have a long laundry list of royal duties. The main one that Prince George and Princess Charlotte are expected to do right now is have tea with the Queen every Thursday afternoon.

They’re expected to be studious, gracious, and polite, but they’re also encouraged to be kids. In fact, it means a great deal to Kate Middleton. She strives to give her kids as normal of a life as she can provide, and that includes letting them play and simply be themselves. As they grow older, more responsibilities will be placed upon them, but for now, it’s teatime with the Queen and learning how to carry themselves. Oh, and learning French, of course.

9 No Gifts On Christmas Day

Don’t worry, the kids still get presents for Christmas, they just don’t open them on Christmas day. While every other child who celebrates the holiday is impatiently awaiting Christmas morning, the royal kids are already playing with their new toys.

The royal family follows the tradition of opening their gifts at teatime (or supper) on Christmas Eve. This practice has German roots. According to the royal family’s website, they call the children to the Christmas tree with a bell, signalling them that it’s time to open gifts. Sounds like something straight out of a movie! We’re sure they look forward to that bell sound more than anything.

8 No Pre-Packaged Food

This rule makes sense. I mean, why on earth would the royal children be fed pre-packaged food? They have chefs on hand, and they’re all very health conscious people.

In 2013, Darren McGrady, the Queen’s former chef, told the TODAY Show, “I’ve certainly never seen packaged food with any of the royal babies.Why would they buy packaged food when the queen has 20 personal chefs?”

“As they got older, you’d have one chef in the kitchen doing the chicken, one doing the veg, and then it would all be blended together; it was a major operation cooking for them.”

It’s true! Why would they feed the babies of the family jar food, even high-quality jar food, when they have people ready and willing to serve them fresh purees?

7 Girls Can’t Wear Tiaras Until They’re Married

No tiaras for Princess Charlotte until she’s married! She certainly looks adorable in floral crowns, headbands, and hair bows for now.

Wearing tiaras is reserved for married members of the royal family, as a symbol of status. At events, they want to make it clear to men around them that they’re already married and not interested in any sort of courting or flirtatious conversation.

One day, she’ll get to wear a tiara just like her mommy, but only after 6pm at big events. For now, she’ll have to settle for cute hair bows and possibly playing dress up with her mom’s crown in private.

6 Can’t Sit With Adults

The children aren’t permitted to sit with the adults during dinner at the royal palace until they’ve learned the art of polite conversation.

The basics include proper table manners, utensil placement, and the ability to hold a polite conversation with the adults around them. They can’t discuss heavy topics or things that might make anyone uncomfortable, and they must learn how to encourage the person they’re engaging with the share their opinions and keep the conversation flowing smoothly.

Once they’ve learned how to eat like little princes and princesses, they move up to sitting at the table with their older family members.

5 Broke rule: Throwing Fits In Public

Just like any other toddler, Princess Charlotte has shown an inability to control her emotions while out in public. Let’s get something straight — I think she’s perfect and well-mannered. I’m not shaming her or her parents in any way. It’s just the way toddler are. They have big emotions, and they haven’t figured out how to express themselves or handle the way they’re feeling in an appropriate manner.

It’s actually very impressive how well she usually behaves in public. But like any other three year old, she has her moments where she just won’t listen to her mother. For the most part, she’s an absolute angel! These moments are far and few between.

4 Broken rule: Wearing Casual Outfits

When Prince George met former President Obama, he was wearing very casual clothes. A robe, in fact! I’m not exactly sure why his parents decided to dress him this way, when the kids are typically not even allowed to wear casual clothes to the park.

The President later cracked a joke about meeting the Prince in his pyjamas, saying, “Last week Prince George showed up to our meeting in his bath robe. That was a slap in the face. A clear breach of protocol.”

He looked absolutely adorable, and to be fair, that little robe probably cost more than any article of clothing in my closet. Is anything ever truly “casual,” when a royal is wearing it?

3 Broken rule: Traveling With Dad

Prince George has traveled with his father on several occasions. As I mentioned above, it’s a rule that the Queen herself has been relaxing a bit on, considering how much more safe airplanes are now compared to when the rule was put in place.

It’s obviously still pretty important to the family though, as Prince George will be expected to travel on his own by the age of twelve. For now, he’s been seeing flying with both of his parents for vacations and royal duties. Prince William and Kate Middleton are usually pretty good at following the royal protocol, so when they break a rule, it’s typically because it’s outdated, or they’re trying to change the game to fit with modern times.

2 Broken rule: Being Silly At Big Events

Princess Charlotte is almost always holding herself with grace, but she is only three after all. I’m always impressed by her manners and ability to hold in her toddler instincts at big events and holidays. But every now and then, her true three-year-old personality will shine through for just a moment.

She never gets reprimanded for these instances, nor do I think she should be. The media usually eats it right up. “Oh my, look how adorable she is!” “Isn’t she just precious?” I’m glad things are this way. No child deserves to be put down over a few moments of silliness. Princess Charlotte sure is a charmer.

1 Broken rule: funny face

Princess Charlotte and her uncle, Prince Harry are both notorious for sticking their tongues out for the paparazzi that follow them around. Prince harry reportedly pulled this move on several occasions because the cameramen would stick their tongues out and make silly faces in an attempt to get the young boy to smile for a quick picture. Once he was old enough to mimic the move, he started sticking his tongue out at every camera he saw.

Princess Charlotte recently stuck her tongue out at the cameras during the wedding day festivities. The world lost their minds, recalling her uncle doing the same thing as a child.

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