21 Things Only Mike Fisher Could Tell Us About Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood is one of the most intriguing celebrities in Hollywood. She exploded on the scene after winning American Idol and has gone on to become one of the most successful country musicians of all-time. Not to mention helping get millions of fans excited about football by singing on Sunday Night Football. 

Her life outside of the music industry has seemingly been just as picture perfect, with Carrie marrying the long-time NHL player, Mike Fisher back in 2010. The two have one child together and may be ramping up for round 2 in the near future. Especially with Fisher’s newfound retirement.

But if you think Underwood’s life is all sunshine and rainbows, think again. Underwood has openly admitted that her birth was not planned and the relationship she has with her sisters is not the type of thing you’d find in a Hallmark card.

Underwood also made like Carmen Sandiego and disappeared for months after suffering a horrific injury to her face and wrist, that as you’ll read, she only very recently opened up about the cause of. And while we hope that Underwood and Fisher aren’t going to become next in the long line of celebrity divorces this year, that definitely hasn’t slowed down tabloid media from trying to expose some of the couple’s alleged ugliest moments.

We track down some of the most revealing quotes from both Underwood and Fisher, as well as some of her best, and most shocking looks, that every fan of hers will enjoy reading.

21 Just How Different She Is From Her On-Stage Persona

When Mike Fisher was falling in love with Carrie Underwood, we wouldn’t blame him if he spent some time watching her music videos and seeing her perform in concert. But when Carrie was asked to describe herself, she made it abundantly clear how different she is in real-life than on the stage. Just how different? We suppose only Mike really knows for sure,

“I love being onstage, but that’s different. That’s not Carrie. That’s Carrie Underwood. The rest of my life I feel like I’m incredibly disappointing to people. Like if I run into someone at the grocery store, I really don’t know what to say because I don’t have a microphone in my hand or bling on. They expect me to be ‘Carrie Underwood,’ but I’m just Carrie. I’m sorry!”

In another interview, Underwood also revealed her preference for just getting to unwind with Mike and some close friends,

“I love being around my friends and my family and spending time with my husband. I like being normal and recharging my batteries, and I feel like I have the coolest job in the world where I get to get on stage and perform and get to do a lot of really amazing things.”

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20 How She Is As a Mother

If Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood were not able to coincide as parents, we are sure that divorce bells would start chiming. Because nothing is more important than making sure you are building a strong life for your children and making sure that you and your partner are on the same page with how to raise them.

When Underwood did an interview with Redbook, she revealed just how much she has changed since giving birth to her son, Isaiah

“I definitely feel like it’s changed me as a person. I’m happier. I’m in a better mood a lot of the time. He’ll be watching cartoons and I’ll be watching him. I’m completely in love. I love it when he’s sleepy and I get to hold him and smell him. He doesn’t know I’m staring at him and being all googly-eyed!”

Let’s hope that Mike Fisher also feels like his wife has been happier since being a mother and that he would also be feeling similar things about how his own life has changed since he has become a Dad. We’re sure Fisher is also going to be excited when his son is old enough to be taught how to play hockey, and who better to teach him than his NHL Dad!

(Source: RedBook)

19 What Songs Are About Him

We are sure that one of the neatest things about getting to date a famed musician is knowing that some of the music that is being popular, is about you. This may definitely be the case for Underwood’s upcoming album which also marks the first time that Underwood has signed on to help produce,

“I was listening to the songs that we had been writing and the stuff I’d been gravitating towards and I wanted to take a little more ownership in things,” said Underwood when discussing why she stepped into the new role. She also elaborated further on her website, saying,

“I’ve always been lucky to have a voice in the writing and recording process, but this is the first time I am this involved in the production of my music. It’s been challenging and incredibly rewarding to be involved in every aspect from start to finish.”

One of the past songs that is about Fisher is “What I Never Knew I Always Wanted” which was off of her former album, Storyteller.

Let’s just hope that some of her more aggressive ones like “Before He Cheats” isn’t inspired by some of Fisher’s misconduct that we just don’t know about!

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18 She Loves Dressing Down

There are many celebrities out there who know just how attractive they are and don’t seem to try very hard to hide that (or their ego). But when it comes to Carrie Underwood, maybe one of the reasons why Fisher loves her so much is because of how casual she can dress and still look like the most beautiful person in the world to him,

“I don’t consider myself s*xy. I’m kind of a nervous person in general. I’m kind of a nervous person in general. I’m socially awkward. I’m not tall and sensuous. I usually wear sweats everywhere I go. Oh, and I burp a lot,” said Underwood when describing herself.

Though we are sure if Fisher was asked to describe Underwood, that may definitely be one of the things that he uses to describe her. Underwood is occasionally seen out in public wearing sweatpants, but we are sure there are even more pairs that she has at home that Fisher is used to seeing her in. And if he ever wants to see her dressed to the nines, all he has to do is look at their calendar and wait for the next time she is scheduled to perform or attend a red carpet event!

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17 Just How Close She Is With Her Mom

There are many different factors that can go into why two people decide that staying married is not the right decision for them. But one reason that many people can relate to is that they realized they could not stand their mother-in-law. We need to hope that is not the case for Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood. Especially when you need the next quote in our list from Carrie, who was once asked to describe who her role model is,

“I would say that my role model, as far as just somebody leading by example, which to me is what a great youth counselor does – they are there to talk to and lead by example – would be my mom, but she wasn’t a youth counselor. She was a teacher, and she is a good person and definitely one of the biggest influences in my life.”

And nobody knows how close she is to her Mom quite like Mike! At least you would hope so. A comment like that also seems to indicate that if Carrie Underwood’s Mom had some reservations about Carrie’s relationship with Mike, that Carrie may not have had to hesitate for too long before giving him a boot out of the door.

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16 How Important Faith Is To Them

There are many topics that are able to be considered dealbreakers for you and your potential relationship. And for Carrie Underwood, it seems like her Christian faith is absolutely one of them. Thankfully for her, it’s a belief that she shares with Mike Fisher.

“Every Wednesday, my husband and I have a study group with our friends. I attend church. We try to devote time in the morning, say a prayer,” said Underwood when talking about her faith.

We are sure that considering both Underwood and Fisher found an incredible amount of success in their chosen fields that they both can find many things to be very grateful for. Underwood also opened up about her faith on another occasion, including stating her stance in support of same gender marriage, saying,

“I’m in favor of acceptance. And I am a Christian person, and I do love the Lord, and I feel no matter who you are, what you believe, how you live your life, it’s not my place to judge. I don’t want that power. It’s my place to love and to show God’s love to other people, even if they don’t live a life like I live. So that’s where I’m coming from.”

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15 The Ramifications Of Having a Child On Her Body

There are many celebrities who seem to lose their baby weight overnight. When Carrie Underwood, who’s son Isiah was only 7 months old at the time talked to PEOPLE magazine about how her body looks now, she stated,

“I weigh more than I did when I was at my smallest, but I have a lot more muscle tone. For some reason, I feel leaner after [giving birth]. It’s really strange the way my body has reacted to exercise after having him. I feel like my bum’s a little nicer than it used to be.”

One person who knows everything about her body, the good and the bad, is Mike Fisher. Though you need to hope that he was always able to reassure her that her changing body was one of the many reasons he loves her and that she could take as much time as she needed to “lose the baby weight”. As the most important thing in this situation is not how quickly the weight comes off, but that it is done in a way that supports a healthy body and mindset. Because no physical appearance is more important than making sure Underwood never stopped taking care of herself.

(Source: PEOPLE)

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14 She’s Going On Tour Again

One of the most difficult things about being a celebrity in a relationship is knowing that there’s a pretty good chance that a large portion of it is going to be spent long-distance. When you consider how extensive the touring for Underwood has been in the past, with Fisher’s (now former) NHL career, you can imagine the two have plenty of experience with Skyping as they are both traveling around North America pursuing their passions. At least until Fisher decided to retire!

When discussing her future with her fans on her website, Underwood also revealed that she will be packing up her bags yet again to go on another amazing tour in the near future to coincide with a new album,

“I am beyond excited for this new album and everything that comes with it…more on that soon.”

She continued with, “Of course, we’re already talking about a tour, but that’s a blog for another day! Thank you all so much for your love and support this year and always. I feel it and I appreciate it. And I can’t wait to start this new chapter with you!”

Perhaps the fact that Fisher is no longer playing hockey also means that he will be tagging along for the ride this time!

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13 How She Looks After a Workout

Mike Fisher definitely knows a thing or two about working out. But when you consider he had himself an impressive career in the NHL, you’d agree that that is something that doesn’t exactly just “happen” without him being incredibly dedicated to keeping in amazing shape. It’s very possible that Fisher has passed some of his best tips on to Underwood, who herself, has always seemed to be in great shape.

When talking about her workouts in the past, Carrie revealed,

“Some weeks, I’m super-duper busy, so I can only fit cardio in here and there, a lot of stuff happens in the afternoon, so I can get up and have a workout, which makes me feel awesome for the rest of my day. There’s just something sexy about feeling strong. And every night I’m onstage, I get another workout.”

Underwood has also opened up about her workouts with Glamour and Self magazine in the past, including participating in this tremendous photoshoots. The above is from the March 2017 version of Self. Below we also have a selfie of Carrie without makeup on after a very sweaty workout at the gym that you may think puts her in a less flattering light.

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12 Her Thoughts On The Red Carpet

One of the most elaborate things that come with being a celebrity is knowing that you are going to have to attend various red carpet events. Which means for many women getting stuffed into a tight dress and being asked to wear heels that will definitely make walking a challenge.

While as far as Mike Fisher is concerned the events may seem a little bit stuffy or not exactly something that leaves him feeling too excited, one thing that could increase the level of enjoyment he has is that he gets to see up-close, just how beautiful his wife is. When Carrie was asked her thoughts on going to red carpet events, she revealed that there are some positives that come with it,

“I love having my hair and makeup done for red carpets, but to have that done every day would be exhausting,”

She also later elaborated in a separate interview on one of her favorite features that she loves to highlight, “I love eyeshadows that are shimmery and playing with colors. There’s just more you can do with your eyes.”

While we are sure that Underwood has had some looks that have landed her on a “worst-dressed” list, that wasn’t the case on this particular night!

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11 What Her Guilty Pleasure Is

We are sure that if Mike Fisher was asked to comment on his wife’s weight, he would be smart enough to not say anything that could be even construed as negative. At least, y’know, unless he wants to see just how comfortable that couch is to stretch out on for a night of sleep in contrast to his lovely marital bed.

But he also should be aware of what some of her favorite snacks are for nights when she definitely wants to put “health” to the side. When Underwood was asked about what delicious snack has the ability to trip her up on her goals, she replied,

“I love chocolate; that’s one of my biggest downfalls. I haven’t gotten a whole lot of chocolate, thank goodness, because I’d probably be about 300 pounds.”

The real question is, what type of chocolate is Carrie Underwood’s favorite? Unfortunately, that’s an answer that only Mike Fisher has the real answer to. Or at least, you’d hope he does because when you are married to someone understanding what some of their favorite treats are is a pretty standard move of a good partner. Especially if he ever wants to expect she does the same for her!

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10 What She Loves To Watch

There is no shortage of amazing television shows to watch. And while it may not be the most productive hobby, Carrie Underwood is one of the millions who has her own guilty pleasures on television. When Carrie Underwood was asked about what it is she loves to do to help her unwind, she made sure to point out several shows in particular that she always loves to have on,

“The TV is often on in our house, but I really only keep up with three shows: ‘American Idol,’ ‘Modern Family’ and ‘The Walking Dead.’ Sometimes I’ll sip red wine – it’s a nice way to slow down and relax.”

Which also means that Mike Fisher absolutely knows what Carrie’s thoughts are on the recent news that Norman Reedus is going to be getting paid upwards of $20 million for his involvement of the next season of the series! You also have to hope that Carrie is going to be understanding about the news that one of the other leads of the series, Andrew Lincoln, is also getting ready to take a step away. If she’s not a huge fan of these changes than perhaps The Walking Dead will be one of those shows that Fisher and her strike from their watching habits.

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9 How Supportive She Was During Retirement

Mike Fisher had himself an outstanding career that saw him play 17 years in the league before announcing his retirement. It was short-lived, however, as Fisher re-signed with the Nashville Predators this past January with aspirations to win the Stanley Cup.

When he came short again, Fisher held a press conference and officially announced his retirement from the game of hockey,

“I’ve milked this cow as long as it’ll go. It’s bone dry.”

We are sure that Fisher handling his first retirement, his decision to play in the league again and his decision to step away were all discussions that he had at length with Carrie. After all, you can’t exactly just go back to work and not inform your partner. Though we’re sure she’s looking forward to having him around the house on a regular basis. Especially now that they both know without a shadow of a doubt that there is no chance of him lacing up the skates again on a professional level. Though we wouldn’t be surprised to see both of them at games next year cheering on the team. Which may also be a lot easier to do when she doesn’t have to worry about Fisher getting injured every time he steps out there.

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8 How She Looked After The Injury

Carrie Underwood endured a significant fall that left her with 40-50 stitches and a broken wrist. We’re sure that Fisher was quick at the scene to help her out. Which means he definitely knew how she was looking when she warned her fans just how gruesome she looked,

“When I am ready to get in front of a camera, I want you all to understand why I might look a bit different. I’m hoping that, by then, the differences are minimal, but, again, I just don’t know how it’s all going to end up…It’s crazy how a freak random accident can change your life.”

She later explained further as to what exactly happened that caused her fall,

“I was taking the dogs out to go pee-pee one last time, and I just — I tripped. There was one step, but I didn’t let go of the leashes! Priorities! My left hand’s fine, but I went to catch myself and I just missed a step. If I had fallen anywhere else, I would have been perfectly fine. But it was one step that messed everything up.”

We are sure that Fisher was there to also reassure her that no matter how she healed, that she was going to always be beautiful to him.

(Source: County600, WashingtonPost)

7 They Aren’t Headed For Divorce

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher had to know that when they got married, that it was only going to be a matter of time before divorce rumors started flying. But we can say confidently that anytime you’ve read that the two are on the rocks, that it was not something that was based in reality. So if you want to take an extra second and glare at the tabloid magazine above, we absolutely understand.

While many couples choose to completely ignore rumors, Fisher shut them down on Instagram; along with insulting tabloid media by indicating that they aren’t “real media”, as he responded to a fan’s concern who said “Praying for you and Carrie. Ignore the media! Hold tight in each other,” leading Fisher to respond,

“That’s not media. We’ve never been better”

Though you can imagine that the fact that they know any potential ramifications would turn up in the tabloids may make them want to work even harder at their relationship. But when you’re married to Carrie Underwood, of course, Mike would want to do everything in his power to make sure their relationship is as strong and healthy as it can be. And sometimes that also means putting the tabloid media journalists in their place when they are spouting lies in order to sell magazines.

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6 Why They’re Ready For a 2nd Child

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher are currently parents to their son Isaiah who they had back in 2015. But when Underwood sat down for an interview with Redbook, she revealed that a 2nd child is definitely something that both she and Fisher are looking forward to adding to their life when the time is right. The decision to have a child is at the very least one that you would hope is a topic of discussion that Mike Fisher has had his fair share of input on!

“If my husband were at the beginning of his career, I’m not sure we could handle it. Since he’s kind of nearing the end and won’t be traveling so much, we’re like, ‘We can figure it out for not that long.’ You make it work.”

Since the time of the interview, which was October 2016, Fisher has retired. Meaning that baby number 2 really might be right around the corner. But as you’ll read with another entry, if you were at the grocery store and saw the tabloid headline that Underwood is expecting twins, that’s definitely not what is going on for the two back at home. We’re sure if that was the case that both Fisher and Underwood would have been pretty happy with that news though.

(Source: InTouchWeekly, RedBook)

5 She Doesn’t Care About His Opinion 

When Carrie Underwood puts together a new album we are sure there are many people whose opinion she highly values and considers what they think she should put on there. But one of those people is not Mike Fisher, who to be fair, does have no experience in the music industry. Though just because she doesn’t care about what his opinion on a song is, doesn’t mean that she doesn’t still expect his support for it

“I don’t ask his opinion, but I expect his support,” said Underwood in a past interview.

She also revealed what type of song it is that stands out to Fisher the most, “He definitely likes things that are more spiritual and serious — you know, the things that can people can hear and be inspired or encouraged by. I think it’s a little harder for him to get into the bit more aggressive songs,” with the latter having examples like “Before He Cheats” which was a huge hit for Underwood.

You would hope that perhaps seeing the overall level of success that Underwood has found with some of her edgier stuff will also make it a lot easier for Fisher to support going forward. Just as long as he doesn’t slip up and get a hateful and aggressive song written about their relationship!

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4 Where They Might Be Moving To

Mike Fisher recently announced his retirement from the NHL. Which means that he and Carrie may be feeling a lot more open to moving away from the city of Nashville, where they may have been located in part due to the fact that it is where Fisher’s NHL team was. When talking about why she would be moving away, Underwood revealed that there were several other factors that played an even bigger role in their decision to potentially pack it up and move away.

“They are completely done with the neighborhood. The decision came after her fall… They’ve been having a lot of issues with neighbors letting people in the community to look around and it all escalated after the fall,” said an exclusive source to PEOPLE magazine.

You can imagine that not being comfortable with their neighbors is definitely a valid reason for wanting to get out of that neighborhood. Carrie has also spoken out on the matter in the past, though it was long before Fisher, saying “I want my permanent address to be in Oklahoma. Someday, when I get married and I have kids, that’s where I want to raise my kids”

It may also be worth noting that Oklahoma was where Underwood was born.

(Source: People, BrainyQuote)

3 The Issues She Has With Her Siblings

One of the biggest factors in determining who you become as an adult is the relationship that you have with your family while you are going through some of your most formative years. But when it comes to Carrie Underwood, it definitely does not seem like she has the closest relationship with her two sisters, Shanna and Stephanie. Which is a topic that we are sure Mike Fisher knows all about.

“Technically I have siblings, but they are quite a bit older than me – I was the accident – so I have the only-child syndrome going on. I’m a little more selfish, a little more independent, a little closed. I do wish I were softer. I wish I were able to form relationships better,” said Underwood when asked to describe the dynamic she has with her sisters.

The fact that Underwood is incredibly close to her Mother, as another entry shows, may make this information even more shocking for people to read about. After all, “technically I have siblings” is not exactly the warmest way to describe your family! If you are interested, Mike Fisher has 2 brothers named Rob and Gregory, as well as a sister named Meredith. Let’s hope he’s closer with them!

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2 No, She Isn’t Expecting Twins

Carrie Underwood knows that whenever she leaves the house that the paparazzi is probably going to tag along for the ride. Which definitely may make her aware when it comes to what outfit she is going to wear. Especially if her decision to wear things that may not be as flattering in her stomach area may lead to people speculating that she has a bun in the oven. But even with all the experience that Underwood must have dealing with tabloid media, even she and Fisher had to be surprised when the tabloid newspaper Life&Style ran a cover that said Underwood was expecting twin girls; with their source claiming,

“Pals are buzzing that she and husband Mike Fisher are expecting. One of her friends let it slip… She’d have to be ecstatic with the news of two [babies].”

There is no evidence to back this up, however outside of this unnamed source who is the supposed “pal” of Underwood. And as the website GossipCop points out, Underwood was seen posting to her Instagram earlier this month about going wine tasting in Napa Valley with Fisher. Which is definitely not the thing you want to be doing (and promoting for that matter) if you are expecting.

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1 How She Looks Without Makeup On

I'm a sweaty mess, but I'm a sweaty mess in an adorable tank! @caliabycarrie #staythepath #nomakeup BeNice #run #KeepingItReal #cardio #love

A post shared by Carrie Underwood (@carrieunderwood) on

When Carrie Underwood finds herself performing on the stage, she is definitely going to be caked out in some makeup that will make her look even more amazing to the fans who have been fortunate enough to see her in concert. And that is also definitely the case when she has to go and attend something like a red carpet event.

But one other place that Carrie Underwood is going to go without putting on any makeup, is the gym.

Which also makes sense when you consider that anything she puts on would just inevitably get wiped away with all the sweat. While we don’t know what exercises Carrie was up to on this particular day, the results of it seem to indicate that she clearly put a lot of effort into her workout. Something that we’re sure her Instagram fans also appreciated seeing.

Carrie hasn’t spoken up in the past about her thoughts on makeup, but we’re sure that Mike Fisher probably gets a look at her without makeup on, on a far more frequent basis. Especially considering this photo was posted back in 2016! Which means that the opportunities for her fans to see her without makeup may not be quite as plentiful.

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