25 Deadpool Memes That Will Make Fans Question The Character

Deadpool has become a huge international hit and obviously, fans were going to be stoked when a second movie came out. The introduction of Cable only increased the love people were going to have for the movie. Yet it did run into stiff competition with Avengers: Infinity War, which now has ALL of the records. Got a record? It’s their record now! Yet Deadpool 2 has performed insanely well against this and other summer blockbusters.

As of this writing, the movie has made a little over $655 million on it’s $110 million budget. Impressive to say the least, but many feel there could be more Deadpool films coming too. Even if 20th Century FOX heads to Disney by next year, it’s unlikely they will want to shut off a cash cow like Deadpool. Yet there could be some changes to the character if he ever jumped to a big MCU movie.

Overall, the Deadpool character is pretty interesting. He has a very mysterious procedure that was supposed to get rid of cancer he had all over his body. Yet this procedure, involved in the Weapon X program, did not rid him of his cancer. Rather, he was merely given a healing factor similar to Wolverine. Though unlike Wolverine, Deadpool can cut off body parts, even his head, and not pass from it. His disease affected multiple areas of his body, specifically his brain. This led to Wade Wilson having multiple issues with insanity.

He’ll talk to himself and everyone inside his head. He even knows he’s in a comic book or movie, unlike other characters. To top it off, the Weapon X program increased all of his senses and gave him tremendous athletic ability. But there is more to him that will often surprise people. In this list, we’re going to break that down via meme. We hope you enjoy.

25 Deadpool Asks The Question We All Want Answered

Deadpool asks a simple question in this meme: “have you seen this man?” It’s so simple, yet, so hard to answer. The man in question is Hawkeye, he is a member of both S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers. It seems whenever Hawkeye isn’t around the whole place goes to, as he would say, “s***.” Hawkeye was not in the Avengers: Infinity War film, making many of us question his absence. Wade is over here asking a question that is tough but needs to be asked.

Where are you, Clint? We want answers! To be fair to Hawkeye here, if nothing else we now know that when he’s not around, the world indeed does go to “s***.” Come on now, if Hawkeye is around, does Thanos win? We think not!

24 Deadpool Is A Softy

Here we see Deadpool talking to Trevor. Wade does not want to hurt Trevor. However, he knows that if he does not then he cannot accomplish his goal of bringing down Francis and making him pass with only the loudest of bullets to the head. Yet Wade’s fight is with Francis, not Trevor. So he says that the last thing he wants to do is hurt him because it is true. However, Trevor is on the wrong side of this war he has against Francis. We cannot blame Wade for this, but perhaps Trevor did not know the full story.

Either way, Trevor should have been “woke enough” to have caught on to everything happening around him. However, he must accomplish his mission in spite of having to hurt the man who could have given him a child! This should be a lesson to the rest of the world. Never be a Trevor. Never EVER be a Trevor.

23 Seriousness Is For Rookies

One of the most common things ever seen on a superhero movie poster is that the stars of it look really serious. They’re focused on a major war, tragedy, or something along those lines. Possibly even a mix. This is even true for solo films coming out. For some reason, this has become the norm across all movie posters involving superheroes. Yet Deadpool knew this. Remember, he knows he’s in a movie and/or comic book. This means he has kept up with the other Marvel and DC movies.

He wanted his movie to stand out among them, so he delivers a comedic and very different poster. The poster claims “a different class of superhero.” They went literal there as we can all see. Deadpool is taking a class or school picture for the poster. It’s actually quite brilliant. We’re glad Deadpool thought of it and not some great marketing team with FOX or something.

22 A Secret About The Real Deadpool

One very big thing regarding Deadpool is that he has become quite a popular character in a certain community. The reasoning behind this has to do with his sexuality. He loves everyone and likes everything. There is a bit of a mixed origin behind all of this, which we’re not trying to be bring people down about…it’s just factual. Wade Wilson before his disease came into play was a person who didn’t mind who he was with. This is shown in the Deadpool film with he and Vanessa, as they are doing pretty much everything one can do to another human being in the bedroom. Including a reversal of gender roles…if you know what we mean.

The issue is that ultimately, Deadpool becomes very open about this in the comics and has relationships and “relations” with both women and men. He’s not necessarily giving himself a label, so it’s kind of odd. However, his disease has messed with his brain. He just knows what feels good and goes with it without much thought…much like the rest of the things he does. However, considering what has been shown in the comics, what he did before he was diagnosed, and what Ryan Reynolds and comic book creators have said, it’s basically confirmed that he is not straight.

21 What Is This X-Force You Speak of?

One of the most common issues in comic books and now being seen in movie form is the issue of certain symbols, gestures, and ideas being used in multiple places. For example, there is an issue when it comes to Black Panther and Wonder Woman. Obviously, Wonder Woman is known for holding her bracelets up to stop bullets and other flying objects. This has been established in media dating back to the Wonder Woman television show. This was since made a “Wonder Woman” gesture or move. Then Black Panther added something behind it with the “Wakanda Forever” tagline and gesture. To be fair, the Panther comics had this somewhat for a while too.

Meanwhile, Deadpool knows both have come before him and used the “X” symbol of crossed over arms. Obviously, it works well for his team “X-Force” as it comes from the “X-Men.” If anyone should hold ground to it, it would be the X-Men guys. Deadpool knew this, and thus, sort of made fun of it in the movie. Though Wonder Woman called him out on it. So now he’s pretending he stole it from Black Panther. Gotta stick with the Marvel guys, of course.

20 We Must Age Gracefully….Something Sort Of, Kind Of, Somewhat Like Deadpool

We’ve all been here, right? In high school or college, we’ll enter as a Freshman and be on the lowest level. We’re #1 on the food chain for Seniors to pick on or make an example out of. Some new Freshman coming in and managing to stick out is rare, especially with upperclassmen feeling pride being at their stage. Take Deadpool for example. He made his on-screen debut in the now out of canon movie, X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Wade technically did, not so much Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds jumped to play the role but was saddened by the idea they had for him….which was terrible.

This was seen as the Freshman mistake. Now Ryan Reynolds had clout and backing, and proof he could be a useful draw. He’s a Senior and said to FOX, let me control this. Now that he has this, the Senior has made the most of it. Though facial wise, we can all agree that he should not have gone from high school or college Senior to Senior citizen. Especially with a mug like that. Such a shame.

19 What Is Love? Don’t Hurt Yourself, No More

Love is sort of a weird emotion. It is one that catches us all off-guard. People will go to the ends of the Earth over it and it is the one thing money truly cannot buy. Love is hard to manage and it’s just there, whether we want to feel it or not. For superheroes, we often have to ask how people can fall for them….and even super-villains. Okay, Brittney, we know you like bad boys but this Loki guy is a bit much, don’t you think? Deadpool lays it on straight. You love him? You really love him?

Don’t do this to yourself. You’re better than this and even Deadpool knows it. Sure, you might be attractive and could get any superhero you wanted, and picked Deadpool to love and settle down with to possibly have little Deadtadpoles, but it isn’t worth it. This is a horrible decision and you’ll regret it for the rest of your life. What we’re saying is, your father was right, you are a disappointment.

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18 Deadpool Has a Lying Problem

Deadpool 2 is an interesting film. The movie obviously does focus on Cable trying to take out a kid before he grows up and takes out Cable’s family. It makes sense, though a bit odd nonetheless. Either way, we are given a shocker at the start of the movie when Vanessa, the major love interest for Wade Wilson, is taken out and passes. This happens right at the start of the movie. So when Wade says this to Vanessa in the meme, he is pretty much telling the truth.

Everything will be fine….for Deadpool. But for Vanessa? Not so much. Well, it did end up working out. Wade goes back in time with Cable’s tech and saves her, thereby ruining his brooding issues the entire film. But hey, movies, right?

17 Tell Me I’m Pretty

One of the most important things you can do with someone is to be kind. Unless, of course, they are not kind to you. In which case you have our permission to be like hell on Earth to them. However, when it comes to pictures…one must conclude that it is hard to be a professional photographer. As a result, they have to find the perfect ways to get the image they need and that the person would want in the end. Deadpool is like any other human. When you tell him he is beautiful, he will smile very wide.

Of course, you cannot see the smile under his mask. But trust us, he’s smiling under there. Okay, we don’t really know if he is either. However, we have to hold out hope here, right? We’re more like the guy at the top right at this point…

16 Uncle Ben Did Not Give Deadpool A Ride Or Any Of His Famous Rice

The Spider-Man storyline involving Peter Parker is always a darker one than most. There are some terrible things that happen to Spidey in the comics that we honestly cannot even discuss here due to site rules and regulations. However, the most common start to Parker’s origin as Spider-Man is that his Uncle Ben is usually shot and passes as a result. The man who did it typically is someone Parker likely could have stopped as he goes right past him. This is why the line from Uncle Ben that is so well known is important to him.

“With great power, comes great responsibility.” However, Ben knew this more than most. For he had power and Deadpool was hired to remove Ben from the world of the living due to what he knew. To top it off, Wade was hired to take a superpowered being off the table. That’s right, Ben was a villain and Deadpool knew it. Of course, he could have also used this as an excuse too. Deadpool would never lie, right?

15 Sometimes You Just Have To Do What Makes You Happy

Deadpool is a simple kind of guy. Some people like to enjoy walks on the beach or possibly walking their dog. Some like playing a video game or even cooking. However, what gets Deadpool to the area where he has enough happiness to supply his happy meter is when he does Merc stuff. It’s sort of like “hood rat things” but a little different. “Merc Stuff” is the concept of doing things that come along with the employment of a mercenary. As most know, Deadpool is one for hire when he is not saving the world from runaway Time Warner, we mean, Cable problems. Same thing, right?

They say, do what makes you happy. They also say, don’t do it for free. If we’re being honest, Deadpool accomplished a dream. He gets paid to do what he loves to do. Sure, what he loves doing is cutting body parts off of people and what not. However, he’s happy. Isn’t that the real fun in life?

14 Twilight Was Overrated Anyway

We’ll be honest, we’re as human as the rest of the world. Except for Cherry in Accounting, we think she messed with too many gamma rays. We saw the Twilight series. Some watched it because they loved it.  Some watched it because a friend, family member, or girlfriend made them watch it. Then, of course, you have people who watched it because they love punishing themselves. Fred in Human Resources knows all about this. However, one of the most commonly used things is the saying “still a better love story than Twilight.”

This is usually a dig at the series of movies by having two people that are terrible together somehow be in a picture. People say that despite this horrific situation, they were better as a love story than Twilight. That is why this meme has us a bit weirded out. Wade and Vanessa are great together and likely the best movie couple in superhero movies right now. Of course, there was a couple from the Green Lantern film that was good in an otherwise terrible movie. Eh, they probably never spoke after wrapping that movie.

13 To Understand Women, One Must Become A Woman

An interesting story regarding Deadpool might very well be his love of women. While Deadpool loves men and might be one of the best superheroes for the same love community, he’s often linked with women in the comics. What might be the craziest thing is that Wade likes to sort of call himself a fluid type of person. He’s a bit of a strange guy in the comics, as we all know. However, he slides in and out of his preferred gender and love many times in the comics. This is why when it comes to his bedroom activities, he usually likes having fun with women.

Yet as we saw from the Deadpool film, he does not mind getting a bit different and taking the role of the woman in the bedroom. See, Deadpool knows what deep cover is. He knows he has to understand women to truly appreciate them. While most of us don’t need to, Wade is a guy that goes head first in everything he does. Why would he care? He has the healing factor, after all. That said, Wade now knows what he knows. We cannot fault his thorough research.

12 Drake Told Us There Would Be Days Like This

When people are in a bad position in life, they’ll do anything to get out of it. Perhaps, it is a financial issue that you are willing to work your tail off to get out of. You might even do some questionable things to accomplish this. Wade Wilson was in a similar boat. He was happy. He met a beautiful woman who he never thought he would have and then finds out that he has cancer. Not just a little bit of it, but A LOT of it. He did not know what he would do, but then he is offered a huge opportunity. Join a program that will heal you from your disease….but there will be a catch. Of course, you don’t know this at the time.

In this image, we see Wade find out his issue. He has a problem and now has to experience a horrible situation that will ultimately give him the ability to be cured. Drake once said he started from the bottom and now he was here, meaning his fame and fortune. However, his bottom was a Canadian teen drama where he played a guy in a wheelchair. Slightly different than that of Wade’s problem. Though Degrassi was just terrible.

11 Find That Girl Who Completes You

When a man finds a woman he really, really likes….he feels this weird sort of presence over his body. He cannot explain it, but he knows he likes it. Some people call this love. Of course, others call it the chills. What we’re saying is, before you do anything crazy…see a doctor. Anyway, Wade clearly loved Vanessa pretty quickly into their relationship. He knew he could not just let her go. He knew that, if he did, she might go on and find some other guy who likes to explore random things on the internet to do in the bedroom.

While his Google search list must be downright filthy, he knew he loved Vanessa. So in this image, we see him offer a ring to her. Sure, it’s a pop ring that a 3-year-old can get, but it’s the thought that counts. He does not want marriage from her, but rather a continuation of the sin-filled life they are currently undergoing. With a much wider meaning. So basically a marriage, right?

10 Best Friends Do Everything Together

Friends are a precious resource to have in life. They will be there for you when you need them most, simply out of the love they have for you as a human being. Though there are certain friends who will not be there for every little thing. But then you have those certain friends, your best friends. Maybe there is one only. Perhaps, you have “your person” in a Grey’s Anatomy type of format. In this meme, we see the “person” thing in live action. Wade has to take down a bad guy that did him wrong and kidnapped his girl.

They did not have to go, nor did they even need to. Wade likely could have gotten everything done on his own. He cannot pass from any injury, remember? They went because they like hurting people….for justice, of course. These are the friends you could take to a dumpster because you know they’d go in with you. That is some impressive friendship.

9 Some People Are Overcompensating

If you ultimately think about superheroes in the comics or in movies, a lot of things are known. However, one important thing is that some of the biggest names have trouble finding and keeping love. You ever notice that? This meme perfectly describes that problem. Seriously, think about it. Steve Rogers finds a girl he likes who does not have an interest in him until he gets huge and buff from the super-soldier stuff. He then gets her to fall for him, only to then dive a plane into a frozen sea and not come back for decades. It takes him years to find a love interest, which ends up being the original chick’s niece.

Batman loses both his parents and is too brooding to ever truly keep a woman, despite having a child with one. Wolverine finds a woman in Jean Grey who is taken by another X-Men member. Then you have Deadpool. A one-woman guy who has never really had any problems with her. Can you see why he does not need a huge motorcycle yet?

8 Couple Names Are So Adorable…Said No One!!

Deadpool likes to press buttons. This is well known by now, of course. However, sometimes he likes to push buttons for no reason in particular. The man once defeated Thanos by simply talking to him until the Mad Titan got tired of the annoyance that was Wade Wilson and just gave up. That said, in this meme, we see how Deadpool is trying to challenge the world. He wants to make sure his couple name with Cable gets out there. So the name “Cablepool” was picked by the Merc with a Mouth.

Obviously, we all know one thing is true. Couple names are stupid. When the media began using them, people everywhere universally groaned. Now it’s a popular thing to do in many cultures around the world, especially North America. Wade knows this but just wants to argue. So we see this from him. Oh, Wade, you must have had nothing better to do today.

7 Deadpool Writers Were Just Clowning Us, Right?

One of the most entertaining things we saw in both the movie and the trailers leading up to Deadpool 2 was the addition of his team, X-Force. He knows he has to add members to the group, but it’ll take time to accomplish of course. This is why he holds try-outs of sorts. It’ll allow him to properly assess who will be of use to his team and who won’t be. Obviously, people like Peter do not come along very often. You grab them when you can. Then you come across a guy who you could swear you’ve seen somewhere before, maybe a kid’s birthday party?

The actor above is named Bill Skarsgård. He happens to play the title clown in the movie IT. Obviously, when you have a crazy clown looking to join your team…you cannot avoid making jokes. It’s what Batman would want, right? Yet they did not make any actual connections to the movie Bill was in. This was likely because the movie was released after Bill’s role was filmed for Deadpool 2. We’re pretty sure the writers won’t miss anything on this in Deadpool 3.

6 Sometimes Love Can Be Confusing 


One of the most interesting things about the Deadpool movies is likely the funniest thing about them. Deadpool is in a constant battle, not against evil, but against Colossus. So much so, he actually ends up seeing him and being around him more than Vanessa. If you add up his time with his girl, she has less time in two films with Wade than Colossus does in one. If you think about it even more, Deadpool 2 showed a true bromance with Deadpool and Colossus.

He was truly hurt when Colossus did not want to have anything to do with him anymore, and he even teased to join the X-Men for the big metal guy. He pulls his best John Cusack impression out, as he holds music over his head…outside Colussus’ window. Though it is much smaller than John’s boombox. He gets his guy at the end. So technically we could say he was like a love interest for Wade.

5 He Does Have A Point We All Must Face

Deadpool had a small, well okay, BIG problem happen. When he went into the Weapon X program, he thought it would heal him of his cancer. He never knew it would give him all sorts of powers. He saw it as an upgrade if anything. Of course, due to Wade being Wade, he made Francis very angry. This led to the man deciding to punish Wade for his mouth. For those unaware, this disease on the skin can lead to some very bad looking spots. It is a very real and very dangerous thing. So what Francis did was take Wade’s up a notch.

While he was already dealing with cancer in numerous areas, Francis decided to push this forward to now get it all over him with reactions to what skin cancer would show. Except he did not have it one spot, rather, all over…including his face. That said, it would be tough to face problems when your biggest problem, well, IS your face.

4 You Could Have Had AAAALLLL This 

Have you ever dealt with someone in life who has a weird obsession with trying to redo the stupid stuff they may have said or done in the past? In some ways, we can understand it. Imagine there is this really nice girl, a girl that likes you and wants to be with you. She is nice and all, but you don’t find her worthy of your time. In fact, you don’t find her attractive at all. Yet another guy feels she has potential, so he helps her out and then the classic 90’s move from geek to hot occurs.

Now you see the hotty with a body that you COULD have had. Yet now she understands that you want her because of the way she looks, but you did not want her beforehand. This is the same thing with Deadpool. If you did not love him even after all the mess from X-Men Origins: Wolverine, then you don’t deserve to love him now that he is the toast of the superhero town. Though we will say that Deadpool hates himself from the film, so much that he went back in time and shot that Deadpool in the head. We thank you.

3 Sir, We’re Here To Talk To You Today About Your Prime Minister

As everyone may know, Wade Wilson like the man who plays him is from the great nation of Canada. It is the home of the Mountie and lots of maple syrup. However, it also contains a lot of people who are constantly nice almost regardless of the day. We could never see them take over a nation as they would be too apologetic in doing so. In this meme, we see Deadpool have to face the ultimate truth that he did not want to deal with. He will be part of a random door-to-door survey regarding the Prime Minister of the country.

While we at The Richest love the Prime Minister, Deadpool hates all political figures. In fact, he has made it well-known for many years in the comics. We think it’s a business move. Wade would likely have spoken about his plans for the PM had it not been for the fact that his old buddy Colossus and his partner Nega-Sonic Teenage Warhead happened to be the ones picked to do the survey. We know, it was odd that a Russian and an American were picked to asked about a Canadian PM. Welcome to politics.

2 F Is For Friends Who Stuff Together

We’ve all been there, especially guys. We get together with a bunch of friends when we’re younger and when we’re done with our crazy time, the place is a mess. Mom comes in and yells at us because she told us not to do this. She knew we would not listen, so she planned out exactly what she would force us to do. So now we’re stuck cleaning up the mess we made with our friends. Is it right? No. However, we did have a fun time being crazy. When it comes to Deadpool, he takes it up a notch with his friends.

He makes a blind woman he lives with be in charge of taking care of the place, but he manages to mess it up when he comes over. That is not even including what happens with Deadpool’s job. The dude is a mess when he gets home. He then makes an even bigger mess. At least his mother is not there to see this. She would be very disappointed.


When Deadpool said what we were all thinking, it sort of blew our minds. Yet we all knew this was present, but we never said anything about it. In every single superhero film before Deadpool came out with one, they would all come out and do some big landing sequence. It would be impactful and a massive thing for the climax of the movie most of the time. However, superhero landings are indeed very impractical. They often require someone to have leg muscles of the Gods and have the ability for your back to take the shocks going up into it from the land.

Deadpool still gets excited about the landing though, because who doesn’t like seeing it? They land and make an impact doing so. It’s cool. Plus we were just like Deadpool when Spider-Man debuted in the Captain America: Civil War trailer. While we loved his use in the movie, the superhero landing obviously made us happy too.

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