Adele Roberts offers emotional cancer update after completing a week of chemo

BBC Radio 1 DJ Adele Roberts has given fans an emotional cancer update after she completed her first week of chemotherapy as part of her ongoing battle with bowel cancer.

The 42-year-old, who was diagnosed with the life-changing condition in September, has just recovered from surgery to remove a tumour in her bowel back in October after she announced the news to her loyal fans.

Since she started the treatment, the brunette beauty has given a candid description of the range of side effects she has suffered while undergoing chemotherapy to her followers on Instagram.

And as she starts on the next chapter of her health journey, she shared her experience with the condition and the treatment she is taking online in an effort to help others out there who are struggling with a similar situation.

The radio presenter hasn’t just shared the physical effects the medication has had on her body but also the emotional toll it has had on her as the star confessed she wouldn’t be able to do it without the support of her loving partner Katie Holderness.

In a lengthy Instagram post, the TV star shared how she intends to try and continue with her daily life as she thanked fans for their support.

She started the post with a summary of everything that she has achieved over the last week: "Week 1 of chemotherapy done! Get in!

"Used my radar key for the first time. Managed to wear a stoma support belt. Got the all clear to drive! Did my first two Radio 1 shows whilst on chemo treatment (Capecitabine). What a week?!!!"

She went on to thank all of the people who have helped her since she was diagnosed with the condition in September.

Adele went on: "THANK YOU SO MUCH to every single person who helped me. I know there’s a looooong way to go (6 months) but I'm absolutely buzzing I've got through the first 7 days without too many side effects.

"Thanks so much also to everyone who’s offered advice, tips and tricks and most of all… positive energy. You’re incredible!

"I LOVE reading the comments on here and hearing about how many of you have coped."

The DJ went on to gush over her fiercely loyal fanbase who have continued to shower her with support and advice online.

She added: "You’re the reason I knew it might be achievable to keep my life as normal as possible – and maybe still do my shows… and WOW… what a pair?!… I had the best time.

"I hope you don’t mind me sharing on here. I just hope it helps anyone who might be going through a similar thing and I'm very grateful others have done the same for me."

Then, the radio host went on to dote over her loving girlfriend Katie for her consistently positive outlook and support.

The TV star gushed: "And my Katie, I can’t even begin to explain what you’ve done for me.

"With you by my side I KNOW I can do anything… You’re so strong. I don’t know how you’ve taken all of this in your stride… You must be like: ‘WT ACTUAL F?!! Is this real life?!’

"How have you not ever complained? I'd be so out of my depth!!! I’d be so overwhelmed but you just get up and go again… you’re incredible and you’re my hero."

As she reflected on how life has changed so dramatically for herself over the last 12 months, Adele shared some of the sweet gestures her partner has done for her that has helped to make it her "favourite year yet".

She added: "You help me forget the bad and focus on the good, I can’t explain how excited I am to get out of bed everyday and see the dress you’ve made for Audrey… A stoma bag advent calendar? Haha! Amazing! SO niche?! BUT SO LEGENDARY. You’re a genius!

"Audrey ADORES her dresses as much as she adores you. Thank you for her custom Wes Anderson ‘Mendles’ gown you made her today. KH winter season 2021… me & Auds are so fashion!

"I think you’ve made this my favourite year yet, you’ve helped me to see what’s really important in life.

"I’m smiling from ear to ear – which currently hurts because the chemo has smashed my mouth to pieces – it's also turned my skin to crepe paper … but apart from that we’re all good. Haha."

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