Akon Sparks Online Debate Over Claims Africans Artists Are Better Than Black Americans

The Sengalese-American musician divides fans after he compares the stage presence of African performers and black American artists in a new interview with Zeze Millz.

AceShowbizAkon catches heat on social media. The “Locked Up” artist has sparked debate after he claimed in a new interview that African artists are more talented and better than black American performers.

When sitting down with Zeze Millz, the 49-year-old singer pointed out what he believes is the difference between African and black American performers. “We a little different when it comes to stage presence,” he said, referring to Africans. “Now in America, oh yeah, them n****a gone be wobbling, pants hanging half down, bored as hell, half to sleep because they high as hell on stage.”

“Look at these youtube clips of all these kids from Uganda. These kids are performers.” the Sengalese-American musician continued before asserting that stage presence “for us [Africans], it comes natural.”

Social media users didn’t waste their time criticizing Akon for his comments. “Why is this even a question or a comment. Especially when Michael Jackson, James Brown, Usher, [Beyonce Knowles], Tina Turner, Janet Jackson are top performers,” one critic wrote on Twitter.

“Akon would be nothing if he didn’t cosplay black Americans. His entire career is him ingratiating himself in black American culture. If he didn’t swag off black Americans… nobody would know him. He didn’t pop because of African culture… he made it by cosplay’n black Americans,” another chimed in.

Someone else explained, “This is why alot of African Americans think that African ppl don’t like them. Alot of African people look down on the black community when they get here because of what is shown to them about us here and they have to get rid of that thinking like Americans have to stop thinking that all of Africa is in poverty,” before concluding, “we need to be together as one.”

A separate person labeled Akon’s remarks “unnecessary,” adding, “We already have big enough a rift between Africans and black Americans that shouldn’t even be there in the first place.” Another noted, “He could’ve stayed on topic and said positive s**t about Africans Its the fact that he had to say sum negative about Blacks in America to make them seem better…..very stereotypical and hateful energy.”

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