Already Missing Game Of Thrones? Here’s Everything We Know About The Prequel

Game Of Thrones may have come to an end this week, but the franchise is far from leaving our lives for good.

For those who have not yet seen the series finale of Game Of Thrones, look away now as there are spoilers ahead. Honestly, you’re lucky to be getting a warning after clicking on an article like this. Anyway, Game Of Thrones is over. Brann sits on the throne, Daenerys was killed by Jon Snow, and he was banished to the Night’s Watch for doing so.

As always when a TV series that has consumed our lives for almost a decade comes to an end, we were left feeling a little empty when the credits rolled on Sunday night. It’s bad enough when a season of GoT would finish and we have no idea when the next would arrive. This time we do know when the next season of GoT will drop. Never.

However, as pointed out by CNBC, that is not strictly true. There will be at least three spinoffs, the first of which is rumored to have already started filming. GoT author George R.R. Martin has been referring to the show as The Long Night, but it doesn’t have an official title just yet. What we do know is that even though it is still set in Westeros, it takes place at least 5000 years before GoT as we know it.

Apparently, the storyline will focus in on the first time the people of the Seven Kingdoms had to fight off the White Walkers. We will learn more about how the ice zombies were created and assembled their army, and also the building of The Wall which was created to keep them out. However, since the show is set so far in the distant past, don’t expect to see any familiar faces.

Martin also warns that Westeros will not look familiar either. The Long Night takes place before King’s Landing was built, plus the Targaryens don’t even exist yet. In fact, two of the main characters are expected to be the men who begin the Stark and Lannister houses. It sounds as if it will make for an incredibly interesting watch for GoT fans, but we will have to wait until at least 2020 to see it.

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