Angelina Jolie’s sexiest film scenes – full frontal nudity, PVC and Brad romp

There’s a reason why Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie is one of the world’s biggest sex symbols.

Her incredible screen presence and raw sexuality have often elevated movies above their level and won her legions of fans.

She has never been shy about using her body and sexual magnetism and they have made her into one of the most desirable movie stars in Hollywood.

Angelina has proved again and again that she is not only a gorgeous actress but an award-winning one too, and her acting chops have meant that she has raised her popularity with audiences even higher.

To celebrate her 46th birthday, Daily Star has gathered her hottest movie scenes to show why the star is sexier than ever.


Angelina showed that she is not just a sex symbol but has serious acting skills in the beautifully traumatic film where she plays supermodel Gia Carangi, which was her breakthrough role.

There are several incredibly hot scenes in the film, with the most infamous being the lesbian sex scenes between Angelina and Elizabeth Mitchell’s Linda.

The 1998 film is sure to be a hit with fans with the passionate scenes between the pair, which begins with the two posing nude for a photoshoot and is filmed in gorgeous black and white.

Angelina later said on Gia: "I like to have everything as deep and crazy and full of raw energy as she did.″

She won a Golden Globe Award for the film, showing that she had the makings of being a Hollywood star from the offset.


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Angelina Jolie stars in this film as another powerful badass who manages to make holding a gun look sexy.

She plays an assassin called Fox, who mentors James McAvoy’s Wesley Gibson on the ways in which to kill, and shows sexiness in her strength and intelligence.

Angelina said she was drawn to these role in an interview, saying: “I want to be sexy, powerful, smart. I love those kinds of women.”

One of the most memorable scenes in the film features Angelina getting out the bath and giving James and the viewers an eyeful of her pert derriere, covered in tattoos.


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In this film Angelia plays the role of Queen Olympius, the formidable mother of Alexander the Great.

While the film was not a hit with critics, Angelina sure made a strong impression in the historical drama with her classical beauty put on show.

In one scene she appears in a floor length Grecian gown that is sure to leave fans’ jaws on the floor and remain in their minds even if the film itself will not.

Mr and Mrs Smith

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The film that led to the emergence of one of Hollywood’s hottest power couples – Brangelina.

The chemistry between the two leads is palpable and Angelina got to show off her seductive powers on and off screen as the film led to the famous affair between Brad Pitt and Angelina and dissolution of his marriage to Jennifer Aniston.

Whether you are Team Jen or Team Angelina there is no doubt that Angelina wows in this film, memorable dressing up in several sexy outfits as a world-class assassin.

She appears in not one, but two sexy dance scenes with Brad where she shows she has the moves as well as the body to match.

An early scene sees the star looking sensational clad in a black vinyl dress and black stockings as she goes undercover on a mission.

Finishing the look off with suspenders, sheer stockings and gloves, Angelina seduced a crime group before expertly taking them all out and escaping using her handbag.


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In this bizarre 2007 version of Beowulf, Angelia plays Grendell’s mother, one of the films central antagonists.

While the film itself may not draw you in, Angelina’s naked gold-washed body certainly will, as she oozes sex appeal in all her scenes.

One memorable moment sees the star appear completely nude as she rises out of the water and seduces the titular character in a scene that will have every fan on their knees.

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

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Angelina put many of the Bond girls to shame with her badass portrayal of iconic character Lara Croft, as she created an empowering female icon that every girl wanted to be like.

Using both her brains and her action hero skills, she brings the movie to life and began a career out of sexy action hero characters in the film series.

For the majority of the movie, Angelina wears the famous t-shirt and hotpants style shorts combo paired with thigh gun holsters that emphasise her toned thighs and her signature French braid.

It remains one of the most iconic sexy film costumes to this day as it left fans very hot under the collar, and sparked Angelina to star in a sequel as Lara two years later.

Original Sin

Angelina plays a deceptive wife in this film who keeps you guessing, set during 19th century Cuba.

Fans of Angelina will adore this movie simply for the extended sex scene between her character and Antonio Banderas that will have pulses racing.

The couple writhe around a bed under a slow revealing camera in a scene that will have fans wanton with desire and steals the show in this otherwise mostly forgettable erotic thriller.

Mojave Moon

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Mojave Moon is one of Angelina’s earliest roles in which she plays a free-spirited beauty who has her boyfriend's dead body stashed in the trunk of a car.

In one scene in the film Angelina strips naked to take another bath and invites her male love interest to pass her the shampoo in a scene that will have thermometers bursting.

At an early age Angelina already showed that she had raw sex appeal and that she had the body and face to cement her place as a sex symbol, something she is unashamed of being.

She said: “Being a sex symbol is a good thing! I’m a woman, and anytime you tell a woman that she looks nice, it’s not going to upset her. It’s very nice to feel sexy, and it’s important.”

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