Ariana Grande Claps Back at Everyone Pitting Her Against Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Amid Nicki Minaj Feud

Ariana Grande wants the media to stop “using” her for “clickbait” amid the Nicki-Travis-Kylie saga.

Ariana Grande is not here for the fake news.

Reports that the pop star took aim at Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner amid their feud with Nicki Minaj began circulating Wednesday following Ariana’s "Sweetener Session" at The Vic in Chicago.

During the event, Ariana’s manager, Scooter Braun, predicted that her album would "100 percent" debut at No. 1. Ariana jokingly added, "We got three days left. You don’t know what Travis could pull!"

Within minutes, various media outlets began reporting that Ariana had "thrown shade" at Travis in an effort to prove her loyalty to BFF Nicki. That set Ariana off, promoting her to set the record straight on Twitter.

"I adore Travis and Kylie, and I love the ‘Astroworld’ album," she tweeted Thursday. "A joke issa joke. Watch the video. Stop using me for clickbait so I can come online and celebrate my No. 1, too, please! Hip, hip, hooray!"

"Also, everything — literally almost everything — I say, I say for comedic effect and am never serious," she continued. "Like, I’m always ‘on.’ If ever you think I’m being shady, I’m just going for the laugh. If I’m being for real shady, you’ll know. I’m a very loving lil babe."

"Anyway, I just had to say that because I love everyone a lot, and that ain’t accurate or journalism," she concluded. "Okay, love you."

Nicki began what seems like a one-way feud with Travis, Kylie and 6-month-old Stormi Webster after she suggested the only reason "Astroworld" beat out her album, "Queen," for the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Top 200 chart was because Kylie promoted Travis’ tour, saying she and Stormi would be on the road with him. Nicki also said the final tally was inaccurate because Travis has been selling clothes-album bundle packs.

On Monday before the MTV Video Music Awards, Nicki tweeted, "I put my blood, sweat and tears in writing a dope album only for Travis Scott to have Kylie Jenner post a tour pass telling people to come see her and Stormi. Lol. I’m actually laughing. ‘Queen’ broke the record of being No. 1 in 86 countries. Thank Jesus and thank you to my fans."

On Tuesday’s Apple Music’s "Queen Radio," Nicki doubled down on the rapper, saying, "Travis Scott gets Hoe N—a of the Week by a landslide because he’s out here selling clothes instead of music. What we’re not gonna do is have that Auto-Tune man selling f–king sweaters telling you he sold half a million albums because he f–king didn’t. You stupid f–k. You got your f–king homeboy talking for you, and you got your girlfriend selling tour passes. Stop it. Knock it the f–k off."

Then on Wednesday’s "Queen Radio," Nicki said, "I love Kylie, I love Kim, I actually love all of them. I know that you guys are saying me and Baby Stormi have beef. Yes, we do. Now, this is what the f–k is happening today: me against Baby Stormi. We have this rivalry now. I’m going to start from scratch."

Did you get all that?

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