Banding Together! Jonas Brothers Chug Bird Saliva Rather Than Spill Secrets on Late Late Show

The Jonas Brothers really tested their brotherly bond and the staying power of the band during a game of “Spill Your Guts” on The Late Show with James Corden on Tuesday.

For the uninitiated, the premise of the game is fairly simple: answer a near-impossible question or eat a disgusting dish — think bull penis, worm spaghetti, and bird saliva. Normally, whomever passes on the question must eat the forfeit food but in this special JoBro edition all the brothers had to eat if one didn’t answer.

“I fear the band may break up again before it’s even started,” said Corden before they began. “In the spirit of brotherly love… We thought we’d change things up a bit, so if any of you don’t answer your question that you’re given, all three of you will have to eat.”

Things kicked off with Kevin having to chose between eating beetle marmalade toast and admitting whether he’d buy a Nick Jonas or DNCE album.

“Do you want us to stay together?” Kevin asked before choosing DNCE as his purchase. “We’re gonna talk later, Kev,” Nick responded. However, the youngest brother got him back later when he was asked to name the most famous person that’s hit on him, “I’m battling answering this question and Kevin saying this is the thing he’s least excited to eat and he said DNCE over my album so…”

And just like that the three guys were chugging bird saliva.

Later menu items included a three-chili milkshake (“he’s burning up,” quipped Nick), which Joe opted to have them drink rather than rank boybands — a wise movie considering the band’s fan bases are shared — a cow blood and pork tongue jelly, and a bull’s penis. Unsurprisingly, Nick went ahead and ranked his Jumanji 2 costars rather than delve into that plate.

“Can’t wait until they recast me with Harry Styles,” he said after.

Watch the clip above to find out where the Rock landed on Nick’s list.

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