'Bitch I'm A Cow' Is a Thing That Exists and the Internet Seems Really Happy About It

Doja Cat’s new song “Mooo!” is the sexy cow song you never knew you needed.

The 22-year-old Los Angeles-based rapper, born Amala Zandile Dlamini, released the now-viral music video, featuring Mac’s Photo Booth greenscreens and even a few french fries stuffed in her nose, for the latest single, which is a follow-up to her songs “Nintendhoe” and “Take Yo Bitch.”

With a chorus that stays in your head long after, Doja Cat raps: “I go mooo/ Mooo Mooo Mooo/ Yeah I say Bitch, I’m too smooth I’m not in the mood/ Tryna make moves.”

If the moo-ing doesn’t autoplay enough in your mind, the bridge repeats “Bitch, I’m a cow” 16 times.

But she also includes two famous dairy references.

Doja Cat includes Wu-Tang Clan’s 1993 hit “C.R.E.A.M.” and Kelis’ 2003 classic “Milkshake.”

“Cash rules everything around me (everything around me)/ Ice C.R.E.A.M, ice C.R.E.A.M (ice cream),” she sings.

“My milkshake brings all the boys to the farm,” she adds, changing it from the yard to farm.

Among the many new fans to have played her song is Chance the Rapper, who tweeted: “So now im a big doja cat fan.” (He appropriately included a cow emoji.)

Singer Khalid also tweeted: “Bitch I’m a cow.”

Turns out, the viral summer bop was inspired by a cow-print skirt that Doja Cat featured in the music video.

“That day that I started that song, I was wearing the cow print top but not the skirt. I actually couldn’t fit the skirt like a week before this. I’m getting thick right now,” she jokingly told Paper magazine.

“I wore the top in bed while I was making the song. I had this sample that was chopped by my friend Troy Noka, and he just emailed that me. I decided to make something, put the sample into my program, and I looked at my shirt, thought ‘this shirt is cute,’ was inspired by that top, and just did it. Bitch I’m a cow,” she said.

“It was like the first thing that came in my mind!” she added.

As for the music video, Doja Cat made it in her room by using a giant piece of green paper that she thumb-tacked it to a wall. The video took a total of six hours to create, according to the star.

“For me to make a song about cows, which is obviously kind of out of the box, and for people to pick up on that as something important? It’s insane,” she told Paper, adding: “It’s refreshing to see that people have a sense of humor.”

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