Cardi B cancels all upcoming tour dates until autumn to focus on her pregnancy

Cardi B has cancelled her upcoming tour dates as she prepares to welcome her baby.

Cardi, best known for hits including ‘Bodak Yellow’, announced during a Saturday Night Live performance earlier this month that she’s pregnant.

However, her pregnancy will understandably take priority over the next few months, with Cardi revealing that she will now not be back on the road until the autumn.

Her Broccoli City Festival performance this weekend is now going to be her last scheduled gig before the baby arrives.

Hey guys after Broccoli fest I won’t be doing no more performances .Thank you for understanding 😘love yaaa

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“So, I just want to make this a little clear and everything,” she announced in an Instagram video.

“Broccoli Fest will be my last performance for a little while and everything because, you know, shorty keep growing. I be looking like I be moving and everything, but in reality a bitch barely can breathe.”

Confirming that she would be back to support Bruno Mars later in the year, the rapper joked: “I ate, like, six chicken wings, and I barely can breathe right now.”

Cardi also clarified her touring status on Twitter, writing: “Okay so I might be off from doing performances for a couple of months but in the meantime imma be working my ass off.

“So many songs, features to do. Working on a lot of deals I sign up for and most importantly nesting. Im already overwhelmed from the new work.”

Last year, Cardi became only the second female rapper to top the Billboard 100 with a solo single with her song ‘Bodak Yellow’, knocking Taylor Swift off the top.

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