Cardi B Hits the Stage in Thong Bodysuit — Then Douses Herself with Water at Fashion Nova Launch Party

Grammy Award-winning rapper Cardi B is launching the second installment of her collaboration with Fashion Nova, one of her favorite clothing brand, and took the stage on Wednesday to perform at the launch party in Los Angeles with rappers YG and Lil Nas X, showing off her post-baby body in a skin-tight ensemble.

The new collection is said to be inspired by the ’80s and ’90s, incorporating themes of empowerment and rebellion. Cardi’s outfit for her performance at the launch certainly emulated those themes. She strutted on stage in a neon green thong bodysuit, with multiple cutouts throughout the design that accentuated her curves. She told PEOPLE that her new collection was inspired by her fans and critics, who she said called her previous collection too “conservative.”

“The people online said my last fashion collection was very conservative,” the Bronx-born rapper tells PEOPLE, explaining that she found that critique “weird” when people are quick to criticize her for showing skin with her personal fashion choices.

“This [new] line is still clean, still classy, still able to go to brunch, looking cute and still able to go to the club,” she added. Her first clothing launch with Fashion Nova sold out within minutes of going live, and according to the clothing company’s website, her new line is going fast as well.

Cardi recently revealed that she went under the knife after having her daughter, Kulture Kiari, speaking to Entertainment Tonight about her recent boob job, and admitting at the Beale Street Music Festival that she got liposuction. And while having her daughter did bring about some changes, she tells PEOPLE her fashion has stayed the same.

“[Becoming a mom] hasn’t changed my style at all, it’s changed my lifestyle but not my clothing style,” the rapper said.

And balancing work with motherhood can be challenging for the “Please Me” singer, who revealed that she won’t be able to spend her first Mother’s Day with her daughter because of a performance she has scheduled in South Carolina.

“I’m very sad about Mother’s Day because I saw that I’m booked for Mother’s Day for a show,” she said. “I just hope South Carolina turns up for me because I’m going to spend my first Mother’s Day with them.”

Since the “Clout” rapper’s performances tend to be thrilling for fans (on Wednesday she doused herself with a water bottle on stage) her concert this weekend surely won’t disappoint.

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