Cardi B Talks ‘Madman’ Donald Trump, Her ‘Lit’ Baby Shower and More

In her cover interview with Rolling Stone, a pregnant Cardi B opened up about her anxieties surrounding motherhood. But the artist, who is known for her unfiltered candor, didn’t leave the conversation there, also sharing her thoughts on topics like gun control, social media, and Donald Trump. Offset, the father of Cardi B’s child, also joined his fiancee for the interview, providing his own off-and-on commentary. Take a look at the five best snippets from their conversation.

1. She calls Trump a “madman” and a “d—head”
While much of the interview centered on motherhood, Cardi B also provided commentary on the president. “Harmful” and “disrespectful” were among the gentlest words the rapper used to describe Trump in her expletive-filled critique. “He has made divisions in this country — he almost made a crazy civil war between the blacks and the whites,” she said. “He has proven himself to be a madman so many times, and proven himself to be disrespectful to women, and that still hasn’t gotten him impeached. Clinton got impeached for cheating on his wife, and it’s so clear that this n— has sex with so many porn stars, and he’s just been shown to be a d—head, and it’s like, ‘Nope.’”


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