Charlotte Crosby admits eating McDonald’s four times a week as she talks fitness

There are certain things I wouldn’t expect to hear from someone promoting their new fitness app.

Such as: “I eat McDonald’s four times a week.”

And: “I love going to the cinema. I always eat my hot dog before the film’s even on.”

But then this is ­reality legend Charlotte Crosby I’m chatting to, ex of Geordie Shore, Celebrity Big Brother and, well, heaps of other stuff since. And Charlotte has never been anything but down-to-earth honest.

So while this app of hers, Blitz’n’Burn, includes diet plans alongside its gruelling workouts, she’s not claiming to be some kind of exercise guru.

“I don’t know s***,” she confesses. “When you watch me on the app, I am you.

"I am struggling. I’m screaming at Richard and David, the personal trainers, going, ‘Please tell me this is the last day!’”

It was a couple of years ago, during the first lockdown, that Charlotte fell back in love with fitness.

She’d made a couple of DVDs a few years earlier, undergoing a transformation and inspiring others to do likewise.

But then telly work got in the way.

“Doing anything fitness-related ­became pretty much impossible,” she says.

In that sense at least, lockdown ­almost came as a blessing. “All my work got cancelled. For the first time in maybe 10 years, I was in one place for longer than a week.

“It give me time to really get back into fitness. It reignited that fire.”

So other than exercise, what else makes Charlotte happy nowadays? “I really enjoy cooking, Mike. I do a mean chilli, with a secret ingredient.”

Too secret to reveal, I assume?

“No, it’s Heinz baked beans, Mike. They’re a game-changer.”

Ah, so might Charlotte be angling for a Celebrity MasterChef call-up?

“I don’t think they’d have us on,” she sighs. “A lot of shows won’t.

“I think I’m just a little bit too wild.”

Blitz’n’Burn is on the Apple and Android app stores on a monthly subscription, from £14.99.

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