Christina Aguilera Dons A Disguise To Sing In The Subway

Christina Aguilera and Jimmy Fallon disguised themselves this week in order to sing a couple of songs in the New York City subway.

Seeing celebrities in the flesh can often be quite a surreal experience. Spotting a movie star in a grocery store, walking along the street, or to an extent even in situations where you know you’re going to see them. You know that when you go to a Rhianna concert, you’re going to actually see the pop star in front of your very eyes. That doesn’t make it any less surreal for some people.

Have you ever seen a famous person and not even realized it was them though? Maybe you have but to this day you still don’t know. That happened to some lucky subway users in New York City this past week. A man and a woman with a backing band started performing in a station, singing George Michael’s Freedom ’90 with the help of a full band backing them up.

After the song, the man and woman revealed themselves to be none other than TV host, Jimmy Fallon and singer, Christina Aguilera. In all fairness, Aguilera’s distinctive and iconic voice may have given her away, although before the reveal most people watching on would have thought it was far more likely to be a singer who merely sounded like Aguilera as opposed to the woman herself.

You can check out the video of their performance above, courtesy of TMZ who reported the news, and apparently, the entire performance will be broadcast on the Tonight Show this coming Thursday. After revealing who they really were, Fallon and Aguilera began to play a popular track from the latter’s back catalog, Fighter. If they had opened with that then it may very well have given Christina away a lot more quickly.

You really do never know you might stumble across a celebrity or two. Granted, if you live somewhere like New York City or Los Angeles the chances of spotting someone famous are greatly increased. It’s highly unlikely that Fallon and Aguilera are going to be taking their singing subway act to places like Idaho or Nebraska, sorry guys.

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